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    cpu-I7 2600K-MB-Gigabyte Ga-z68x-ud3h-b3
    16 gb kingston hyper-x 1600 mhz
    GTX 1070- Rosewill Changeller Case w/750 watt psu 3 Fans
    WD 2tb hd-SSD- Vertex3 120GB-OS and Games
  1. SpikeSoprano

    Is my GPU dying?

    The newer version of afterburner probably will not work right with these older cards, so that is to be expected, however if the card's fan is working right and clean and it is not overheating and has the proper driver installed it should not show any wavy red lines. The card is just wore out, but it had a good ,long life. Time to upgrade.
  2. SpikeSoprano

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    Actually the 8600 gt was my first gaming card, It was in a 1600 mhz amd pc, pretty fast for back then, I tought it was great until I upgraded to a 8800 gtx, that card was a monster !
  3. SpikeSoprano

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    This tread is 11 years old so sorry but those cards are long gone and would not be capable of playing any of the games out in the last decade even oc'ed. Newer pc's onboard video would most likely be faster.
  4. SpikeSoprano

    Back from a 10+ year holdayy

    Welcome back, a lot has changed , especially with hardware, seems like you just click a multiplier in bios or raise voltage and mhz on a video card and your good to go.
  5. SpikeSoprano

    anybody ever see this happen ?

    No Brae, not the FBI, were in Canada , they only go after you guys in the U.S. , IR_cow, Tried dos and would only see the drive but would not format or show the partition . cjloki> he was out when it happened and pc was up and working fine until he returned. Only thing I can figure is for some reason when the os ssd died somehow it took the storage drive with it, the pc works fine with the old 120 gb hhd I put into it. I ran stress tests for 3 hours on it and no problems appeared, even put a multy tester on the psu while stressing and every thing checked out. The smoked origional ssd was a PNY brand, not sure if that had something to do with it but he's going to buy a new Kingston ssd and a 2tb wd for storage so hopefully it won't happen again.That darn PNY ssd was not even 2 years old !
  6. SpikeSoprano

    anybody ever see this happen ?

    Hey Techies, my bud brought his desktop over tonight to solve a problem. W10 newer system, left it running and went out for a bit and when he got back had a black scree with one line of gibberish on the screen, so after pc 101 which I do with all cpmputer problems his 2 hd's were smoked. one was os 120gb ssd and one spinning wd 500gb. I pulled them out and connected to my systemand both showed up in disk management as there but unallocated space and different programs would not let me do anything with them.Now, wtf ???, w10 update, virus or what may have happened. First thing I tought was a power surge but he had a surge protector and said there were no power outages.Any one seen this before ? Any info will be helpful as I don't want to put in a new ssd and have it happen again. also the drives would not load windows but an old hhd I had around loaded windows no prob with his drives disconnected.
  7. SpikeSoprano

    How to connect my graphics card to my PSU?

    Whichever looks cleaneer, the card will still get enough power as they all run off the 12 volt rail.
  8. SpikeSoprano

    New Forum ??

    I just noticed this also. Dam I hate change, still use a flip phone,lol !
  9. SpikeSoprano

    New build _ PLAN

    WTG, Glad your happy with the new set up
  10. SpikeSoprano

    Need some help with stock crashing

    If everything we posted so far checks out and you are still having problems at stock benchmarks it might very well be your psu unit, what make is it, how old it is, etc. Faulty psu units are a major factor in oc'ing as they will supply enough power for everyday use but under stress they fail.
  11. SpikeSoprano

    New build _ PLAN

    If it was me Frags I'd gowith the 9400f as you are not going to oc, why spend more if you will never going to use it, also go for the cheaper ram because if it's compatable I'm sure it will run fine. As far as what store to deal with that it's almost impossible to help you with as most of us on occ have never had the experience with any vendors from your country. The system you pick will last a long time for gaming at 1080 resolution which is what you want, barring any hardware failure of course.
  12. SpikeSoprano

    Need some help with stock crashing

    So it appears cpu temp is not an issue, now do the memory test as Braegnok suggested and while your in there check to make sure all your cables are on tight, sata -cpu power- hard drive power cables etc. Also go into bios and set everything to default for the stock run as you just want to fix the shutdowns before you can start oc'ing. Make sure all the mb drivers are up to date as well as video card drivers.
  13. SpikeSoprano

    Need some help with stock crashing

    Hey there Gaylacier, welcome to OCC ,what type of crash are you having, bluescreen, lock up, restart or what ? Also what are your temps showing in hw monitor before the shut down ? a system can crash for many reasons when bench marking from overheating to a old video card driver or even a faulty psu which is why it will help to know what type of crash your having.
  14. SpikeSoprano

    Cinebench R20 Results - Competition

    Hope some older pc'sget in on this so I won't feel bad, lol ! Forgot to disable speed step so put in a pic of hw monitor. 2600k @ 4.5 w/16 gb of ram. score 1688.
  15. SpikeSoprano

    Cinebench R20 Released for CPU Benchmarking

    LOL, my 2600k is showing it's age, only 1606 running at 4.3 ghz, but still games like a new one.