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    #1) ASUS X570 TUF WiFi, 3950X @ 3.5-4.7ghz, Corsair H115i RGB, GSkill RipJaws V 64gb ddr4 3600, Nvidia Titan XP (Pascal),1 TB Samsung 850 Evo, 1TB Inland Performance M.2 Gen 4.0 NVMe and 2x600gb WD velociraptors, Toshiba 3TB Backup, Sony Optiarc dvd rw, Corsair 800 Wide Full tower case w/ Corsair 1050 PSU.

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    Alvarado TX. The greatest state in the Union !
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  1. task manager ought to help you identify what is starting up and enable it or disable it as you see fit... ctl alt del ...
  2. i still game with the Titan XP too and it does a fine job (gift from OCC Christmas contest) I'm just thinking about the future of gaming and my future and the possibilities...
  3. Very well done thank you Isaiah, So about the price ? after all the review work is said and done is it worth the $1200 price tag ??
  4. I just read thru Guest_Jim's Windows 11 story/post and tried to post a short comment but it's not working for some reason... I get "oops something went wrong" LOL I'm not having big deals today but I did want to find out more about which systems are gonna get left behind in the new issue(no longer supported) by microsoft ?
  5. cjloki

    Mozilla Browser

    ...yeah that whole firefox thing sucks but chrome is gonna track the helll outta EVERYTHING you do... i got so frustrated with google tracking and meta-data hoarding that i went out and did the unthinkable and got an i-phone12 .... google sucks too but different !!
  6. my young friend, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” / “The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.”
  7. You know i hadn't been keeping up with components pricing lately and specifically video cards but after checking this thread i went to look at prices of Geforce 3000 series and Radeon 6000 series at Newegg and WOW !! That's crazy... It'll be a while before I modernize this machine... this price increase must have something to do with the global chip shortage and supply and demand curve... right now my computer is pretty good but in a year or so I'll be about due for some changes and hopefully things will settle down and normalize a bit...
  8. but still, might be time to buy a lottery ticket !
  9. i started lurking here in 2007 and finally decided to come up for air in 2008 and so green and wet behind the ears... But Verran and Roadrunner and Hrdnrg were about the most helpful members and quite a few laughs... It was most entertaining back then !!
  10. i was just thinin' bout the old days... weekly polls thread is closed, Andrew hasn't posted any dirty photoshop pics for years and things gettin dry n dusty in the members lounge... but verran is still here in spirit !! lols
  11. the DFI Lanparty days may be over but back in 2007-8 when I first came on here this was what was happening ! and it was alot of fun up in here tooOCC FTW !!
  12. you too oldtimer ! be good to yourself over there !!
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