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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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w00t! Time for the every two week bump!


Like with over 300 members we should have a lot more cases posted here. Get to work people! Start sending pics.


DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT USE ELTS_DRAC CAMERA! hehehe, just teasing elts


If nothing else, just read through Far East's posts one more time. Some of the finest work you will ever see. :)

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All I got to use is my webcam. i told my Mom to bring the Minolta digital I got her, but every times she comes up to visit me she forgets. I'll be getting one of my owm as soon as things smooth out @ work.

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my rig with my new DFI infinity ultra :) very happy with the mobo once again with soundx98 i wouldnt have bought it thanks carl. best 91$ i ever spent.

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BSOD - nothin to thank me for. You just sounded like you were ready for some speed. LOL




Nice work but a caption or two may help. I see a watercooled CPU, GPU, and NB. Pretty dang cool. hehehe.


Custom made window looks really good as well. (I can see just a little glitch in the upper left corner. Barely noticable, and far better than I could do!)


Hope you take this as constructive criticizm, but there is a lot of stuff on that ONE molex. VGA card, HDD, couple of CCFLs, and some other stuff. May want to invest in a couple splitters and an extention or two. Spend some time re-routing some of them wars and you can prolly improve air flow in the case.


Nice work, youngest member!


Oh yeah, the period things and comma dealys again, need to keep workin on it.:nod:

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Pulled the OCZ 520 PSU out of LanParty and put it in HO#2 instead of the Antec 480 TrueBlue.


Had to add a little sleeving 1st

UV Green Sleeves on the P4 and SATA leads

Flurescent Orange "flaging tape" wrapped on 12v/5v molexes



Then I decided to move the 12V meter to top (back) of the HIS X800 card

It Already had a huge piece of Aluminum cooling the memory



So it looks like this with the side off



or from this angle you can see the green 92mm I added at bottom of case



Yes, this is the one that wouldn't go over 250. hehehe



Not 3D stable yet but I'm gonna keep trying. Wish me luck!


EDIT: OK - I got it stable. Prime 95 and 3D01 and 3D03. w0000000000000000t!

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Here is my case, i just got it done, only some fine tuning left ;)

CPU is cooled by a VapoChill, the NB and GPU is cooled by water.

A friend of mine that works on a car styling company has painted it,

sky blue metallic ohh yea :D







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Nice lookin rig Wez!


Your bud did an awesome job on those faceplates and DVD-Rom.


what are the six toggle switches and LEDs for?


Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Ok here are some pics of my rig.. far from being as pretty and sexy as all yours..lol but it gets the jobs done.. Im actually looking into a new case very soon ;)


Here is one from the front side.. there's a 120mm in the top blow hole and side door ..




Here is one from the back.. I cut out all the fan grills front and back for better air flow.. and there is also that 92mm fan on the side panel which is cooling backside of the mobo where the cpu is.





This is one when I modded the mobo tray for the behind the mobo tray fan.. ;)





to be continued.... :D






fixed pics.. :P

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And this is the inside.. you can see my new addition is copper sinks for my bh5.. hehe dont know if it helped but sure looks cool..lol




Two more closer shots of the rams sinks..






And last is with my 6800gt installed after her new acrtic cooler nv5 was slapped on..







Well thats it.. Once I get my new case Ill be able to make it cleaner.. This one doesnt leave me much room for running the wires behind the mobo tray and stuff.. I rather wait till I have a better one, for now most stuff is outta the way.. ;)

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NB =)


Take that grill off your tornado and the sound will lower a bit, and temps should get a *slight* boost ;)


My fan grill made a nice whining noise, so I took it off. I'd imagine airflow would get a small boost too.

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