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  1. I have that, I'll try it next time I reboot. Running that now. How would I determine that? Not that I can find. Good call, that could be it. I had it installed but I never reinstalled it. Where can I get it again? It's stock, and has been for a while.
  2. No, I HAVE reinstalled them because they weren't working and I thought the same thing you did. It did not help. Furthermore one of the games that doesn't work I installed fresh after formatting. I also installed a game on another drive that didn't seem to have too much trouble. I played it for a bit and didn't notice anything. However reformatting did not fix the problem in KOTOR. I'm going to try a few more games on the other drive and ultimately install KOTOR on that drive and see if it works. If it does I may be in the market for a new hard drive. :/ Nobody answered my other question though; are there any other hard drive diagnostic tools out there?
  3. As soon as PerfectDisk is finished defragmenting that drive, I'll try that. It's taking FOREVER on that drive. The other three partitions finished defragging hours ago. I'm starting to think the problem is/was that drive. CHKDSK didn't seem to find any errors on it though, which is a good thing. Any other disk diagnostic tools I should know about?
  4. I didn't actually back them up, they were installed on that drive to begin with so I left them there. Typically when you reinstall over an old version the saved games are kept, so that is what I did when I found I had to. KOTOR II is completely standalone, and was actually released by a different company than the one that did the original. Neither one had issues before the format.
  5. No, I'm not recopying the game folders to their respective locations, they were installed there to begin with. I have two 500 GiB drives and an 80, I only formatted the 80. All of my programs were unaffected. Regardless of that I did still reinstall most of them from the original disks. By the way, I've copied fully installed programs from RAR files without installing them properly and 99/100 times they work fine, but that's not the situation here.
  6. A new install of the games or Windows? Because I did both of those. I never even installed KOTOR II until after the reformat. The CD is right from Microsoft. SP2 slipstreamed. I've used this CD for years with no problems. As far as I know, I'll check on that though. This includes a game that isn't run from the disk, but I'll try reinstalling it from the other drive to see if that makes a difference. I'm running Perfect Disk now, thanks. I didn't copy folders, they were installed on the I: drive to begin with. But I did end up having to or just deciding to reinstall all four of the games I tried anyway. By the way, I also ran all of the 3DMarks and they ran fine.
  7. I decided a week ago that my installation of XP was old enough (many years) and it was time to reformat and reinstall. I have spare drives, so backing up was easy. I just copied everything over into its own folder so I could decide what I needed later. I also install most of my programs on that drive, so I was able to reformat C: without losing any of my saved game data or having to reinstall anything. Or so I thought... After the reformat, I noticed that all of my games were buggy. I had installed all of the drivers I needed, specifically the NVIDIA drivers, EVGA drivers, and sound card drivers. The main problem was noticed when playing KOTOR and KOTOR II, the latter I'd installed after the format when I realized I still had the disk for it. However, I also noticed trouble with CoD4 and F.E.A.R., as single player CoD4 would not work, my hacks for multi wouldn't work, and in F.E.A.R. the problem was less noticeable, but it too was slightly buggy. All of these games are installed on drive I:. The issue was different for each game, and typically started out fine but began to degenerate after a few minutes of playing. Here is a general synopsis of the problems observed: KOTOR/KOTOR II Game would start out fine but rapidly degenerate after 10-15 minutes of playing Computer terminals would be buggy; a background sound would get caught in a loop, and sometimes after selecting an option the game would freeze for a minute before moving on Graphics would be glitchy, lighting on objects would be all wrong, rainbow effect or blacking out of player character Movement would become sluggish but then the character would rapidly move halfway across the level, often becoming stuck in a wall Player character movement would freeze altogether FEAR Game would start out fine, glitches took longer to appear than they did in KOTOR (about 60 minutes maybe) Reload animations buggy, the hand and ammo cartridge don't move together "Tears" cheat stops working, full ammo is given but doesn't remain infinite ammo like it's supposed to, player runs out of grenades after throwing five but the counter still says there are five and doesn't go down CoD4 Single player mode no longer works, says a file is missing Multiplayer mode won't open with hack, says a file is missing (I only use hacks as equalizers on servers dominated by hackers, and while spectating to catch wallhackers) Multiplayer mode will open by itself, but only loads about 50 servers All of these games have been reinstalled or fresh installed after the reformat. Here are the measures I've taken to fix the problem, to no avail: Reinstall drivers and DirectX 9.0 Uninstall conflicting video codecs Reformat again I am currently running CHKDSK on drive I:. There do not appear to be any errors yet but I do not know what else it could be as I've reformatted and reinstalled XP again. Any help anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'd rather eat cloned beef than beef that has been contaminated by her DNA. :tooth:
  9. Hell, I'd pay extra if I got some steroids in with my beef. :tooth: I think less people know how to cope lately because of all the politically correct bull crap going on. Nobody will acknowledge that it's all right to have a pair of balls and stop caring what everyone thinks of you all the time. No, today you're supposed to be a "nice guy" and keep up with all the latest fashion trends. I've got news for you, the stuff that actually looks good never goes out of style.
  10. Leave it to microsoft to render every piece of software in the world useless and expect their designers to pick up the loose ends. Lucky there's one update that will fix all of your problems: Linux. I shouldn't talk though because I don't use it.
  11. Stolen for my laptop. :tooth: Who is she?
  12. This is getting OT, but you might appreciate this article: http://www.arthurshall.com/x_2008_arthurs_pissed.shtml
  13. Another Angry rant. I agree 95%. I'm not a health nut either, but as a powerlifter I have to know what I'm putting into my body. I would never touch ready-made frozen hamburger patties with 30% mechanically separated beef, 15% mechanically separated rodent, and 55% homogenized soy lard. Save that . for our prison inmates, and even then only the lifers and those on death row. Now, I'm a die-hard capitalist, so I don't believe in heavy commerce regulation, but I also believe it's uncapitalistic for so many people to put up with the bull crap that a lot of big companies try and feed us. You know Quaker Oats, a brand almost everyone trusts as being natural, only contain a fraction of the protein that oats contain naturally? Yeah, oats are an excellent source of protein, provided you buy a 50-pound bag of it from some mom-and-pop online store. It's increasingly difficult to shop for items without chemicals anymore. That's why I only buy raw ingredients, never anything pre-prepared or processed. That said, I have to eat a ton of meat, so I want to know that the meat I'm eating is safe without having to spend extra for the organic - I simply cannot afford it. With any luck, global warming will force the world to reset itself, and maybe things will get back to normal. Or we'll all die and the earth will go hurtling into the sun. Either way. Also, even as a conservative I cannot stand Fox News. Conservatism is about liberty, not imposing religious morals on everyone.
  14. This is the one I decided on, and I like it too. :tooth:
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