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    #1) ASUS X570 TUF WiFi, 3950X @ 3.5-4.7ghz, Corsair H115i RGB, GSkill RipJaws V 64gb ddr4 3600, Nvidia Titan XP (Pascal),1 TB Samsung 850 Evo, 1TB Inland Performance M.2 Gen 4.0 NVMe and 2x600gb WD velociraptors, Toshiba 3TB Backup, Sony Optiarc dvd rw, Corsair 800 Wide Full tower case w/ Corsair 1050 PSU.

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  1. Verran was still around back then...
  2. oh man ! right on Sir ! ...and thanks again for all you do
  3. good morning _cow... I was just doing some comparisons of different AMD cards with the intent of possibly taking this newly updated build all the way AMD. I've looked at both of the reviews on here of the xfx 5600 cards, both Ultra and Pro, and i don't see a lot of differences other than HS/Fans and length... I'm guessing they are both 7nm RDNA but will they be able to perform ray tracing ? like after a firmware upgrade ? Well this is another excellent review and thank you for your videos and other OCC work.
  4. after that it all fell into place... actually i went back in and changed the SB Link Mode to Auto
  5. in my bios i had to go to advanced/onboard devices/M.2_1/ M.2_2, and set the gen 4 manually for Windows 10 to recognize it
  6. cjloki

    Steam Daily Deals

    the link for the game opened to the Russian version/language that's all, now it's back to english...
  7. cjloki

    Steam Daily Deals

    for some reason the first time i opened it it went to the russian but my bad it's ok....nevermind...
  8. I just installed the Inland performance M.2 Gen 4x4.0 1TB and right away it was seen in bios (this new ASUS X570 TUF w/wifi) but nowhere to be found in Windows. So after googling around I found I needed to go back in and assign a Gen for M.2 PCIe slots and make sure everything was turned on, and that did the trick. It is up and running in the #2 slot. So not totally horrible for my first try at it. I'm planning on the Sabrent Gen 4x4.0 for the #1 slot in a few paychecks, and that comes with the Acronis True Image to make it into my new boot drive.
  9. ...so it's locked until Saturday ?
  10. i tried to comment on the steve burnell new build thread and was blocked the first couple of tries... but it came back and is all good now ... fourth time is a charm ! you can remove thes from this one cow if you want...
  11. you guys are real oldtimers... Class of 2002 and that's a nice build sir !
  12. I was looking at M.2 2280 kits today but I will check into gen 4.0x4 NVMe drives in the morning but I bought a decent corsair h115i platinum cooler today... this cpu 3950x didn't come with a cooler i think because there are soo many different ideas of how to keep a gaming processor cool out there ... but this ought to do the job and I've had sensational results with the Corsair line in the past !
  13. what I ended up with, microcenter has what this nerd needs... next thing is a proper cooler for this upgrade... more reaserch to do..
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