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  1. I havent done any research on the koolance line. What quality of pump do those cases have? is the pump built into the top of the case with the rad? how efficient is that block? We are cooling 2 cores at once here, the biggest killer is the small tubing it has for sure. *edit* are you cooling just the cpu? or are you also cooling the gpu etc?
  2. that sounds probably about right, 1/4" tubing for watercooling isnt helping at all. I was getting those temps with a maze4 1/2" tubing and a weak pump (the pump was probly the killer) I switched to a TDX and D5 pump and can push 1.7v and get 32c at idle 44-45c load (78f room temp). You probably dont want to hear this but i think you definitly need to rethink your watercooling. That setup isnt really for overclocking, more for keeping the noise down at decent temps at 55c your starting to get into the red..... besides re-doing your whole case one thing you might try is instead of using the VID special % voltage increase use the normal VID control and try 1.45v, I noticed on my board the % voltage increases created a voltage fluctuation so you might be able to get stable at a lower voltage
  3. ok heres a little update, with the 704 bios (what i used first) it was only stable at 2.7ghz with 1.65v....as far as the special vid control it did not help at all and was infact less stable. Today i tried the 623-2 modded by OCZ tony and its stable at 2.7ghz at 1.6v which dropped my load temps to 45c. Also with this bios the special vid control is more stable. i guess later on this week ill be trying the other verisons of 623bios to see if i can get my ram to a higher oc
  4. Thanks a ton for the input guys, ill definitly give the special vid control only a try. I left prime running while i took a trip to astros game (which was bad f'in a$$ btw) it errored after 6 1/2 hrs so i think i can back off the voltage a bit. Ive only had this chip for a day now so theres still tweaking to be done. edit** also those temps are from mbm with the setup files from the forum once again thanks for the input, and ill let ya know if the special vid control makes any difference for me
  5. I tired a few searches here and at hardocp but couldnt find a definite answer for my question. When should I start to worry about the voltage on my manchester? Im running it at 1.65v right now and i get an idle temp of 38 and load temp of 48-49 on watercooling. If it lasts me for 3 years at 1.65v ill be extactic, my concern is I dont want to have a dead chip here in a few weeks/months. what are you guys opinions?
  6. im using the 680's with the soundstorm and all i have to say is GO GET A DIGITAL COAX FROM MONSTER CABLE ive been using a regular coax cable and just yesterday i got a digital coax and OMG its nearly a night and day difference the sound is MUCH MUCH clearer..the bass hits a lot smoother and the highs and mids really come out, then youll start to hear things you havent heard before my roommate has an audigy2 and his 4.1 kilpch's sound top notch with it..id definitly recommend one... i need to hook his comp up with my speakers now
  7. Installed it this morning runs very nice at 1280x1024 2xAA 4xAF high settings on my rig [bimg]http://supra9301.homestead.com/files/igotdoom.jpg[/bimg]
  8. LOL yes ive played them all...but i play a few more than others. Farcry is one of the very few games ive played through the entire single player. A lot of the times i play the multiplayer
  9. lmfao i love your cpu overclock analogy it hits the issue dead on...ive lost a little short term memory due to smoking pot but within 2 moths ive been able to gain a majority of it back.......the human brain is an amazing tool. The ONLY other drugs i have tried besides cannabis are shrooms and extacy...the shrooms i did hardly had any affect one me it, turned out to be a bad batch so im definitly going to try that again. My X experience was also a dissapointment because when my body gets hot i feel sick to I my stomach so i threw a great deal of it up. I also plan on trying ex again. I do have mental control over myself because i have decided that i do not want to try anything other than X and shrooms. Ive smoked cigs many a times but have never had an urge to smoke them.....people say cigs are very addicting but i dont have an addictive personalitity so i smoke them when i want to. I dont have kids but i can definitly predict that when i get to that point in my life i will totaly understand where your coming from and give up drugs all together... kids definitly mix up the equasion quite a bit
  10. [ramble] i better not even start in on this one[/ramble]
  11. whats puts me to sleep is ONE Beer, any more than one and i get kinda hyped up.. Another thing that puts me to sleep within an hour is smoking some shwag...it never fails and its always a DEEP DEEP sleep
  12. Whats your favorite beer? alchohol? Mine has the be the SILVER BULLET aka COORS! [sarcasim]a close 2nd would be Budwieser cus thats who Jr drives for[/sarcasim] lol i HATE nascar but i LOVE Texas so Bud light is #2 and Shiner Bock out of a keg is #3 whats your favorite beer? alchohol?
  13. do i know what im trying to say? yes have i expressed it correctly? probably not lol deal with it im gonna go grab anothr coors
  14. ive got 2 :eek: [bIMG]http://img35.exs.cx/img35/6848/desktop36.jpg[/bIMG] [bIMG]http://img35.exs.cx/img35/2817/desktop37.jpg[/bIMG]
  15. I dont want to argue with anyone ......but being myself i LOVE mary jane...and i 100% believe music is 10x better on mary jane. IF you are lucky you are a creative smoker and when your high you create music/art that is beyond a sober state, for example(in one way or another) i LOVE tool's music sober or high but when im high thier music/lyrics take a whole new meaning...and i believe that if you have not been high then you cannot object to this because you have not experienced it. This is my opinon/assumption but i think that most of your favortite musicians have been high to some degree or another...it may have taken thier highness to discover thier true potential but never the less its there. Bottom line (my opinion) being high has touched or given them an idea to create this music....and being sober has enabed them to put this music together. I dont want this to turn into a flame thread so i will also state that mary jane has screwed my life up directly or through another way but i cannot imagine a life w/o trying it atleast once.....live a little people, were all going to die someday so its up to you and i choose not to live my life costrained by what other people say or think. I do what i think is within reason. Now since most of you think im a crackhead/pothead I have not been high in nearly 2 months...so as cliche as it may sound or as little time as 2 months sounds to you. I can and will quit smoking when neccessary. I smoke as a recreation because i like the way it makes me feel and think...you are entitled to your opinions and i respect that......
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