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  1. I check in every now and then. I generally only post when I built or worked on some small project of mine. EDIT: Oh cool, just hit 8000 posts with this one.
  2. Installed it on my gaming PC and laptop. So far the only thing that doesn't work is the fingerprint reader on the laptop.
  3. More expensive adventures with mechanical keyboards. Drop finally made matt3o /dev/tty custom keycaps available. Added some color to the Klippe T / Instant60 / Holy Panda keyboard. I built a DIY mechanical numpad with a Discipad kit. It doesn't work yet. I haven't had time to troubleshoot it. I think I just need to flash it or swap the crystal with another one provided in the kit. The GMMK Pro finally released. I'm currently using NK Creams, since I already had them available. Keycaps are GPBT Rain Forest. Currently waiting on 4 group buy keycaps to arrive. So these will do. Deskmat is Taiyakitty.
  4. Looks like fun. Hard drive shucking. I need to expand the storage on my server, but don't have the urgency for it yet. My desk has been messy since I started working at home back in March. Finally cleaned it up today.
  5. The freezing I was experiencing stopped maybe a month ago. Kudos to AMD and the devs. I haven't played it since then though. The ground war mode is somewhat similar to Battlefield, but its just not the same. Slowly getting back into World of Tanks. Most of my free time now is going towards planning my second trip to Japan in September/October 2020.
  6. I get the occasional freezing. Reinstalled drivers with DDU, but no luck. Sucks that there are only 2 Ground Wars map currently. A lot of campers due to how loud the footsteps are. Maps don't feel like a racetrack like the older COD games. Felt like I was constantly just running in a circle around the map.
  7. Good luck. I bought it yesterday on GMG. I had to restart Blizzard Launcher for it to show the install button.
  8. You do have the benefit of a BIOS switch. You can flash it over the silent mode one.
  9. The process is fairly straightforward. I followed wccftech's guide. Download 5700XT BIOS from TechPowerUp. I used the stock one and not Anniversary Model. Download ATIFlash. Launch ATIFlash and backup your video card's BIOS. Load up the 5700 XT BiOS and hit Program. It'll take 2-3 minutes and will freeze / not responding. Reboot Windows and you should now have a 5700 flashed to 5700 XT. I'm getting 1900 MHz (13% increase from 1680 MHz 5700 Stock), 80C on GPU, and 95C on Junction Temp. Memory clock seems to be stuck at 875 MHz, seems to be a common issue that hasn't been fixed yet. I was stuck on that on the stock BIOS too. I must say I was very wary about getting a 5700 over the 5700 XT. Especially the reference card. Fan curve is set to 40-42%. I'll boost it some to see how much louder it gets. Update: Currently have it undervolted for 1900 MHz @ 1000mV. Peak Junction is 86 C in BFV and The Outer World.
  10. Stress Test with Stock Settings Prime95 - Small FFTs MSI Kombustor 16 minute duration Some things I noticed: HWiNFO64 and iCue do not like each other. Launching both will remove fan control options in Corsair Link and iCue. This seems to be a known issue with no fix in sight since both programs are trying to take over access to the sensors. The Asus Crosshair VIII Hero will show ~12 sensors, but only 2 are actually active. The others are probably for motherboard pin-outs. Graphic cards seem to do just fine in NZXT HXXX cases as long as there is some air blowing. It looks like I have some headroom with the 5700 since I left it on the stock fan curve. I haven't tried doing the powertable mod or flashing the BIOS on it yet.
  11. Some of the choices I see made between models confuse me too.
  12. Thankfully the new RAM works just fine with DOCP. I spent a few hours cleaning up the desk and re-doing all the wiring below. It's finally done. Photo Gallery
  13. From Slickdeals. This is from Newegg's official eBay store. I don't think you get any game bundle codes through the eBay storefronts though. I didn't get one when I bought from them earlier this month. They didn't charge me tax, but that may be different for you. Ebay also has a promo going on for 8% back in eBay Bucks, it may be user targeted. You should have gotten either an email or you can see it on the homepage banner.
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