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    CPU : Intel Core i9-10900K
    MOB : Maximus XII Extreme
    GPU : Nvidia RTX 3090 FE
    RAM : F4-3600C14D-32GTRS
    Cooling : MO-RA3 420 Pro
    Primary : Samsung 970 Pro
    PSU : Corsair AX1600i
    Chassis : TT A700 TG
    Display : Asus PG35VQ
    Audio : SteelSeries Arctis Pro
    Keyboard : Das 4 Ultimate
    Mouse : G502 Lightspeed
    OS : Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

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    I own a small computer shop in Colorado, I enjoy building new custom computers then selling, testing hardware upgrades, new software programs, PC video game alpha and beta testing.

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  1. Vary nice performance boost! Well that explains why I can not see anything in Windows with the 3090, dang it! looks like your going to be doing a lot of retesting in a few months, most boards will support Re-Size BAR with RTX 30 series cards after Nvidia releases VBIOS update in March. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-30-series-resizable-bar-support/#:~:text=New GeForce RTX graphics cards,graphics cards starting in March.
  2. I might need to update PCI drivers or install an update from Nvidia, after enabling Re-Size Bar Support in BIOS, Bar support is not showing in Windows when I checked.
  3. On my system I go to Advanced\PCI Subsystem Settings, and Enable Above 4G Decoding, than the Re-Size BAR Support option appears with option to run in Auto or Disabled. Than go to Boot section and confirm CSM is Disabled, and everything is good to go.
  4. Took me 10 min to get out of the garage, first time I played, and got shot, flattened within 15 min. There does not seem to be a Benchmark Tool with in the PC game, that sucks, perhaps they will add it later.
  5. Upgraded to RTX 3090 FE, going to see what fps I get at 3440 x 1440,.. was getting a dismal 50fps with 2080ti. http://www.3dmark.com/spy/16964375
  6. +1 on the long year, I hope the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your heart and home with joy now and always.
  7. I installed the Beta 1002 BIOS this afternoon on my Extreme board, and noticed Asus enabled Resizable BAR support, so intel 10th Gen Core CPUs can run AMD RX 6000 series cards, get a nice 15% boost. ASUS Enables Resizable BAR (Smart Access Memory) Support on Intel Z490, H470 & B460 Motherboards Through Latest BIOS (wccftech.com) Nice looking card, too bad you can't buy them yet. https://videocardz.com/newz/asus-unveils-liquid-cooled-radeon-rx-6900-xt-rog-strix-lc-graphics-card
  8. +1, vary buggy game at this point.
  9. Sorry Jim, your not included,.. Your coverage is always spot on. CD Project Red has indeed confirmed that DRM won't be present in the games consumer release. The company also advised all reviewers that the PC review version curranty has DRM enabled for all reviewers, and will effect performance. Warning reviewers that performance testing content will not align with the final consumer product. Looks like Nvidia released version 460.79 Game Ready driver this morning, and AMD released Adrenalin driver 20.12.1 yesterday,.. seems the AMD update does have Crossfire support, fixes listed in the notes,.. but still no information if CP 2077 will support SLI. I will be running NVLink RTX 2080Ti's at game launch with SLI disabled, and will enable SLI afterwards, see what happens.
  10. +1 I already preloaded the game Monday, 7th December on my Steam account drive, don't have any other accounts, would not want a GOG account just for single game. We don't know much about MP on Cyberpunk, even more so since it will be released at a later time. With that said though, we can assume that it could use either Steamworks for Steam, Galaxy API for GOG Multiplayer (which means Galaxy will be required MP wise for GOG version) with a possible crossplay between the two. There is also the possible scenario similar to Shadow Warrior 2, in which also the Steam version relies on the Galaxy API for it's MP with granted crossplay. Game news outlets tend to report false information, I take it with a grain of salt, some sites reported Steam would have three million players on launch day. Steam shows it's bandwidth usage for the past 48 hours, and reached a peak of 23.5 terabytes per second downloaded on December 7, which is impressive but players on Steam at launch,.. just over 200K is likely closer to reality.
  11. CP 2077 will be 100% DRM free on PC. Generally on Steam if the game runs without starting Client it is DRM free, if Client has no forced built in DRM. This may surprise some people, because the Steam API, does actually have DRM. However it's not forced onto games though, the developers are free to choose whether they use it or not. List of DRM-Free Games on Steam - https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Big_List_of_DRM-Free_Games_on_Steam
  12. Get ready folks the release for PC players will be at 12am GMT on December 10. For Pacific Time and Eastern Time will be 4pm and 7pm on December 9, respectively. Preloads will become available on Steam, the full PC download is about 70GB, looks like according to reports from early players, the game also has a 43.5GB pre-release patch. The launch party will be held digitally on Twitter.
  13. I would still recommend going with AMD system, stick with the 5950X for the type work OP is running. The Threadrippers and Xeon systems are a lot of money to build and difficult to cool when running at full load,.. they would be better suited for Rendering/Editing work. Personally for running Python, I use a MacBook Pro with i9-9980HK processor, 32GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory, and 2TB SSD, depending on which graphics option you chose will set you back $3,700 to $4,500. The newer 2019 - 2020 MacBook Pro with 8-core chip is more than enough processing power for running Python.
  14. I think you will be fine with the 5950X 16-core chip, keep it running at 100% usage with 64GB memory. Intel system would be EVGA SR-3 DARK 160-CX-W999-KR motherboard, and Intel Xeon W-3175X Processor, 96GB memory. Which would set you back about 5K.
  15. What type cooling are you using. Also would need to know your OC settings, voltages, max temps under load. AI Overclocking tends to use excessive voltages that can be manually adjusted/lowered. Before running AI Overclocking it's best to run a stress test, or benchmark in default settings to determine you have adequate cooling. Can you open HWiNFO, Core Temp, CPU-Z windows, and run a quick Cinebench R23, take a screen shot of voltages and max temps.
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