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  1. ir_cow


    Ahh the old days of rivatuner. Easy way to things now is to download MSI Afterburner. Easy to use GUI for overclocking.
  2. It really depends on the power supply and the overclock you are applying. I would say that 99% of PSUs these days are a single 12v rail so it doesnt matter what cable you use, just dont exceed it rated limit per cable. I forget what 23 AWG wire limit is on the 8pin. But it is at least 300 watts. I dont think you can pull that much juice unless the card has a modded bios and you are on LN2. Otherwise it will just melt the card with voltage hehe. So with your particular setup, it doesnt matter. Whatever looks cleaner.
  3. ir_cow

    got nvme ssd don't know if good performance

    Seems like its not a NVME drive but rather a SATA drive in a M.2 Slot.
  4. ir_cow

    New Forum ??

    I didn't mean it in a negative way.
  5. ir_cow

    New Forum ??

    I like how the oldies are coming out of the woods to comment lol. I think this is a posstive move on OCC part.
  6. ir_cow

    New Forum ??

    It looks way better on a phone now :)