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  1. ir_cow

    Mozilla Browser

    Alright I got it back to the way it looked before. I just reset to defaults, right-clicked near the toolbar and did Customize Toolbar. Took a big of fiddling, but it is pretty close to how it looked before. It still looks a bit like Chrome, but at least it isn't a Internet Explorer looking clone now.
  2. ir_cow

    Mozilla Browser

    The other option is to install the old Firefox, but than I lose security....hmm what to do.
  3. Its hard to get a monitor below $100 new. Just make sure it has VESA mounting as a lot of the basic monitors cannot be removed from the stands / no VEGA mounting holes. I don't know why, but I have come across this a lot.
  4. ir_cow

    Mozilla Browser

    Yeah I'm pissed at Firefox, my bookmarks all moved around. Maybe someone will make a old GUI.
  5. @kojack How are you liking Resolve?
  6. Looking up your memory specs it says 1600Mhz, so it is running correctly if the BIOS reports it as such. If you are getting errors in memory86 it can be a number of things. Test 5/6 is usually CPU Memory Controller issue. lack of voltage or the frequency is too high. The rest of the tests generally point to memory stability issues. First I would re-enable XMP profile and run memtest86 again. If errors still pop up. remove one stick and try each one individually. It is possible one DIMM is just bad.
  7. Update: Deleted spam and locked thread. This is old and outdated.
  8. Congrats on wining, though I'm not really sure why you switched to a AMD 6700 XT if you already have a RTX 3070. Anyways from your post it seems like you already have a Ryzen 3700X. If you are building another PC, the AMD 5600X or 5800X is a nice choice for gaming. I switched my test system from a 3800X to a 5800X and saw a 30% increase in FPS. Of course this is game dependent. Some barely saw any changes, but the Ryzen 5000 series is where it is at in terms of cost-to-performance. So I would grab a B550 Motherboard, a 5600X and some DDR4 3600 CL16 memory for that 6700 XT. You could get more out of it by switching to a 5800X and 3600 CL14 memory, but now your adding cost. Mind you this is a quick list, I'm sure you can find better deals. Newegg Ryzen 5600X MSI MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI G.SKILL Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600 CL16 16GB F4-3600C14D-16GTZNB
  9. Well Ethrium coin is going to Proof of Stake this fall so that's the end of GPU mining for that. Still tons of alt coins around, but not nearly as popular. Even with the demand drop, I think it wont be until this time next year we will see prices "return" to nornal. Now AMD and NVIDIA see consumers accept paying higher prices I think the next round will be 25% higher MSRP. Just my thoughts based on the current market and the fact that TSMC is booked for the next 5 years.
  10. This is copy-pasted from a different site. My guess this one is spam bot..... https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/zen-3-5600x-overclocking.282483/
  11. Yeah I think the paid version includes HDR grading. Not sure what else it does.
  12. I'll stop you here. Do not flash laptop video cards. Just because you can doesn't mean it is a good idea. Laptop GPUs have a lower TDP for a reason. Edit: I guess I should explain more. Lots of people have read my 20 Series flash guide and applied it incorrectly to a laptop GPU. While I have been told it will work, the reason you do not want to is because of how a laptop is designed around a certain TDP. So first off your thermals will be out of control and second the VRM on those laptop GPUz are half of what a desktop card is, so you are surpassing what those MOSFETs can do. As for editing the vBIOS. Well Maxwell was the last one you could do it on. Everything since has been encrypted by NVIDIA so you cannot edit the values. Only solution is to flash another cards vBIOS (Same GPU) on to yours that has a higher TDP., thus allowing more room for a higher overclock until you reach the voltage limit. The maximum allowed voltage is the same for all the RTX 2070s (1.096v). So once again I have been told my flash guide applies to laptop GPUs, I have personally never tried it or can verify what vBIOS was used on what laptop cards. I suggest not to try unless you are done with that laptop and don't want to sell it. I think it will be a giant doorstop afterwards.
  13. Regardless if its a X or not, you are going to run into a hard wall around 4.4Ghz - All core. Top 1% can do this and it requires 1.4v. 4.3Ghz is around 1.3-1.35v. I couldn't find the actual VRM part number but it is a 4+2 design. Since its a lower end MB I would say 50 Amp stages. @1.35v It can handle upwards of 275 Watts. However that 100% load on the VRM. You would need some serious cooling on those MOSFETs. Realistically 75% is about the highest you want to go for normal use Which is closer to 200 watts output for the CPU. So in short, a nice motherboard with a beefier VRM setup would help, but you will still be limited to 4.3-4.4Ghz - All Core regardless of how much voltage you pump into it. Add in the fact you will need a good cooling setup, it is just not worth it
  14. Well Gen 2 of Ryzen has limit around 3200-3400 depending on the CPU. Luck of the draw. If you really tweak the voltages 3600 is possible, though not worth the effort and validation. But first before doing anything else I would update the BIOS to the newest. AMD has done major improvements to Ryzen AM4 platform since it was first released. I've had memory go from not bootable at all, to being top performers just from a BIOS update. If that doesn't work have 2 solutions for you. 1) Enable the XMP and than manually set the frequency to DDR4 3000 or 2) Raise the SoC voltage to 1.125v-1.150v and enable XMP.
  15. @Fight Game For the most part yeah, components these days come with a "Turbo" or "Boost" and saves a lot of headaches. Still though you can squeeze a good amount of extra performance from the CPU since those Turbo clocks are for only 1 core at a time. For graphics cards, it has been like 2-3% gain. The biggest improvement is actually getting a card with good cooling as it will auto boost the clocks fairly close to the limit and you don't have to lift a finger. For memory. Well there is a reason why XMP profiles exist. Technically anything above the rated frequency the CPU official supports is a overclocking the memory controller. So Ryzen 5000 series is DDR3 3200. Above this its a overclock on the memory controller, which is why not all memory is plug n' play and why lot of people fail to even boot with higher speed memory.
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