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  1. WhenKittensATK

    DIY RCA Interconnects

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. It's been awhile. I just finished making some RCA cables and thought I share it on here. I was using the free RCA cables you get from AV products. They started shorting out recently. I was tempted to try out Blue Jeans Cables, but they are kinda pricey. I wasn't a fan of Monoprice's bulky cables and AmazonBasics didn't have sizes I wanted. I decided to go the DIY route since it was cheaper and I could make custom sizes. Parts Lists: 30 ft - Mogami W2333 cable - $10.20 @ markertek.com 16x - Rean NYS373 RCA plugs - $26.40 @ markertek.com 50 Foot - 750 Paracord (Royal Blue) - $8.49 @ paracordplanet.com I made 4 pairs of cables: 8 inch, 2x 3 ft, and 6 ft. Total Project Cost (excluding tax and shipping): $45.09 Equivalent Store Brand Cables: $36 for 4x AmazonBasics RCA Audio Stereo - 4 ft Without the optional paracord, the price is very comparable and you can do custom runs. Time Spent: 4 nights sleeving the paracord. 1 day soldering. There was enough leftover cable and paracord for other projects. I would recommend using a paracord that is at least 2mm bigger in diameter to make it an easier process to sleeve the cable. 750 Paracord is 5mm in diameter and the Mogami W2333 was 4mm in diameter. It was a painfully slow process to sleeve them. Click for image gallery
  2. WhenKittensATK

    Twitter Passwords Potentially Compromised

    I want to say yes. Someone logged into my account last month. Not sure for what purpose. Deleted the Twitter account since I never use it.
  3. WhenKittensATK


    I have Origin membership thing, but after playing it during the beta it didn't seem very enjoyable. The horizontal and vertical mouse sensitivities were not 1:1 and way off. This ruined aiming as well as flying. As of right now Apex Legends is the flavor of the month. Its polished and free.
  4. WhenKittensATK

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Thanks. Good luck.
  5. WhenKittensATK

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    I decided to be an agent of China and buy a Huawei Matebook X Pro laptop (i7 model). It's a clone of the Macbook Pro design aesthetic without the premium macOS price tag. I was going to get either an XPS or Thinkpad, but the layout and specs of this laptop was too hard to pass on. Considering all of them when spec'd out cost just as much or more. Screen: 13.9" 3000x2000 LTPS Touchscreen (3:2 aspect ratio) CPU: i7 8550U GPU: Geforce Mx150 2 GB RAM: 16 GB LPDDR3 2133 (soldered on, non-expandable) Storage: 512 GB NVMe PCIe SSD I/O Ports: Power button with built-in fingerprint reader, 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB C, USB C Thunderbolt 3, USB A Battery: 57.4 Wh fast charging Includes: USB C dock with HDMI, VGA, USB C, and USB A Pros: Ultrabook design Screen/Touchscreen/Thin bezels Big trackpad Pressing the power button once: boots the laptop and logs into Windows at the same time! You can disable it for security reasons. Quiet when using it for web browsing and streaming Windows Signature Edition (it only came with Microsoft Store mobile games and Huawei's PC Manager for driver updates) Webcam is hidden in the keyboard with a toggle hinge Cons: Ultrabook fragility (I wouldn't toss this around unless you want a dent in the case body) Trackpad rattles (Not really an issue for me as it's not very audible with background noise or headphones. There is also an easy fix by placing a piece of paper under the trackpad.) Chin webcam angle (I don't use the webcam, so not an issue for me) Some users report heating issues (I only saw 40 C on the surface of the keyboard near the top 2 rows of keys. Not hot enough for discomfort for typing or using on lap) Brad331 did a lot of mods to his, but I'll put them on the backburner for now.
  6. My motherboard died in my main rig. I was in the process of planning my trip to Japan in September so I needed the OneNote files on my hard drive. I plugged my OS drive into an external dock on another computer. I left the computer do a Windows Update. When I came back that computer booted to my OS drive in the external dock. That's pretty amazing, since I'm so used to having to reformat and reinstall Windows on any new machine. Today I swapped out my broken motherboard with another spare. It booted my OS drive as well ^^ I thought I share this in case anyone was curious about moving an OS drive with Windows 10. I do have a retail key and its linked to my Microsoft Account if that means anything.
  7. WhenKittensATK

    Post Scriptum [PC 2018]

    Preorder Weekend Playtest #2 Friday June 8th @ 8PM GMT to Monday June 11th @ 8:00 AM GMT https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/detail/1674657415537992181
  8. WhenKittensATK

    Post Scriptum [PC 2018]

    Developer: Periscope Games Publisher: Offworld Industries (Makers of Squad) Platform: PC Engine: Unreal 4 Release Date: 2018 Genre: FPS Website: http://postscriptumgame.com/ Steam Store - $30 Current Phase: Preorder Weekend Testing Similar Games: Squad, Project Reality, Red Orchestra, and Insurgency.
  9. WhenKittensATK

    Battlefield 5 Teaser Website Discovered

    Same reaction as Battlefield 1. This looks nothing like what I'd expect a WW2 game to be.I'll still get it though since there isn't much to play now.
  10. WhenKittensATK

    Battlefield 5 Teaser Website Discovered

    They released a short teaser video. This was a snapshot from Reddit https://i.redd.it/tzmu7jz779z01.gif
  11. WhenKittensATK

    Battlefield 5 Teaser Website Discovered

    I'm guessing October release? I need something new to play.
  12. WhenKittensATK

    Battlefield 1 Monthly Updates Approaching an End

    The game lost a lot of players. There only ever seems to be one full server on US Eastern. The rest are very low player counts. I wonder what the next game will be.