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  1. I have a weather program software app what ever you want to call it its weatherlink for my weather station, how do I install it to run as service in the background seems like older windows had that option
  2. I use PC with blue iris software, the new colorvu hikvision poe cams are great they see well at night
  3. Nice point boost on newer cards, it doubled on 1080TI
  4. Welcome to the world of wireless, it sucks always has always will
  5. my 1080FE does Project ID: 16918 Core: OPENMM_22 Credit: 29000 Frames: 100 Min. Time / Frame : 00:02:33 - 891,684.1 PPD Avg. Time / Frame : 00:02:37 - 857,824.9 PPD
  6. Wonder why that is, oh well everyone will know soon enough I guess. What name you use over there I will post that you cant post lol
  7. I few questions if you do not mind on the folding forum I posted it over there https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=36117&p=342975#p342975
  8. you got to complete 10 WUs for the passkey/bonus points to kick in
  9. Yes can you try folding at home for points per day, stanford at the folding forum says the client is ready
  10. Can you try folding at home and see what PPD it gets? They have the client ready for the new cards they say
  11. Doesnt take much to check email and look at facebook lol.. Should have sold them long ago along with other cards... I got a bunch of older ones from years ago also going back to nvidia gtx 570 and what was the eyefinity ati card 5870 or something got 4 of those, some 7970s
  12. road-runner


    more than likely its dead
  13. road-runner


    I dont know if its done or I am just not getting paid
  14. road-runner


    I just looked havent had a payment since February
  15. still around saw occ on screensavers 03
  16. road-runner


    I am still collecting it monthly got 277,053 FLDC right now
  17. Yes there is some info its several pages back as its not a pinned topic, all the new folks post sent it to the back of the line
  18. They had said some company with cloud gpus was donating run time and I think it was brought the servers to a crawl lol yes its a good thing https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?p=312692#p312692
  19. I dont think the option to select works the scientist set the priority in the actual WUs. I read the other day so many big boys are doing it there servers cant keep up..
  20. I have the 960 pro on my main rig 512gb
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