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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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well...i still getting more parts in tomorrow, but here's my beginning stages of the Ultimate Infinity (more pics as follows, and none are as good as the Zen thing lol)




bought this black tubing from SVC a long time ago just never got around to doing anything with it. I should have used it on the Fortron FSP530 monster psu, but used it instead on the 350w Turbolink that comes with the case.




option in the back for an 80mm, 92mm, or 120mm hole. I chose to go the 120mm route mwahahahaha. *ahem*




front 80mm dual holes.


now lemme take some pics of all the junk just laying around that is going into it! more pics in a bit =)

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here's the monster unassembled:




and a bit closer pic of the parts:




and the front panel of the case...the LCD is for case temps as this case has built-in temp probe (only in °F tho dammit). The red mesh grill is great...but why put that on here if you dont leave any free airflow behind it????


so me and my trusty dremel solved that with a bit of plastic cutting hehe




not shown is the Infinity NF2 motherboard with SLK-947U...but it will be going on the mobo tray under the CCFL boxes. All the fans are red LED, even that fat 120mm. I couldn't find a cheap 120mm that was built with UV-sensitive red plastic like the 80mm's...but the case wont have UV's in it so no matter. The CCFL's are both Coolermaster Aurora red 12".


the cd-rom is going to be black, as is the front bay controller's faceplate (i get 5 colors included tho, red also, but its going to be a 'red n black attack' theme since the laser cut fan grills coming are black also).


should be so red that it scares neighbors into calling a Hazmat team to come check out the place hehehehe. Taking this beast to Fragzilla to show off (Boise, ID's biggest LanParty on June 12th and 13th, which DFI is the major sponsor).


System hardware (can change at any time):


DFI Infinity NF2 11/27 or 6/01 BIOS

AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+

OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 2x256MB (i might steal the Buffalo BH-5's out of the LPB tho)

ATI Radeon 9700Pro 128MB 8x AGP

SB Audigy 1 PCI

Western Digital Raptor 36GB SATA

Western Digital Special Edition 80GB 8MB

black Asus 52x CD-ROM

black Mistumi 3.5" floppy drive

4x red UV w/ red LED 80mm fans

1x 120mm red LED fan

1x Thermaltake Smartfan2 80mm (or 92mm Enermax)

Thermalright SLK-947U w/neo backplate

Aspire X-Infinity red 350w ATX case


whatever other junk i can find to stash into this mother hehe


PS: case-mod.com upgraded that tube of Arctic Silver Ceramique from a 2.7g tube to a 22g tube for FREE!

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Originally posted by Angry_Games

DFI Infinity NF2 11/27 or 6/01 BIOS



ermmm 6/01???


did i miss something?

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Gotta get some more case pics up here dudes and dudettes.


Angry, FarEast and I got way too much time invested here uploading pics.

New Base on HO#2 powered off the USB. and some night shots I thought looked kewl..


PLexi-Base fo the Wavemaster



NIght shot with window off



night shot of voltmeter and Turbine Fan. cools the snitzil out of south bridge and VGA card but whines way too much, on it's own shuddup biatch switch for when me head starts hurtin.

moved the dang speaker to the other side of case too.



The other side of the case



The 92mm above the Raptors helps circulate air and cool the RAM. An 80mm exhausts through the top.


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Guest Psychosis

OK, here are some of my case pics .... These pics were took while I had the Asus a7n8x deluxe and leadtek Ti4400 in it.




BTW, got some nice pics going in this thread. Have fun! :nod:

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Heres my lovely PC. but this weekend ill show more pics about the new watercooling sistem on the chip (nb) and cpu



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geez, full two weeks and not a new pic posted. Guess everyone else is still working on theirs.


Couple of more pics of the HO in the Wavemaster.



I really like the case but if I open up the front bottom door the temps drop dramatically. Adding a screen for the 3.5 drive. That sucks air in for the 120mm. Also added an 80mm at bottom of case rear near PCI.



Here's a side shot. I positioned the LCD lower than the one in LPB. I moved the voltmeter up to the top. got to calibrate it. it's reading 0.2v high. You can see the side of the 120mm over the raptors.



And had to try it at 243x10.5 for grins. Gonna make that LCD read 2600 real soon. I'll tweak the color on it as well. I do have the overscan enabled.



Ok, here's a better shot of the 120mm. Can't believe my luck here. Got my hands on the super sticky 3M double sided tape (clear) and was able to use it mount (and isolate) the 120mm fan as well as secure the LCD so it was dead as well. Look ma no screws and virtually impossible to remove.



Forgot to add. Case temps dropped another 3 degrees with 120mm over the 92mm. Both CPU and 120mm are Smart fans wide open. cantankerous laughed at my old style doorknob in 1st and 2nd pic.

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guess i'll add mine to the list. . .don't kill me beacuse it's an abit, these are pix of my #2 machine, I am saving up for a smaller RAD so I can fit my wawa system in there and then I will move my LPB into this case, I have it in a monster full tower right now, I will try to get pics of that up later.













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geez, that's a really nice case. sort of got the "Doc Oc" look with the chrome loom. Nice work Lombard.


Oh sorry, just realized it's an Abit - now we'll have to kill you.:nod:

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