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  1. I have never stopped using firefox
  2. Mine is still folding fine
  3. they had a work around till they got it fixed I used it about a day
  4. road-runner

    New Forum ??

    looks good to me...
  5. road-runner

    Cinebench R20 Results - Competition

    i9-7900 @ 4ghz score 4979 stock settings air cooling
  6. road-runner


    Payday in a couple days... http://foldingcoin.net/
  7. road-runner


    Got mine 2019/03/05 06:55:44 AM -06:00
  8. road-runner


    I did not last pay on 2019/02/03 09:13:45 AM -06:00 edit looks like 2 more days we will https://foldingcoin.net/
  9. Oh heck if its india he done been scammed out that money long ago
  10. road-runner


    I got the nighthawk x10 back when fldc was booming and netgear modem also
  11. road-runner


    My netgears have treated me well, now linksys different story straight up china junk top of the line...
  12. road-runner


    What plan/speed do you have?
  13. road-runner


    I had trouble like that a couple years ago turns out it was my connection a new router fixed it
  14. road-runner


    Well this was FLDC coin that give me that since I was not getting paid cause of a error in the script nothing to do with stanford folding at home
  15. road-runner


    Well in reference to this post https://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/205209-fldc/?p=2166400they gave me 40,000 fldc for finders fee and got the problem fixed also...
  16. road-runner


    Yea I updated mine when it cam out long ago
  17. road-runner


    I havent notice anything unusual on HFM
  18. road-runner

    Clean the water loop

    I clean the water cooling completely out 3 of my rigs and put TRUE 120s on them no more worrying and problems with it..
  19. road-runner

    Happy New Year from OCC!

    Happy New Year
  20. road-runner

    Merry Christmas from OCC!

    Merry Christmas
  21. road-runner

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to OCC staff and sponsors for putting this on every year...
  22. road-runner

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    200 point deduction for fight game
  23. road-runner

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    How many entries are there...