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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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Post pics of your uber modded case with DFI (or not) mobo!! :D


If you need hosting, www.imageshack.us does it free.



A lot of times, people fill these threads with small posts just saying NJ man!!


Please, to avoid clutter and spam, accompany all replys with pics :)


A_G, sorry if I screwed up the Bimage tags. I suck with HTML. Ill try to get em working.


Heres mine: Yes, its real wood. Its red oak, stained golden oak, and the back I/O will be fixed when I get ahold of a dremel.









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hrmm...here's a few of mine i guess


and dippy you did ok on the bimg ;)


Intel P4 LanParty 875B



momma's old Lanparty KT400A





the official Kitty Cat Server



cuz 1 out of 2 cats agree...cats love DFI!


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Originally posted by Angry_Games

ps: remember that even with bimg, the pics are still having to load their entire file size...so try to use a program like Photoshop or even MS Paint to scale them down a bit ;)


/me looks at dippy and his 800kb each pics





Hey.. I want em to look nice when ya look at em :D This digicam is an odd one ;)



Night shot!!!




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here's a collage of the 1st version of the Dragon's mod with my 1st LCD screen a 5 inch model. Spent hours and hours doing the side panels in H2 Hummer Yellow. Had an AMDXP2200 on a MSI KT4 UltraSR with 1G Nanya PC2700.


Bought the LanParty for meself at Christmas. Gonna post more pics later.

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So I got me hands on 7" Widescreen with Dual Video Inputs


Oh yeah. AMD inside


The Wolfman and Rudymeister on CNN while surfin da web


WCPUID "Realtime Display" Tweak on da 7 incher

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these are old pics, ive moved everything inside the case and of course theres a DFI in there now :D









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Jungleman -

OMG that is awesome, where did you get that??


Hope ya were talkin at me cause I gonna feel real stupido if not.


They are headrest monitors from a car stereo shop. Easy as hale to hookup to a GF4 or ATI with S-video out and dual monitor capabilty. Can use em as an extended desktop if you like. Get an S-video to RCA adaptor at da Radio Shack and you're good to go.


A Leadtek TV tuner supplied the Wolfman pics. Also got a color camera inside on Video 2 so when peeps look inside the case at the LCD I can flip it to show der face on da screen. hehehe. kewl as hale. Oh yeah, dey come with remote control as well. around $200 to $500 depending on screen size, picture quality, and aspect ratio.


dippyskoodlez - like da woody, sport one meself most of the time.


AG - Dang that Intel rig looks sweet. Can't believe I just said that. But dang it does!


culinist - dats a nIz az rig you gots. Love doze nIz big az Antec - Chieftec - Chenmin - cases too. lots of room to work and great airflow. Great pics too.


nVidiaguru - niz niz pics. love de cooling. color me green. noticed you got da side offin it. Does it have the same crappy airflow as my WaveMaster so you gots to run dat side buck-naked or you jus have off for da photo shoot? P.S. don barf on dat nIz new carpeting.



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