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  1. Nice! Looks a lot like a build my buddy's making. He's waiting to see if the 3K series from Nvidia is worth getting or will lower the price of the 2Ks. I tried to convince him the 5700 flashed to the XT was a killer value but he's all about trying ray tracing haha. He has everything but the GPU now
  2. Darn, sad to hear that. What are you building? That's a pretty good idea, might just have to do that!
  3. Yeah, I'm have to address it one of these days. Got a couple of easier things to get done first. I'll have to watch some videos on it, and probably borrow a small ladder/step stool from someone.
  4. I'm sorry to hear all that, you need some much deserved R&R! Lol! No I haven't but that's pretty neat. I like the little starwars speeder bikes that people made put of drones too. Nice! Keep up the great work! I need to figure out a way to better seal our attic entry door so it isn't gaping open all the time. May invest in a less death defying folding ladder too haha.
  5. Probably all the furloughed people finally having the time to tackle some of their home projects. I know I finally had some motivation to fix some things around the house since I was off from work for two months.
  6. Oh nice, what kind of car/truck? I love the videos of the large scale actual jet model airplanes to the point where it looks like a real commercial airliner or full blown fighter plane flying over head. Honorable mention to the flying lawn mower haha
  7. Oh neat! Yeah I've always been interested from a far but knew it could become a rabbit hole hobby. I love watching cool large scale model airplane videos or RC drift videos. So awesome though, all electric or some are gas? For me it'd be cheaper than a Tesla (I really want our next car to be an all electric as I currently have a plug in hybrid for now) Welcome to the boat haha, yeah I wish to also do that with my limited knowledge on not keeping up with the latest and greatest.
  8. Me too! My late teens inner self is jumping at joy for the XJ with the sway bars removed. My dad and I were lightly into RC cars as a kid, we had the Fighter Buggy and Super Hornet from Tamiya, but that's as far as we went. He did move up to RC planes though but I don't think he's been flying in a while. Probably all our old car batteries are dead because they were shitty NiCd batteries lol.
  9. Thanks buddy! I was wondering when I was going to hear from ya, how've you been man? Aww, can relate. We just bought our first house together last August after just marrying last June so it's been a lot of new changes. In addition, she's made me almost exclusively a console peasant these days so my poor PC sits upstairs all hooked up, but very infrequently used...so I feel your pain. My one buddy is building a PC though so maybe that'll help me get back into it. I mostly just use my laptop hooked up to my TV anymore (couch>>>>computer chair) Maybe I'll just end up bringing my rig down and hooking it up to the TV, that may be the best of both words. Lol Thank you sir! Glad you see you all!
  10. Thanks and you tell him! haha
  11. Yeah, I've always loved how genuine this place's reviews and forums always were. It's crazy to think I haven't even really been on in like 4 years here and then a while before that.
  12. It's a shame, I barely am even on my main PC anymore. The wife has made me largely a console gamer these days unfortunately :-/. I did recently help a friend shop for a new PC and it's crazy how much had changed and AMD being top dog in the desktop PC market. Would have never believed it back in my 2600K days.
  13. I miss you guys! What's new with you fine folks?!
  14. but then why buy an i7 when they'd just revert it to an i5
  15. I want to but I refuse to watch trailers for this lol. Just let me know if it's good (I know it's good )
  16. My Tarantula finally died on me a couple months back and luckily I had the Sentey Phoenix I bought from BluePanda on here as a backup and it's actually not bad for a budget membrane board (which admittedly the Tarantula was membrane as well and I loved that) but I think my next board will be a mechanical board with brown switches. From my research, they seem to have the most sensible but still noticeable feedback. If you don't know what switch style you like most, I know they sell little sample trays with each corresponding switch so you can demo them. I may pick one up one day, but this little budget board has more than satisfied me!
  17. I remember disabling HT on my old 920 for a slightly higher overclock and just felt dirty inside lol
  18. Thanks! Lol yeah, the little APU is still doing more than adequate. Thanks for an added voice of reason! You too! You honor me! Thanks A half thank you Hey there! I'm sorry about all the bad luck and your losses, but you still have your family here until things pick up! I'm gonna try and fit some more OCC into my life as best I can. I feel like my OT factory of a new job may get a little more manageable since we have new hires in my department that should help lessen the responsibilities placed upon me and my friends there.
  19. Welcome to OCC! That E-machines proprietary motherboard is most certainly limiting you from al ot of advanced controls and tweaks for your hardware. If you're truly looking to unlock that chip then you'll probably want to find a cheap aftermarket socket am3+ board that will more than likely enable you to do what you're seeking IF that athlon is indeed stable when the two other cores/extra cache are unlocked....Unless there's an unofficial bios you could flash that'd enable these features and others, and this isn't a computer you care about then for the sake of science DO IT!
  20. Thanks for helping me rethink the silliness that would be "upgrading", the 1060 is a little better for most games but I haven't honestly had any slowdowns with this card, even at 2560x1600 for what I've played thus far... Random note, I just bought DmC by mistake for the second time, which I have no idea how that happened. I feel like a moron
  21. Who indeed?! Thanks! Yeah I was just hoping to upgrade before the 970 lost too much value as more and more people learn how gimped it is. It's still a great card and I am not playing anything yet to give it trouble but the 1060s look amazing and naturally the 1070s do as well. I probably will just stick with my card until something actually pushes it TBH.
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