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  1. Gave up on the liksys stuff years ago, nothing but trash for me. went with netgear and been happy every since. I have upgraded once or twice and using the netgear nighthawk x10 R9000 right now
  2. road-runner

    Choose between 2 SATA SSDs please

    I had a 500gb sandisk die after a couple years so I am not buying those again my samsungs seem to be holding up well so far
  3. road-runner

    Mowing on a hillside

    when they done mowing and weed eating BBQ them then get a couple more for next time
  4. road-runner

    Mowing on a hillside

    get a couple goats they will eat everything in sight
  5. road-runner

    Front Page News Section

    Yep have to go back to the main page to reply
  6. road-runner


    So where we gonna sell it then
  7. I have never stopped using firefox
  8. Mine is still folding fine
  9. they had a work around till they got it fixed I used it about a day
  10. road-runner

    New Forum ??

    looks good to me...
  11. road-runner

    Cinebench R20 Results - Competition

    i9-7900 @ 4ghz score 4979 stock settings air cooling
  12. road-runner


    Got mine 2019/03/05 06:55:44 AM -06:00
  13. road-runner


    I did not last pay on 2019/02/03 09:13:45 AM -06:00 edit looks like 2 more days we will https://foldingcoin.net/
  14. Oh heck if its india he done been scammed out that money long ago