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  1. Have you guys tried Acronis True Image yet? I don't have an NF3 board yet, but True Image at least worked with my Nf2 boards... Maybe a quick email over to those guys...:nod:
  2. Try Irfanview - it's easy, free, and works awsome at this kind of thing...
  3. ...an IWILL Wookie? ...I just hope you guys won't put up with the whining that was going on at that 'other' place. I used to read there everyday looking for an edge - then couldn't bear to visit anymore 'cause everyone got their undies in a bunch... I still have two 'finity boards humming at 250 or better for a few months without a hitch...I'm afraid to touch 'em 'cause they're so sweet...
  4. OMG...I'm a rookie...how long does that last? :sad:
  5. Hi guys... Ozzie here...TByrd2 over at the old AMD forums... I guess I'm an old timer...been chased around the block a few times... :eek: I don't want to drop any other forums names here, but I go back to the good old days at the IWILL forums and then some. Sure am glad you guys set up shop here and wish you the best - you're previous home looks like it got trashed... Hey RGone...
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