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  1. Its "Venice" man, VENICE! (like the place in italy!)
  2. Halves on the A64 are funky. I wouldn't suggest them
  3. Its here :cool: Along with some more ram... However, I doubt its TCC5, so it may hamper the overclock :mad: Ahwell. 2x 512mb > 1x 512 no matter the speed..
  4. Were those E4 or E6? I think mine was a KACIE (I knew for a while but after 2 days I forgot! ) E6. Typing this from 3ghz right now.. It won't prime or superpi, but it has run stably for me for a few hours without crashing, so its just borderline unstable. :eek: Little voltage'll cure that right up As for cold bug, we'll find out when I get my hands on some ice and salt...
  5. STOCK! The CPU-z is indeed correct! Its 1:40 and I'm tired. I'll finish up tomorrow. :cool:
  6. Yes, yes, and I'm better than ever. Can you say 2800mhz stock vcore? :cool: Not even breaking a sweat here people.
  7. Rbbermaid jar from wal-mart.. $1.88 Also, why did noone tell me ITE is way off in temps? :eek: 18c! :cool:
  8. Yeah, I have another stick of ram to put me up to 1gb, and an extra little suprise on its way I was trying to avoid them as much as possible- but the size of this radiator prohibits that greatly. Then again, temperatures arent exactly the weak point with this either More flow isnt going to help much if at all right now. Need to oc cpu more! EDIT: D'oh! sorry! havent been here forever, and I'm used to being able to post bigger than 800x600!
  9. Well, having finished highschool, I'm now working an IT job on the weekends, leaving me a lot of free time... and a bit more money than most teens have just out of highschool. :cool: So, I rebuilt my Ultra-D system. :drool: (yes, I'll be updating my sig asap!) I also got to setup my first go at some decent cooling- WATER! Doing a very mild overclock right now only 10HTT, to give me +100mhz. However, I have a few suprises coming via UPS :tooth: I was having a severe problem with the chipset a while ago, giving me well over 50C temp readings, giving me the alarm and being unstable. Added some arctic ceramique, and DANG look at that! the fan sucks no more!
  10. Problem isnt finding the free version.. as thats widespread.. problem will be future databases i.e. new components.
  11. theres probably a jumper to enable the speaker like the NF4... switched the jumper and my computer began to beep like normal... it was off, default.
  12. in the day. Hell, I paid $40 for my 1700+ when they were prime for oc'ing and got it to 1800mhz on a $30 mobo using a $20 PSU. God I miss those days :drool:
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