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  1. What happens when you enable the XMP profile for the memory? If they are 3200 sticks, it should be in the XMP profile.
  2. Yeah the only thing we have to go on is the cpu and the amount of memory the op wants. Realistically those, timings has less of a impact in games compared to total bandwidth. So go with whatever looks the best or is within a budget. You can only go wrong buy getting memory that is too fast and the cpu memory controller cant handle it.
  3. I love those viper steals, but if 4400 is too high for the CPU memory controller or motherboard, you will have to manually set the timings and frequency to something lower. I know that kit has two XMP profiles, 4266 / 4400, but still might be outside what that CPU can handle. so its no good for none-overclockers or people won't aren't willing to tinker in the BIOS. I would have say 4000-4200 is the upper limit before having to mess with voltages and Intel CPU stuff like uncore / ringbus to get it to boot. I would advised against the worst 3600 kit possible. It has CL19-20-20-40, yuck. However it will not make a major difference in games. Memory frequency matters more than timings once you crank up the games resolution and graphical settings.
  4. The MB QVL list has memory up to DDR4 4000 using Samsung memory. But unlike AMD, Intel CPUs don't really have issues with different memory vendors, so get whatever you think looks the nicest and is a fair price. If you are not into tweaking or overclocking, I think DDR4 3600 is a good place to look. Lots of kits with CL16 timings and under $170. If you want barebones (not RGB), GSKill 3200 CL14 kit is a good choice. I've been using it for a few years now. Overclocks to DDR4 4000 if you play around with it.
  5. They exist, most dvd / bluray players read mp3 and cds. But if you want to get fancy Marantz has digital players. Costs about $600 new.
  6. Probably the quickest way is to watch reputable YouTubers, read a ton of reviews from all different websites and ask question on forums for things you don't fully understand. I am still learning things daily, so it is a never ending cycle. Also welcome to OCC!
  7. Why isn't this person banned yet?!?
  8. Computers do that sometimes. Like I said unless you are doing some NASA level stuff, you shouldn't worry about a random crash in a game. Heck Call of Duty crashes on me weekly across multiple computers and I know my systems are stable. Just goes to show, software isn't perfect.
  9. I don't know. But i wouldn't worry unless it becomes a consistent problem.
  10. First question is, why are you playing a game for 24hr straight? Its not good for your health. My best guess since it is only that game and only after 20+ hours, is the game has a slow memory leak or something.
  11. mmmHMMmm. If I had cash to spare, I would grab this in a heartbeat for benchmarks. All the past reviews points to this being within similar performance as a VEGA56 or GTX 1070.
  12. The H115i isn't a bad choice and it should be forwards compatible.
  13. I post less of the forums these days. But I joined sometime in 2003.
  14. @markdewet Fight Game is just trying to help. Something the simplest things are over looked. Anyways it seem your problem has been around since 2007. All the forums I see just suggest deleting the configuration folder and starting fresh. Most solutions have been related to user error or windows being dumb with the audio, like Creative software overwriting the windows settings. Have you tried to manually enter the value into the config file and save it?
  15. It says the config file is read-only. That might be why it will not stay changed. Not sure why that is though.
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