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    Motherboard Problems

    If its a laptop there isn't much you can do honestly.
  2. ir_cow

    Cooling & Cleaning

    The only time I ever had to clean a computer was either the servers at work (no dust filters) or when someoen smokes. If you have a case with goos dust filters and dont smoke, you will never have to clean the computer.
  3. ir_cow

    Why all these similar items?

    lol I wish I was 1337 status.
  4. ir_cow

    Forums rule

    Here you go
  5. ir_cow

    General Free Games Thread

  6. ir_cow

    Why all these similar items?

    They are all different. Some have old the C++ libraries, others build upon existing and wrap them all up into one. You have so many because often when a piece of software is installed, it includes the required C++ libraries in the form of Redistributable. Than once in a long time when you need it most, that exact library needed isn't included and the program will error out. I had a few headaches while working at a NBC station dealing with special one off transcoding software that needed like C++ 2010 10.0.4502 or something. Of course GrasValley didn't think to include it in the installation...Anyways I suggest not uninstalling any of them. It causes no harm and really they shouldn't even be in the uninstall in my opinion.
  7. ir_cow

    Thermal monitoring

    I just used HWinfo for the first time. I kinda like it better than HWmonitor
  8. OMG I forgot about this guy..or I think its the same one.
  9. 1575 is the base clock speed. It could be a lot of things to cause it. My first guess is because you running at 1920x1080 the video card is waiting on the CPU. So for 3DMark combined portion of the benchmark, if the CPU is being used by a program in the background the video card is going to idle while it waits for a frame cacluation.
  10. ir_cow

    Motherboard Problems

    I never heard of memory dimms damaging a board. But I guess it us possible, if they are removed while the system is on.
  11. ir_cow

    Thermal monitoring

    HWmonitor had sensor issues like 10 years ago. Hasn't been a problem for a long time.
  12. ir_cow

    Thermal monitoring

    I still use HWMonitor.
  13. ir_cow

    Battery overheating problem

    I think the stock thermal paste has worn out. I bought my old Dell imprison core2 laptop in 2007. It always cooked my legs. So i assume either the fan has died and or the thermal paste is due for a change. The fan on mine went bad and now its in a box somewhere lost in my junk. Since its so old and practically free on ebay, no reason to worry about breaking it lol.
  14. ir_cow

    8600k or Ryzen 3600 ??

    Braegnok can you screenshot thaiphoon burner with that NEO memory? I am unable to go a below CL15 3600. I am thinking it's my sub timings. Or the fact that I am using a 3200 rated kit hahaha. ------------------- From the little testing I have done between reviews is that my 3800X is just average. Ryzen 3000 uses MCLK (memory speed), UCLK (Memory Controller Speed) and FCLK (Infinity Fabric Speed). The goal is to get them all in 1:1 ratio with the lowest timings. Once you break the 1:1 ratio on FLCK you get a 10-20ns penalty. So for example, just changing FCLK from 1800 to 900 (2:1), latency went from 67ns to 83ns. My 3800X seems to be limited to 1800 for FCLK and UCLK. Even if I push the SOC to 1.2v. Above 1.1v you lose PCIE 4.0 and it drops to 3.0. Since I can't pass 3600 memory speeds without breaking the ratio, the only thing I can do is lower the timings. I think that 3800 CL14 kit is going to disappoint a lot of people trying to reach 1900 FCLK 1:1. It will boot up, but I think it will auto revert to 950 FCLK by default on most motherboards. The question still stands, does it matter in games? That I haven't testing much of yet. It seems more game dependent from the results I have gathered. You can still do like FLCK / UCLK @ 1800 and have 1600 on the memory. It works fine, 100% stable in Memtest86.
  15. ir_cow

    8600k or Ryzen 3600 ??

    Well I would say the Ryzen 3600 is the better choice. It is cheaper and beats out the 8600k in nearly everything. The downside is similar to Intel. this is the end of the AMD4 socket. The next Ryzen is going to be AM4+ or something different. That still means you can update to a 3950X (16 core) and enjoy many more years of gaming, but that is it. Intel is coming out with a new CPU / Socket Q4. Not sure if it will be better. Certainly not cheaper than AMD. I would suggest picking up either a DDR4 3200 CL14 kit or 3600 CL16 kit for Ryzen. It can be upwards of 10 FPS difference from the run of the mill 2666 Memory. I'm waiting for G.SKill to send me a 3600 NEO kit to review, but right now i'm using F4-3200C14D-16GVR with a R7 3800X and I managed to push it to 4000 CL19 @ 1.4v. 3600 CL16 gives better results, but its good to know these Samsung B-Die Dimms can rock hard.
  16. ir_cow

    M.2 Drives Compare

    Samsung is a good choice. Only downside is it costs more. Enjoy your new drive!
  17. ir_cow

    M.2 Drives Compare

    The difference is longevity and higher write speeds. Still you won't kill the EVO drive in writes. 150TB~ is a lot for a consumer. Have you checked out WD new Blue NVMe drive? 500GB $70. Thinking of getting one myself. Just make sure its the newest one. Not last years model. https://www.amazon.com/Blue-SN500-500GB-NVMe-Internal/dp/B07P7TFKRH
  18. ir_cow

    General Free Games Thread

  19. ir_cow

    AM4 Advice

    Now that the cpus and motherboards are out. I found a bunch within the $194-220 range that has everything you need. Still a bit more than previous x470, but its not bad.
  20. Well I think you are out of luck AAGM. Every board has a EZ mode. It is easy enough to change it to advanced.
  21. It will not damage the motherboard. I believe the FSB is the communication speed between the Northridge and the CPU. Just like anything, if you apply enough voltage it will kill that part. I really don't remeber what the stock voltage was or where to change it. We are talking pre 2008. Over 12 years.
  22. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have more cards to review in the near future.
  23. ir_cow

    ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT Reviewed

    Thanks! I agree it is a shame about the cooler. My thinking cost was the main factor. But I dont have any real sources to back this claim up. Just an observation. Looks nice though. I only reviewed the PowerColor 5700 Red Devil so far, but all these custom cards show off what AMD has done with Navi. It brings back some competition against NVIDIA. I miss the days when both companies released cards every 6 months. Hurt my wallet a lot!
  24. ir_cow

    Need help flashing 2070 Max Q please

    NVIDIA was encrypted the bios. You can no longer edit tdp, clocks or anything else in the table. I wrote a guide to flash your card to a different vendor which "should" have higher TDP and stock clocks. However, I dont know that card brand you have. So I have no clue if a flash would brick the card. https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/how_to_flash_rtx_bios/