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Modding & Computer Stores

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This is OCC's list of stores that sell computer hardware, modding supplies, and electronic components for more involved modding projects.
Also, to help you find the best prices, product price search engines are included in these lists.

You may reply to this thread if you know about a store or search engine that is not already listed. Please include a direct link in your post, and keep discussion to a minimum, possibly including a short description about what is good about the store or search engine.

If you know any links are broken because the URL has changed, or the company has stopped trading, post the updated URLs or relevant notes and the changes will be made...

-- United States --
Best Byte Computers
Central Computer Systems - SF bay area, prices on par with Newegg, can order unlisted stuff in for you
Circuit City (May 19, 2009, Systemax Inc. purchased the Circuit City brand and website)
Crazy PC
DangerDen (Watercooling/Pelt Supplies)
Duplicolor Duplicolor makes a great colour shifting paint, as well as many other paints and supplies
EL Wire Cheap - (see Vibelights below)
End PC Noise
eXtreme PC Gear
Frozen CPU
HighSpeed PC
HyperKore (laser etched windows)
KikBoxes Computer Craft - fan/radiator guards/grills
Legend Micro
Memory Express
MonoPrice - AV cables, computer cables incl. networking components
Mountain Mods
NorthWest Computer Accessories
PC Case Gear
PC PitStop
Petra's Tech Shop
RadioShack - now carries a line of 'modding' supplies, from ThermalTake.
Sharka Corp
Shattered Web, The (Window Appliqués Only)
Sidewinder Computers
Swiftech - high performance air, water, and TEC cooling (excellent customer service)
Silicon Valley Compucycle (SVC)
Think Geek
Upgrade IT!
Vibelights - (Lighting products, Inverters)
All Electronics - components, cables, and gadgets
Electronic Goldmine
Mouser Electronics
Newark (part of Premier Farnell group)
Price Search Engines

-- Canada --
Anitec - Vancouver, BC - Very competetive with NCIX, decent website and walk-through style store with much on the shelves
ATIC Computers - Vancouver, BC
Canada Computers - Toronto, Markham, and Kingston, Ontario
CaseWraps - Edmonton, Alberta (Case/Keyboard Wraps Only)
Deals Direct - Orleans, Ontario
DirectCanada - cheaper than most places, fast and cheap/free shipping (2-3 days)
extreme-pc MemoryExpress - Calgary
MysteryByte - Halifax, Nova Scotia
NCIX - Vancouver, B.C., & Burnaby, B.C.
CTCW - Burnaby, B.C.
PC Canada - Etobicoke, Ontario
shopRBC - Nepean, Ontario
Summit Direct - Hamilton & Niagara Falls, Ontario - upfront pricematch/price beating
TigerDirect.ca - Markham, Ontario
Search Engines
Wishabi - price analysis and cross border shipping info

-- Australia --
Centre Com - good stores, good prices, Melbourne area
Cnet Technology - good stores, good prices, Melbourne area
Computers & Parts Land
CoolPC - cooling and modding parts for PCs and consoles
Dick Smith Electronics general electronics with modding accessories etc.
Infinity Computers
IT Warehouse
MSY Technologies - Warehouse pricing
PC Case Gear
Scorpion Technology

-- United Kingdom / Europe --
Advance Tec - competitive prices, wide range of products
Aquatuning - specialising in watercooling gear
AriaPc - daily special offers can be the lowest price in the UK
BT Shop (UK/France)
Case World - official European Chieftec dealer, carries tower and server cases, spares parts & accessories
Chilled PC
Com-Tra.de (English) / Com-Tra.de (German)
Computers & Components (Central)
Coolercases UK - mostly watercooling
CyberPower PC UK - customisable gaming laptops and desktop gaming full systems
Dorothy Bradbury - specialises in Panaflo fans in all sizes, good prices too!
e-bug (Germany/Europe) - ships all around Europe, great store to deal with
eBuyer - often hard to beat on price, many delivery options including free (but slow lol, unless it's an LCD screen)
Fleetwood Computers
Hardware Versand (Germany) - top store all round (doesn't accept credit cards though)
Hydro Powered - despite the name, air-cooling is the highlight of this place, fans, heatsinks, and other cooling parts
Komplett (Europe) - UK branch closed, but several other European stores
Kustom PCs
LambdaTek Component Shop - I just got some harddrives for cheaper here than anywhere else (24/11/07)
LaptopStuff - awesome Golla and Crumpler laptop bags, laptop skins, and other accessories
Litewave Neon, LED and fibre-optic lighting
Maplin - lots of switches, cables, bits n bobs
NordPC (Germany) - small amount of items, but great prices
NovaTech - PC parts, some AV stuff, toys/gadgets
Over-Clock UK
Overclock.co.uk - a wide range of high-performance parts
Overclockers UK - good prices/range, not the most reliable at getting your order right or on time, RMAs can be a nightmare
PC Memory Upgrade - pretty much all the top of the line memory along with standard ram
PC World: Component Shop - computer hardware as opposed to the laughable shop
Performance-PCs (USA) - accepts PayPal for UK orders, reasonable P&P, ~ 5 day delivery
Planet Gizmo - high end headphones, speakers, music production gear, gadgets - great customer service!
Premier One Vision Computers - orders not listed on store account, no dispatch email, slow/no response to emails, no email regarding delays
Quiet PC - lots of high performance heatsinks, low noise fans, and other silent solutions
RL Supplies
Scan Computers
SpecialTech.co.uk - one of the largest range of brands of Watercooling available in the UK including those hard to find fittings that no one else bothers to list!
Thermochill - buy Thermochill radiators and accessories direct
TheCoolingShop.com - wide range of air-cooling, watercooling, waterchilling, and phase-change; low shipping rates, fast delivery
Water Cooling UK
Bitbox - £1.50 flat rate postage
Canford - cables, connectors, audio equipment
CPC - pretty much identical to the main Farnell site, but with more gadgets and consumer electronics
Cricklewood Electronics - recommended by the solder fume junkie himself, markiemrboo! must be good!
Farnell - probably the widest range of components in the UK, free next day delivery for orders over £20
Hi-Fi Collective - audiophile quality components, cables, kits, etc
Maplin - not always the cheapest, but has over 100 stores in the UK, so handy if you have a local branch
Rapid Electronics
RS Components
VDC Trading - very good for high quality audio cable and connectors
Hardware price search engines
Geizhals-Preisvergleich (Germany/Europe)
Planet Prices

For your safety, please check with Reseller Ratings (or a similar site) to view feedback on each company and see how they rate before you purchase anything. Also, it is extremely helpful to the members of OverclockersClub.com, as well as other people around the world if you would rate the company with Reseller Ratings (or a similar site) after your order is complete. By using Reseller Ratings (or a similar site) you can provide useful information that will aid others when making purchasing decisions. - OverclockersClub.com is in no way affiliated with Reseller Ratings, we just want to help you and our other members to make informed decisions.

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This aircraft hobby store seems to have the cheapest U-Channel Molding I've ever seen. They also offer a lot of shipping options (UPS, FedEx, USPS, in-store pickup, and international).




$4.40 shipped for 6 feet of 3/8" U-Channel Molding. The most popular place to get U-Channel is either McMaster or MNPC Tech, which will cost you at least $5+ more.

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prisjakt.nu (really a search engine, but the only place i look)




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Motherboardpro is now a locksmith website with nothing to do with computers, please delete this from list


3dcool is no longer even a real website.


casecooler also no longer exists


casemod no longer exists


clubit no longer exists


cooltechnica no longer exists


hyperkore no longer exists


moddersmart no longer exists


plycon no longer exists


sharkacorp no longer exists


umaxpc is not a united states supplier the site is completely in japanese


upgradeit no longer exists


vibelight no longer exists


voyeurmods is not a united states supplier site is completely in chinese


zipzoomfly no longer exists

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I was sharing this list with a friend and amazed at how many retailers have closed since I started Mnpctech in 2001. I'm saddened how our economy has dwindled down our market, but it underlines how important it is to push your own product design and development to keep your consumers interested.

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It is sad but i'm usually driving away by start up companies because I want to make sure I get the product so I only use Newegg and FrozenCPU. Tiger Direct has screwed me over a few times so I'll never recommend them to anybody.


edit: what zipzoomfly is gone! they always had good deals for video cards.

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It is sad but i'm usually driving away by start up companies because I want to make sure I get the product so I only use Newegg and FrozenCPU. Tiger Direct has screwed me over a few times so I'll never recommend them to anybody.


edit: what zipzoomfly is gone! they always had good deals for video cards.

They did have good deals but when they denied lowering the price on an 8800GTX I believe (it was still like $400 or something outlandish) well into the 200 series generation, I could see they didn't really care about what customers say. So I guess there's the result :evilgrin:

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