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  1. Why, it was a good chip in it's day, but with today's programs and apps will not do very well. The problem with hp or most other factory built pc's is they make their own bios which cannot be changed because they did not want their chips oc'ed so the warranty of 1 year would last. In my opinion even if you could get any oc it will not help speed it up.
  2. Did you try to use a desktop monitor threw the vga or hdmi to get into windows or even the bios ? Might be worth a try. Good luck.
  3. I just retired my 2600k last week ,it still would handle any game out there now, machine is working great with a oc of 4100 ghz, I just bumped the multy up to 41 and left every thing else on auto. I used the hyper 212 for 7 years with no problems, even gaming core temps did not pass 70 celsius. Only reason i upgraded was I was bored so got the i5 9600k , and also wanted the ddr4 ram. To be honest it's not much better than my 2600k. Try resetting your thermal paste and clean the cooler you have now and make sure the fan is spinning free but if you need a new cooler go for the 212 hyper is my advice.
  4. What the heck are they up to, gta5 free last week and now this ?
  5. He's BACCCK ! This guy will post this on every pc site out there and he will not accept any answer. Don't waste your time on him unless you have lots of time to spare with b s !
  6. Make sure the laptop will handle a higher memory card first, sometimes if there is only one slot they will come with the highest card that will run. If it is capable take the old card out and get a larger one with the same specs, they should be on the old card. Just so you know that link you provided is not a safe link, so guys avoid this post !
  7. Best thing to do is if you can try another video card and see if the problem stops, could even be your psu getting weak, if this don't work load the same on another hd and try that. It's a pain but better than throwing money for new parts until you find out which one is bad. If you did a fresh install of os and drivers most likely it's not a software problem, jmho ! But like above post said the vid cable is the easiest one to check first but I think it's more serious than that. LOL, I was typing when you posted ir, great minds think alike !
  8. Your brother's pc is most likely overheating OR faulty power supply, just an educated guess.
  9. No prob, like ir says, just might take an extra 45 seconds to load everything. I let logitech software load for my headset and all nvidia's bells and whistles plus open hardware monitor . They all start with windows just fine.
  10. I ran it once, had the same problem as you, it ran but didn't show me anything useful, or I couldn't figure out how to make it useful.
  11. Get a real job if you want to earn money, I hear walmart is hiring. That's my better option.
  12. Merry Christmas Everyone, hope you'r all having a great holidays !
  13. What model mb and what model cpu, if they are the same generation most likely yes, we need more info for this answer.
  14. I had to install it last week for RDR2, just opened it and nothing unusual with mine, although I never run the game from it as it has to connect to rockstar anyway so I just use the RS launcher.
  15. SpikeSoprano


    Get this once in a while on certain sites, has something to do with their site needing to use flash player, sometimes I'll let it update so I can use the site other times the site works without updating. Don't think it's a problem really, just some sites still use the older flash player. Nothing ever shows up when I run scans after updating it.
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