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  1. medbor

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    After doing this i got my 3612qm score down to 7.194 sec
  2. medbor

    SSD in laptop

    Glad i could help!
  3. medbor

    SSD in laptop

    I ripped put my optical drive in my new laptop and put an ssd in instead, i'm gonna put some pictures up in a while. So currently i have 120GB Intel 330 + 500GB WD in my laptop and its awesome. The main problem is that the standard optical SATA power plug is different from normal sata, so i made my own adapter. on dealXtreme you can buy a tray mounted adapter for 12$ including shipping if you prefer a ready made approach. My link
  4. medbor

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    Thats my girlfriends laptop My new has the 3612
  5. medbor

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    7.945 on i7 3612QM @ 2.1GHz better on retry
  6. medbor

    Replace ODD with SSD in a HP notebook?

    Then i must try it! Thanks
  7. Are they going to the same place?
  8. I'm thinking of getting a HP G6-2015so, but i want the benefit of SSD+HDD. The port of the ODD is slimline sata, which basically is a normal sata data port (speed?) with a smaller power connector (only 5V) What i reconned from reading around is that ssds only use 5V, so a passive adapter should do just fine, has anyone tested this? the rest of the hole can get filled up with basically anything o thats not a concern rigth now. So what do you guys think? possible?
  9. My brother had a 8400 at 4.82 bench stable, but with a tower cooler of course... He had some records back in the days So it is definitely possible. His voltages where really high though
  10. CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz CPU Cooler: Hyper 212+ Mobo: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 RAM: 2x 2GB Kingston ValueRam 800MHz GPU's: HD4830 512MB OC, Geforce 7500LE Sound Card: Integrated PSU: AXP 500W SSD: OCZ Vertex2 60GB HDDs: Total 6.5TB (counting externals) Case: Steelseies T40 Mouse: Logitech MX518 Keyboard: Random Crap Speakers: Yamaha reciever (pre HDMI) w/ random speakers Display: 3 total, 19" HP w19b, 22" Samsung 226BW, 40" SwedX TV Country: Sweden
  11. windows 7 built in backup tools do this just fine. just make a system image from the control panel and then restore that to the new drive
  12. medbor

    The Walking Dead: The Game

  13. no mention about the rubber dome switches? all F-keys, escape, and the page up/down area are all rubber dome, so this is not really a mechanical keyboard in my eyes. Wow... keys wearing out after a week? damn! i usually trust corsairs quality, but now i must start doubting them...