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    cpu-I7 2600K-MB-Gigabyte Ga-z68x-ud3h-b3
    16 gb kingston hyper-x 1600 mhz
    GTX 1070- Rosewill Changeller Case w/750 watt psu 3 Fans
    WD 2tb hd-SSD- Vertex3 120GB-OS and Games
  1. SpikeSoprano

    Barton 2600+ 50oc Idle Temp?

    It's hard to give advice on a 18 year old cpu, I had one back in 2002 and if I remember correctly it oc'ed best by uping the fsb until I had issues and then backing it off to stable, as far as temps I hope your talking F and not C, if it's F you are in the right ballpark.
  2. SpikeSoprano

    Upgrading Laptop Components

    No problem Orian.....
  3. SpikeSoprano

    Upgrading Laptop Components

    No, laptop graphics are soldered to the mb, the most you can upgrade on a laptop is memory and maybe an ssd hard drive, if you want better graphics buy a gaming laptop with better graphics on the mb.
  4. SpikeSoprano

    2 TB hard drive problem

    occ rules, I believe after 10 posts you will be able to post anytime you want, keeps the spammers out.(sometimes). I don't know if I would put any more money into that drive, if it's clicking the problem is more than just a circuit board replacement and it most likely won't last long even if you do get it to read and write. Those 2 tb drives are very cheap to buy brand new and ssd's are also less expensive in the last year.
  5. SpikeSoprano

    Single player games

    Played the first Watch dogs and enjoyed it but got about 1/3 of the way threw the second one and gave up on it.
  6. SpikeSoprano

    Single player games

    The Borderlands games are also a blast, and a new one coming out soon. I played every metro out , love them !
  7. SpikeSoprano

    2 TB hard drive problem

    I'd use linux to run a hd test on it, most likely it has a hardware problem, if possible remove it from the usb3 case and plug it into a sata slot on the pc, that will tell you if it's crap or not.
  8. SpikeSoprano

    laptop for normal gaming?

    I still can't see getting a gaming laptop for $250 even used, maybe $500. But then again I'm in Canada, you guys in the states get everything cheaper than us,lol !
  9. SpikeSoprano

    Goodwill monitor find

    Don't look like any playstation to me.
  10. SpikeSoprano

    Need some help with Pentium G3258 OC

    Most likely 4ghz is the high point for the cpu, not all cpu's will oc well. Could also be you have to change your memory settings as you raise your oc. Never owned one of these cpu's so this is just a guess.
  11. SpikeSoprano

    3.3vRail Overvoltage Symptoms??

    That has to be the strangest mod I've ever heard of, why ? and what did you plan to gain except maybe frying your mb, which you probably did !
  12. SpikeSoprano

    Elise will live again

    I've had the same problem, make sure you are using usb2 ports and not usb3, hope you figure it out!
  13. SpikeSoprano

    Is my GPU dying?

    The newer version of afterburner probably will not work right with these older cards, so that is to be expected, however if the card's fan is working right and clean and it is not overheating and has the proper driver installed it should not show any wavy red lines. The card is just wore out, but it had a good ,long life. Time to upgrade.
  14. SpikeSoprano

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    Actually the 8600 gt was my first gaming card, It was in a 1600 mhz amd pc, pretty fast for back then, I tought it was great until I upgraded to a 8800 gtx, that card was a monster !
  15. SpikeSoprano

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    This tread is 11 years old so sorry but those cards are long gone and would not be capable of playing any of the games out in the last decade even oc'ed. Newer pc's onboard video would most likely be faster.