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  1. Someday I'll find time to play the DLC, thanks for info. DLCs rarely get any post-launch information like if it is good, meh or flat out bad.
  2. I guess the follow up answer to what is best would be any 3600 memory kit that is CL14. Not many choices. I personally like the G.Skill TridentZ Neo kit I reviewed. Not only is it good at default XMP, it can be tweaked to really nice timmings of 3800 CL14. That way you can maximize the Infinity Fabric and get the "most of your CPU. https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/gskill_3600_tridentz_neo_16gb/ However I wrote this in my Ryzen Memory article. That once you are GPU bound, many frequency plays a minor roll. Even more so if the game isnt AI heavy. So something like COD might see no frame rate difference. GTA5, 10+ FPS. Since you are a heavy gamers and play a lot of different content, having higher Frequency memory with tighter timings can have a impact on the frame rate. https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/ryzen_memory_scaling/ If you are planning on buying the 4th gen Ryzen that is about to come out, i think DDR4 4000 is the new 3600. No solid confirmation yet.
  3. You can ignore the QVL list. It only matters if ... A) when a low end motherboard pushing high frequency memory. Because not all motherboards are created equally. B) Using all 4 DIMM slots at higher frequency. C) Sometimes really low timings without proper voltage will cause problems. Not all MB AUTO settings are good. This is when the QVL helps with lower end MBs. If your into overclocking memory, the motherboard is important! I would say the Ryzen CPU in its current 3nd gen form has matured to the point that really any memory kit 3600 and will be plug'n play. Just make sure to use the newest BIOS. I don't think any of the memory I reviewed is on ASUS MB QVL (and many more). Now G.Skill does have a handy QVL on its own website. Buy whatever 3600 memory you like thats within your price range.
  4. It looks like Kaby Lake memory tops out at 4133. VCCIO for 3600 should be around 1.15-1.30v and the SA 1.2-1.35v. No exact number since each CPU is different but its within that range.
  5. Alright so let me get this straight. Your system is a i7-7700K with a ASUS Z170. You have 4x 4GB 2400 and now swapped it out for 2x 16GB but now getting BSOD in windows and memtest is showing errors? Its been a while since I had a 7700K, but I think 3600 should work. I don't remember what the limit is for that CPU, but dual rank DIMMs take some extra care. You most likely will need to bump up the SA voltage. As for Ryzen 3rd gen (3000 series) sometimes it needs a voltage bump on the SOC, though Ive had fairly good luck with the motherboard handling it all on Auto.
  6. The problem with B450 and X470 MBs is the BIOS are so small to support the new CPUs, older ones become unsupported and the BIOS loses its GUI. Reminds me of early 2000s BIOS. Not a huge deal, but it makes things a bit difficult if you want to switch CPUs back to a older one for some reason.
  7. Looks like MSI says they will support Zen 3 on the B450 https://www.techpowerup.com/273428/msis-entire-lineup-of-amd-400-series-chipset-motherbord-will-support-zen-3
  8. More or less if the game has heavy AI it will suffer with a low end cpu. So games like GTA5 will be highly impacted. A game like COD will not see a drop. Also memory frequency can be factor if you playing AI heavy games.
  9. Im pretty sure you have to remove the heatspeader. Its how dimms are normally watercooled. I think for a time Corsair dommiator had those hex screws and you could just plop the block on top without taking it apart.. The ICs are glued to the heatspeader, but it comes apart with a hairdryer. Take them part and put these on. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ram-monarch-module-nickel-2pcs @Mopeygoth I just looked at the dimms compared to the G.Skill Ripjaw 5 in the video (which I also have). The PCB is the same height. You should good to go. I highly suggest using a hairdryer to remove the heatspeaders instead of pulling it apart like in the video. Unlike the Ripjaws, these WILL not come part without extreme force or applied heat. Footage from the review video I never finished.
  10. Hard to say. I think it more or less depends on the games you play and at what resolution. The RTX 3070 is projected to match the RTX 2080 Ti. So either you can wait two weeks and check out the reviews or guess based on how the 2080 Ti preforms right now. Generic answer, i'm going to say if your playing at 1080, yes. 4K, no.
  11. Yeah DLSS and Raytracing is a joke on the 2060 / Super.
  12. @red454 Has a lot of cameras from reviews. Maybe he can help.
  13. Yes I have a few suggestions 1: I would replace the MB with a B550 or X570. The B450 is iffy on official support for the 4th Gen Ryzen coming out in a few weeks. It will be up to the board partners to support those CPUs which is already a issue with the 3rd Gen. Since you want to upgrade in the future, the 4th gen is the last for the AM4 socket. After that will be a new socket for DDR5 memory planned for late 2021 / early 2022. 2: I would get a 850 or 1000 Watt PSU if you plan on getting the Radeon 6800XT or RTX 3070 / 3080 at some point. Your looking at 300 watts from the card alone. Its always good to have extra if you ever need it. Total pain to swap power supplies. I just did it myself. Rule of thumb is you want to be at 50% total power of the PSU. That is where the efficiently is the highest. Though it doesn't matter a whole lot with Platinum or Titanium PSUs as its above 88% for everything. 3: AOC monitors are well, okay. Don't expect great things in picture quality. 4: To maximize the CPUs you want to have the Infinity Fabric frequency to match the memory. So the top end for the 3nd gen Ryzen is 3800 memory. If your not into memory overclocking / tuning I would suggest getting memory at CL14. I wrote a article on this. Memory speed doesn't matter much if you are GPU bound. But since you are playing at 1920x1080, memory will still play a role in frame rate. It really depends on the games you play. Anything that is AI heavy and uses a the CPU a lot will benefit the most. Like a good 10 FPS. Others like COD saw no difference.
  14. I'm super excited for Cyberpunk. I don't care much about watchdogs, the first one was meh, didn't play the second. To bad SLI is dead. I feel that game with all the settings cranked up will barely hold 60FPS.
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