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    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    After doing this i got my 3612qm score down to 7.194 sec
  2. medbor

    SSD in laptop

    Glad i could help!
  3. medbor

    SSD in laptop

    I ripped put my optical drive in my new laptop and put an ssd in instead, i'm gonna put some pictures up in a while. So currently i have 120GB Intel 330 + 500GB WD in my laptop and its awesome. The main problem is that the standard optical SATA power plug is different from normal sata, so i made my own adapter. on dealXtreme you can buy a tray mounted adapter for 12$ including shipping if you prefer a ready made approach. My link
  4. medbor

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    Thats my girlfriends laptop My new has the 3612
  5. medbor

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    7.945 on i7 3612QM @ 2.1GHz better on retry
  6. medbor

    Replace ODD with SSD in a HP notebook?

    Then i must try it! Thanks
  7. I'm thinking of getting a HP G6-2015so, but i want the benefit of SSD+HDD. The port of the ODD is slimline sata, which basically is a normal sata data port (speed?) with a smaller power connector (only 5V) What i reconned from reading around is that ssds only use 5V, so a passive adapter should do just fine, has anyone tested this? the rest of the hole can get filled up with basically anything o thats not a concern rigth now. So what do you guys think? possible?
  8. Are they going to the same place?
  9. My brother had a 8400 at 4.82 bench stable, but with a tower cooler of course... He had some records back in the days So it is definitely possible. His voltages where really high though
  10. CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz CPU Cooler: Hyper 212+ Mobo: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 RAM: 2x 2GB Kingston ValueRam 800MHz GPU's: HD4830 512MB OC, Geforce 7500LE Sound Card: Integrated PSU: AXP 500W SSD: OCZ Vertex2 60GB HDDs: Total 6.5TB (counting externals) Case: Steelseies T40 Mouse: Logitech MX518 Keyboard: Random Crap Speakers: Yamaha reciever (pre HDMI) w/ random speakers Display: 3 total, 19" HP w19b, 22" Samsung 226BW, 40" SwedX TV Country: Sweden
  11. windows 7 built in backup tools do this just fine. just make a system image from the control panel and then restore that to the new drive
  12. medbor

    The Walking Dead: The Game

  13. no mention about the rubber dome switches? all F-keys, escape, and the page up/down area are all rubber dome, so this is not really a mechanical keyboard in my eyes. Wow... keys wearing out after a week? damn! i usually trust corsairs quality, but now i must start doubting them...
  14. I have no problem recommending 3 of these or a set of these. 1600MHz CL9 is the way to go, faster ram is just more expensive (not noticeably faster)
  15. sure its funny if you get it but this thread beeing on the first page can really screw with newbies, and seriously damage this forums reputation is someone falls for it... Really funny though!
  16. you will probaly have problems running extreme overclocks with 6 sticks, (or get temperature problems on the memorycontroller/chipset), but other than that there are no issues that i know of. i would buy 3 peices of 4GB ram of roughly the same specs as the ones you own (faster ram will get downclocked to the slower speeds) to get 18GB total. if it doesn't work with you oc you can still ditch the old ram and get 12GB (which is still plenty) for roughly no money spent (ram is basically free nowadays) GO FOR IT!
  17. medbor

    Mother******* Bootleg Fireworks

    and i thought was funny
  18. medbor

    Awesome parenting

    Finally some one mentioned the brain thing! It was so much beeing written at one moment so it was plainly forgotten somewhere along the discussion. All children are not created equal, and thus needs different forms of dicipline. Even twins will have different personalities and one wil usually become the 'leader' of them, and will probably need stricter dicipline. I think this discussion really came to a conlusion when it became obvious that most opinions are inherited from when each person was raised and we all like to believe that we had a perfect childhood. If people would just question the ideals from their youth an really question themselves if those really are the ones to stand by when faced with other ways to argue, then a lot of stuff would really go away. Mostly it is all about beeing open about other peoples opinions and argue for what you believe, not what you where raised to believe. I can stand people that have a hard time expressing where they stand much more than i can stand people that ony express the views of their parents, or stay out the discussion entirely. Most of my friends have totaly different views of really important stuff like religion and homosexuality, but i can listen to them and they can stand by their opinions enough so that we can agree to disagree (and from that we both learn a lot) instead of just staying away from the topic entirely. The father had previousy reprimaned the daughter and told her that next time would be worse, now she will believe him in the sence that it is not just empty words. ===================================---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The brain actually relates to the homosexuallity discussion earlier, as it has a lot to do with hormones while within their mother woom, and the brains deveopement. ===================================---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this thread had a honest and civil discussion of a lot of problems and very little bashing of opinions. Yes it was off topic, but it was a natural progression to get there, much like the bulldozer/llano thread which i've been following evolved into piledriver/trinity information. I just have to dissaprove with closing threads which are community driven, it was nice to see that people was on different sides regarding parenting had similar states about other things. Simply changing the title to "parenting and social matters discussion" would solve it in my opinion Some comments about the great discussion before:
  19. medbor

    Awesome parenting

    if the dad had talked to her instead not oneof us would have seen the clip, and this discussion would never had happened. Angel have you even read his written response on facebook regarding why he did it and what happened next? (posted in this very thread under a spoiler alert)) I have definitey given my parents hell (still do that to my mom from time to time) I woud see it as; She got her laptop, as long as she did her chores correctly, otherwise that privilige would go away (which it spectacularly did) so in essence she got paid for her work
  20. medbor

    Awesome parenting

    Finally read through the whole thing and all i can say is; it was a nice and interesting discussion! I actually learned a lot regarding parenting and different views on the matter. Sure it got heated form time to time, but it was way more civil than all the fanboyism/trolls from the other forums i read. There is a big difference between listening to what a person is trying to say and listening to the words coming out of their mouth. Tjj actually has some great points, but it is very hard to understand them. I'm not saying that you should have to read 300 posts in a thread before he finally tones down and realizes that he doesn't get across with his attitute, but when he actually explains his arguments and reasons behind them some of the other posters in this thread seem ignorant instead. Spanking is definitely a step closer to abuse than most other forms of dicipline. Not saying it is even close to abuse if done correctly, but definitely easier to get out of hand then if you are not inducing physical pain of any sort. I a child keeps missbehaving more and more what are you going to do, spank them twice per hour? Where is the border for abuse? Not every one see the line between spanking and hitting. @wevs: prayer at the start of the game is not really a great thing, since not all players are christian. If a player would stop a game and pull out a rug because it is time for the fifth muslim prayer of the day would you be ok with that? i would say such a thing really is conservative and ignorant to require.
  21. medbor

    XtremeDS CM 690 II AMD build

    did you mean +0.06V? using close to 2V could be the problem otherwise. Most motherboards i've used can activate the cores individually, so if you try them one at a time you might unlock one of them at least
  22. medbor

    Awesome parenting

    sorry guys but its just past 4am where i sit, and i'm going to bed. spanking or any for of physical voilence from a 15+ year old to any person is illegal is sweden and i think thats reasonable, but some situations might be borderline ok i think. i remember when my dad wrestled me to the ground for banging the doors, i ran away to my mom on the other side of town and didn't talk to him for a week, but when i did and got an explanation we got past it and grew into a stronger relationship so i don't really know where i stand. Tj you are very strong minded, and probably have good ideas, but you express yourself in a way that just makes everyone want to pick on you. if the guy in the video had not been a "hillbilly" to use your expression, and had no other information been available except for the video, then it would seem that he had an extreme reaction to a hard to deal with tennager. if you claims about child protective services are indeed true i don't think anyone would defend the man in the video, but if we are disregarding that info we are just seeing a father that punishes a child, by means of limiting acess to something they like, is that wrong? The gun was probably just used as a prop to get noticed i would assume, not to cross the line and start shooting other stuff too (i don't think shooting his daugthers stuff is a habit). you are taking things too far with your extremes and that will not make people listen rather drive them away form the main discussion. I'm not saying that you are uneducated, but you should know that not all people listen well to the way that you talk, they rather attack you for it. You do actually have some points worth mentioning but i have to read them between the lines and compose your thought from dousins of posts, instead of reading them clearly in an argumentative form. i have just finished about 50% of the thread, so about 20% when i wake up but i really have to sleep now. Great discussion so far and i hope it continues for several pages more!
  23. you will definitely see gigantic leaps in performance if you switch to that gpu. i myself usually run my core 2 (albeit quadcore) on sub 2ghz speeds and hardly ever notice any difference in games, except for GTA IV (very cpu dependent). sure for bf3 i would suggest bumping you frequency as much as possible within reason. you might be able to reach 3ghz on you system as it stands you will probably see a 20% fps loss on a 6850 if you look at the average reveiw scores, but if you would go with a higher end card it would be even more severe. but if you reach for 3ghz that loss could be as little as 5-10% instead.* i would definitely do it, since you could give your system life for another 1-2 years on low/med graphics** * these numbers will of course vary from game to game, but just to give you a picture of reality of upgrading older systems. ** guessing of cource, but most games will have minimum requirements for a 2.5GHZ dualcore until the next generation consoles finally come out.