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  1. I'll have to check but it seems like the VF Curve has been adjusted to 2Ghz @ 1.093v instead of 2.1Ghz. Just means instead of 45mhz OC offset, now it will be 145 instead.
  2. No kidding about the 10900K. Mine clocked at 5.1 (All-Core 1.275v) goes to 332 Watts with Prime95. 250 is standard for gaming. However if you leave everything on stock and follow Intel guidelines of 55 seconds Turbo 1 core. It will be about 180 watts. If you playing at 4K, AMD and Intel preform the same. You can see all the results in the OCC review. AMD does greatly benfit from memory running 3800 MT/s to match the Infinity Fabric of 1900Mhz. Intel, not so much. Get a 4000 CL15 kit and your set.
  3. Personally I would grab either a AMD 3900X or Intel i9-10850K. Both systems will cost about the same. If you are playing games at 4K, CPU doesnt matter. 1080 or 2K, Intel is slightly better (10fps more). Doing workstation stuff the 3900X may edge out Intel depending on the workload.
  4. The answer really depends on what you planning to do with the system. AMD will annouced the 4th Gen Ryzen in October followed by the "Big Navi" aka 6800XT or whatever the final name is. Intel will release a refresh in 2021, though it seems to be rumored 8 core instead of 10.
  5. "Fixed" by lowering the clock speed haha. Actually I don't know what changed to make it stable.
  6. I always had good luck with Triplite. Though it will be hard to find a KVM that supports HDMI or DP that is of quality. If you are just looking to get a picture on a screen (server stuff), brands don't matter much. If you want good image fetidity, it will be a problem.
  7. Okay so it looks like a few cards are safe from this issue. Some brands will have the MLCC section behind the GPU uncovered so you can take a peak. Zotac covers it completely. Safe EVGA FTW3 (Retail Only - Review Samples have problems) MSI Gaming X Trio ASUS TUF ASUS STRIX NVIDIA Founders Issues: MSI Venus Zotac - Everything? Gigabyte - Everything? EVGA Black Edition - Unconfirmed
  8. Nice setup! Glad it install. Ubuntu with all the plugins is really nice. I just personally don't have much use for it since all the programs I use are windows only.
  9. I didn't have any issues with the Gaming X Trio. Though two things to consider. One; At stock it rarely went above 2Ghz which is where "supposedly" the problem is with steady voltage. Two; Even overclocked which did swing to 2100Mhz at times did not crash (once the OC was dialed in). Now I only have about 40 hours of use between all the benchmarks I ran, but I believe the sample I got, which is the same as retail did not have this crash problem with the beta drivers or launch drivers. I also have a Corsair HX 1200 Watt power supply and I have a hunch that people with crashing don't have powers supplies capable of 350 watts sustained with dropping below 11.8v. Just a guess, but I bet it will pan out that steady 12v is necessary unless you have extra MLCC capacitors. Edit: I not defending MSI for using less MLCC capacitors in the design, but I also didn't experience any of these desktop crashes.
  10. The RTX 3090 was exactly as I suspected. A new Titan Ampere without the title. Meaning extremely overpriced for what you get it return. Not only is classic SLI unsupported but only like 3 games support the internal engine method. Also without DLSS, 8K gaming is still questionable. My guess was that 2000 extra cuda cores would be limit by the board power limit and frankly, games in general. 15% increase over the 3080 is what I expected. $800 more is asking a bit much. I believe this is why SLI was removed from the 3080. Anyone could spend less and get more from supported games over a single card. Plus it would be $100 cheaper.
  11. With @Braegnok help I have been able to reach 4800 CL19 with this 4000 MAX kit. Finishing up validation right now, but it seems to pass with flying colors. Not bad for $125. Next stop is 5000. This is where it gets interesting Edit: Well I didn't realize the SA and IO was like 1.6v. I managed to boot 5000 also but only at 1.6v DRAM. Still the memory control voltage is very high for 24/7 use. I don't want to kill the CPU. So I dropped the SA and IO to 1.25v and now seeing how high I can go before it fails to post.
  12. Same lol ir_cow I used a old passkey, from a few months ago. They never expire and can be used with any username. Not sure if this is a error but it has worked for a number of years now. I'm not sure why passkeys is even a thing since this "bug" exist. As for Projects, I thought foldingextreme listed them. I guess not. Also I guess the log clears out when you close the app now. I have no clue what WU was doing before. Its currently working on Project 16918 FahCore 0x22.
  13. hmm I'll try. It seems every time I make a post on folding form it needs to be "authorized". Had this same problem for years. Never have been able to post anything for each card launch. I'll see if it posts. Otherwise i'll just reply here.
  14. Points Per Day. Just a way to show off
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