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  1. Hmm maybe it's a case of not me giving the game enough time. Lots of small details like the type of armor or what to equip only comes from experience. Which takes game-play to understand. Lots of games that I really like arent very easy to get accustom to. Dark Souls is a perfect example. Extremely hard to the novice. Not very enjoyable until you figure out how the game works. Then that first tutorial is a breeze. In fact half that game is just memorizing movements. Still a very deep and fun game if you just get past the first few hours.
  2. To be honest the whole 1 billion loadout options put me off from playing. It takes 15 minutes to setup a loadout and half the stuff I apply, I have no clue what it does. Just that my stats go up. I really just want a mech game where I can blow stuff up without having to worry about how thick my rear armor is and how it will slow me down and use up my energy reserves. Clearly this game is for extremely patient people who want a really deep game. It's just not for me.
  3. hey @Braegnok are these the Micron-E sticks? I found a few Reddit posts that linked this kit. Seems awfully low price for memory that can scale to 5000 Mhz... https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-Ballistix-Desktop-Gaming-BL2K16G32C16U4R/dp/B083TRRT16?th=1
  4. ir_cow


    First lets start with your system specs. It helps to know what you have so people can help you with overclocking settings.
  5. ir_cow

    Graphics Card Failure?

    Have you tried to reinstall the drivers after using DDU to clean it up?
  6. ir_cow

    Graphics Card Failure?

    Yep, sounds like a power supply or video card issue. But since you get lines on the screen, I would say the video card. Strange that the lines went away. Usually when I've comes across a video card with bad memory, the lines don't go away. Does any games or benchmarks run?
  7. Alright after failing to reach FCLK 1933, I settled on 3800/1900 and pushed the timings down. I think I can still tweak it a little, but this is close.
  8. ir_cow


    Fabio you will need to find a exchange that has FLDC for trade.
  9. I'll be sure to pick them up also. I want 5000 speeds!
  10. Oh let me know. I saw this video too, but I didn't know which sticks had the right Micron ICs
  11. Sorry I misunderstood. So I never had it fully lock up. Usually the within a minute of seeing errors I have already restarted the computer and back into the BIOS.
  12. ir_cow

    hepa stuff in Task Manager

    Nah, mine has 92 things running in the background.
  13. Well it seems like you are using the older Memtest 4.3 or lower. The new one is a all black, runs in UEFI mode and has small red error messages. I think it is just a matter of having it boot into UEFI version instead. Both work, just the newer ones does the test much faster. But yeah red errors means it found faults in the test. Usually you don't just get one, but hundreds as the memory (or memory controller) isn't stable.
  14. ir_cow

    M.2 Drives Compare

    No, M.2 is the interface (socket). It can be keyed for B, M or both https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.2#/media/File:M2_Edge_Connector_Keying.svg
  15. Glad you found it useful. I always recommend it for the simple reason it doesn't boot into windows. A lot of the time errors either show up at 1:40 minute mark or around 7~. It is really rare (for me) to get a error further down the line. Usually the errors at the end of the test will show up when the program is running the sleep mode tests. So if you are lazy. if you get to the 7 minute mark, stop the test and make the changes you want. Only when I am really settled in I will run a full test.