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  1. Nice to see some familiar faces in this thread. I've also not been as active as I would like. I know some of you might remember me as that teenage kid who used to upgrade many times a year! Those days are gone, but I still upgrade every few years or so. Running an i9 9900K with a RTX3080 right now. The upcoming Alder Lake hybrid desktop architecture as well as DDR5/PCIE 5.0 are definitely exciting, keen to see how things mature over the next couple years. I still enjoy PC gaming, especially for multiplayer games, but these days most of my gaming is on console. I find it more relaxing now to press a button and get into a game on the couch.
  2. I didn't really notice the gap between the back of the SSD and the thermal pad on the bottom. Everything that needs cooling (chips and controller) is on the top luckily.
  3. Happy New Year everyone ! May 2021 be filled with happiness and hope.
  4. There is no dedicated header on my Z390-E motherboard for a VRM fan, so I extended the cable and plugged it into another available fan header (meant for a M.2 fan). This way I was able to see it in the Fan Xpert 4 tab in AI Suite and set a custom curve. I see that some Strix Z490 boards have a fan header labeled for a VRM fan but I also see some reports on the internet that the fan doesn't seem to turn on. My advice would be to monitor the motherboard VRM temperature sensor using software like HWiNFO while stress testing to see if the VRMs are in a safe range and to see if the VRM fan only turns on at a certain VRM temperature. Monitoring the VRM and PCH temps in HWiNFO caused microstutter in gaming for me, so be sure to disable that sensor once you're done stress testing. Else if you have another fan header open that you're not planning to use, you can plug it into that one and control it in AI Suite like normal.
  5. Nyt


    It's a third person game and it feels great in third person view, but there is a first person camera option. It's a huge cowboy game with a great story, memorable characters in one of the best open world environments out there. Don't expect to play it at max settings though, one of the worst optimized games on PC. I would suggest using the HardwareUnboxed Optimized settings which is what I use (I maxed the grass Level of Detail Slider and the Geometry Level of Detail slider for better views though) and the game looks fantastic whilst being super smooth (80-100fps at 1440p on a RTX3080)
  6. It's been a long year, so Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe.
  7. Great looking game. Smooth at 1440p Ultra on my 3080. I disabled RT and DLSS though. RT is a massive performance killer and DLSS (even on Quality at 1440p) has too much shimmering on so many edges in the city, and I even noticed some lights freaking out along with some horrible mirror reflections.
  8. Preloaded, new driver installed, just waiting now. But I'm undecided on whether to use Raytracing or not. On the one hand there are some impressive screenshots with RT on Ultra. But with my 3080 it will be 60fps at 1440p with DLSS Quality, possibly lower when driving or raining. On the other hand at 1440p with DLSS Quality the framerate should be significantly higher and I really like playing FPS games at 70fps or more. Will have to see for myself and decide.
  9. I will forgive the developers if there's great RTX and DLSS 2.0 optimization because Cyberpunk 2077 really needs it. Games usually include one or two elements like raytraced shadows or raytraced reflections, but Cyberpunk 2077 has raytraced diffuse illumination, raytraced reflections, raytraced AO and raytraced shadows. And all of this in an open world! It's going to be like Crysis 1 all over again lol.
  10. Very useful guide ! Especially the part about the CRC check on the memory which means a bad memory overclock will probably cause performance loss first instead of artifacting or crashing first like previous cards. The review mentions using the Unigine Heaven benchmark and I definitely found it very useful, especially for testing the memory overclock. When I was testing my memory overclock on Unigine Heaven benchmark at 2560x1440 with max settings this is what I found : Memory offset | Average FPS | Score +0 : 127.3 | 3206 +250 : 127.7 | 3216 +400 : 128.0 | 3225 +500 : 128.3 | 3231 +600 : 128.4 | 3236 +700 : 128.6 | 3240 +800 : 128.8 | 3244 +900 : 128.9 | 3248 +1000 : 129.1 | 3253 +1250 : 129.6 | 3264 +1499 : 116.7 | 2940 +1500 : 117.3 | 2955 The memory on my MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio seems to be very good. All the way up to +1250 I still found gains in performance in Heaven. Only after that point did I experience the performance regression associated with the CRC check on the memory and it's quite a severe drop.
  11. I have received it. Really fast, big improvement over my 1080Ti. And it is stable at +75Mhz core and +1000MHz memory (MSI RTX3080 Gaming X Trio if anyone else was wondering).
  12. I will be sticking with my 5GHz i9 9900K. For me, I don't see much value in buying a new AM4 motherboard and a 5900x for an unnoticeable gain at 1440P and a few more cores that games don't seem to be using effectively yet. For those on compatible AM4 motherboards its a very tempting choice though, as it seems to offer much better performance than the Ryzen 3000 series. I will look ahead to AM5 and LGA1700 in late 2021 but probably 2022, which should adopt DDR5 RAM.
  13. I think NVIDIA has the advantage with Raytacing (and DLSS) as well as drivers. But AMD is very impressive at the moment in both their GPU and CPU performance, what a massive leap in performance in one generation. Now imagine when they bring out the new AM5 socket with 5nm Zen 4 CPUs, DDR5 RAM and RDNA3 by the end of 2022. I think hardware is going to see a huge leap in performance in the next few years now that we have proper competition.
  14. Nyt

    Nyt's next gen PC

    Just got my MSI RTX3080 Gaming X Trio, updated with new pics !
  15. Now that's a name I haven't heard for a while. It's a shame it hasn't been used much in 2 years. I think Wolfenstein 2 and Wolfenstein Youngblood were the only big games that actually used it. With the Xbox Series X making use of VRS, maybe we will finally see more games using it.
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