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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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well finaly broke down and got a new case and I still have not heard the last of it from my other half. But holding on to a case for over nine years is that bad. :eek: :nod: :shake: One I get my camera up and running I ll post some pics.

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Sorry, not a DFI. I'll post the other rigs once I've put them back together :D


Specs on this rig:

EPoX 8KDA3J (nF3 250Gb)

Athlon64 Newcastle 3200+ (240x10), Cooled by Thermalright (like all my rigs) SLK-948U + Antec pro 92mm casefan

2x256MB TwinMOS [email protected], cas2, 2.8v

BBA AIW Radeon 9800pro, Cooled by VGA Silencer rev.2 (Soon to be replaced with a 6800 Ultra, which is ordered, but currently out of stock. Not good for my PSU :D)

WD1200JB + WD800JB

LiteON 52327S CDRW + Ancient Panasonic DVD-RAM/R w/Cooler Master alu fronts

Audigy Player

Ti Wireless-G card

KME 5260 case + 2 12" Blue CCFLs, 4 basic 80mm LED fans





I tried to darken this one a little so you could see the CCFLs and side decal as they really look... It didn't really work, but in reality the decal is much more visible, and the blue is much darker.




And the hideous moment when I take a flash pic and you see that none of the PCBs match... At least when I had the Infinity in this rig, the graphics card matched the mobo, and I didn't have the disgustigly brown Audigy in there...


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The nerve center




The new case




Gratuitous money shot




On the shopping list - Vantec 3.5 Nexus controller - 2 Blue LED Fans for the front grill - Some alloy Drive covers - Terratec DMX Fire Sound Card - A Monitor to do my $500 Graphics card justice!


Then onto the 939 system :nod: mmmmmmm new build

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Guest culinist

NIce THunDA. Did you do the button mod on that monitor. I saw a guy over at extreme forums with that exact sane rig. Had it running 400x12,1:1 @1.35v:)

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Actually I did mod the dumb fan duct they have on the cpu..

It was vibrating and driving me nuts so I did a cardboard mod and wedged a piece into the plastic to stop the noise.. :P

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