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  1. still around saw occ on screensavers 03
  2. road-runner


    I am still collecting it monthly got 277,053 FLDC right now
  3. Yes there is some info its several pages back as its not a pinned topic, all the new folks post sent it to the back of the line
  4. They had said some company with cloud gpus was donating run time and I think it was brought the servers to a crawl lol yes its a good thing https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?p=312692#p312692
  5. I dont think the option to select works the scientist set the priority in the actual WUs. I read the other day so many big boys are doing it there servers cant keep up..
  6. I have the 960 pro on my main rig 512gb
  7. I was wondering about that also, thanks..
  8. Probably so there relatives can make money on new mounting hardware
  9. Guess its not happening this year havent seen any mention of it..
  10. Nice rig nice performance also.. As a comparison I looked back to see what my 1080s done on that bench with skylake x. I just now finally got the rig moved in as my main rig not upgrading for awhile lol.. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/2234635
  11. For the heck of it I downloaded the win 10 usb tool went to the old x58 rig stuck a different hard drive on it as to not loose my win 7 and installed win 10. I did not have any trouble everything works fine except I cant find that activate for free button lol
  12. Thanks yea I have seen that already. They also say skylake or newer to get the h265. I am gonna try the i3-4170 that is in the board with quick sync like it has it may be ok for 8 cams.
  13. I have a socket 1150 motherboard with a I3 dual core with HT in it was used for mining if I could find a devils canyon or some kind a quad core with on die video or quick sync I will use it at the office there is only 8 cams there. I hate to buy a brand new one somebody got one laying around they dont need I am sure
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