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  1. What exactly is the difference between the onboard audio of the hero VII vs the onboard audio of the formula VII?
  2. Thanks for the answers. It's just general knowledge I would like to have. I'm kinda a local guru of pc's people come to me with pc issues and to build a pc for them. Little side business of mine. I charge a flat fee of 200 dollars to build whatever PC someone wants and optimize it to its maximum and diagnose any problems if they ever have any. Most people realize they get a superior product for a much better price even when paying me 200 to build it than ordering from dell or HP. If they want me to put in custom water loops and such i charge more. It's not even work to me, I love building pc's. You would be surprised how many people will pay you just to reformat and reinstall windows and drivers. Anyways the latest build im workin on is this: Case: NZXT H440 White/Black PSU: Seasonic Platinum 760 Mobo: Asus x99 Pro CPU: core i7-5820k Ram: 4x8GB 2666Mhz Gskill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 GPU: MSI Gaming GTX 970 Main storage drive: Samsung 850 pro 256GB x2 in RAID 0 512GB total Secondary Storage: HGST Deskstar NAS 6TB 7200RPM CPU Heatsink: Noctua NH-D15 Case fans: 3x Noctua NF-12 Front intakes / 1x Noctua NF-A15 Rear Exhaust + 1x Noctua NF-A15 top Rear exhaust The guy was going to buy an alienware and I showed him how much better quality components you can get and better performance you can get for less money if you have me build it instead. Once he gets all the parts in I start building it. The reason I asked this question is a saw someone say the nh-d15 blocked access to the top pci-e on their asus rampage V x99 EATX board.
  3. so the 2nd slot will run at x16 if the first is unused?
  4. If your cpu cooler is so large that the top pci-e slot is not available will a single gpu setup still run ok in a lower pci-e slot? Like if you have a z97 board since those cpus only have 16 lanes are the boards wired in such a way that only the top pci-e slot can ever be 16x speed or is the mobo able to tell that its unoccupied and let the lower pci-e slot run at 16x. And what about for x99? Can you run a single gpu setup from a lower pci-e slot on x99 boards? I would think so since the cpu has 40 lanes even the lower pci-e slot can handle 16x even in sli. I'm just not sure if boards require the gpu be in the top most slot.
  5. yea i keep changing my build ideas. The nzxt h440 made me change my build from mini itx to x99 atx now. It will probably shift even more. I bought a LG 55" oled tv instead of a new pc cause that thing is just a beast and for 3000 it was a killer deal. So who knows where I will be next year when I have the cash for a build but I may want a physx card. Gonna keep rollin with my i7-980x radeon 5870 for now. Highly recommend getting the lg oled tv. It's mind blowingly awesome.
  6. As an example say you have GTX 980 and you are playing a physx game like that batman game on a 2560x1600 monitor full ultra details and full AA and of course full physx enabled. What kind of performance increase would you see,if any, using a less powerful gpu dedicated towards the physx? I have seen some people say that the newer nvidia cards already have hardware in them dedicated for physx and getting another gpu for it is a total waste and you get the same performance with a dedicated physx gpu or not. Is that true? If having a dedicated physx card will allow the main gpu to get better performance how cheap of a card can you get for physx calculations? Is the 750 ti too much overkill? What's the cheapest card you should get for dedicated physx if it actually increases performance even with newer cards like the gtx 980? I'm a total noob with dedicated physx so someone with a lot of knowledge that can share the ins and outs with me on here would be appreciated. See now I see a site showing the difference between titan with a dedicated physx and without and with it definitely made a big difference like 28% difference. How powerful of a card do you need to run flawless physx and fully take it off the main gpu? Some people say a gt 240 is plenty some say a gt 430 is plenty and some people say they use a gtx 460. I do like the GTX 750ti since it doesn't need any pci-e power connectors. What is the perfect dedicated physx card and how much better will it run physx enabled games? They used a GTX 650 for the dedicated physx card in the comparison I saw with the titans. So maybe the 750ti would be perfect? I can get a single slot width 750ti that only needs power from the pci-e slot so this would be perfect for a dedicated physx card as far as those factors are considered. Can someone give me guidance before I just buy a 750ti. now this site http://www.volnapc.com/all-posts/how-much-difference-does-a-dedicated-physx-card-make is showing that the physx is so demanding in batman that a gtx 650 is actually not powerful enough to help the titan out and actually makes things worse but when they take one of the titan gpus off sli duty and change it to physx duty its actually performing better than the titans in sli. Yes you read that correctly 1 titan gpu + a titan gpu for physx performs better than titans in sli + a gtx 650 for physx. Does this mean I may need something as powerful as a gtx 670 or gtx 770 for the highest demanding physx games to get the max benefit from it? They basically say the advanced physx in batman means your physx card cant be as large of a gap as the titan is to the gtx 650. So I'm thinking if you have a gtx 980 you may need a gtx 670 or even a gtx 770 or 680 so the gap isn't super large and the boost from the dedicated physx card is fully maxed out for games with more advanced physx effects. I really need an experts advice on this. After further reading on the site above in an update the guy said that replacing the 650 with a 650ti was enough to get the boost of a dedicated physx card back for the most demanding physx title batman. So it would seem that the 650ti is the slowest card you can use next to a high end gpu for the demanding physx of batman. Since a 750ti is faster than a 650ti it would seem the 750ti would actually be the best choice for a physx card and can currently handle all the physx being done so far. In the future who knows but for now it would seem the 750ti is just enough to handle even the most demanding physx and should be enough for the foreseeable future. This is just from my nooby observations reading some tests done. Still would like to know what some other experienced people have to say about it. But I am leaning towards running a single gtx 980 + GTX 750ti for dedicated physx.
  7. how much performance do you gain changing the command rate from 2 to 1
  8. Wondering what you guys think. How much would you pay for a tweaked ps4 apu? Basically the same thing but instead of the low powered 8 jaguar cores it would be a quad core kaveri class cpu and instead of the 18 cu's with 2 disabled it would be a fully enabled 20 cu gpu basically a 7870 with lower clocks inside the apu. So quad core kaveri cpu + ps4 gpu with 2 extra cu enabled all crammed into a killer APU for PC's. How much would you guys think that would sell for or what would you pay for it? Why do you think AMD does not do this?
  9. My current pc is an i7-980x. I dont find the speed really lacking but what i do find lacking is features of the x58 chipset which are terribly outdated. If I could somehow get sata III and pcie 3.0 and usb 3.0 on my pc I wouldn't even bother upgrading. Seems 4.5ghz is a realistic stable OC with some good water cooling. 8 cores at 4.5ghz is pretty nice. I'd rather build a tiny mini itx lan gaming box tho. I can't rly utilize more than 4 cores. Don;t know why I'm using a 6 core now.
  10. I'd love a new keyboard Youngstown, Ohio O.o these are mechanical keyboards now i rly rly want.
  11. For those worried about the 450 watt being a problem silverstone has came through with the super tiny 600 watt 80+ gold sfx psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256109&cm_re=SX600-G-_-17-256-109-_-Product Another piece of the puzzle falls into place Now that I know I have 600 watts I am going to use big maxwell gm200/gm210 instead of the gtx 880 and gm204. Still got lotsa time anyways.
  12. too bad it's seagate the worst manufacturer for hdd's
  13. Don't u think there is room for both tho? Considering sata express is limited to 10 gbit and m2 goes up to 32gbit. I mean I still got quite a long time till broadwell is actually released so I'm not stressing yet but it's like you google pcie gen 3.0 x4 m2 ssd's and its practically completely dead silent from all manufacturers. Supposedly there is supposed to be a 1TB samsung SM951 drive good luck finding any info on it tho. Guess all I can do is hope the pieces come together in time. Desktop broadwell is what q1 2015 and there is still no ETA on big maxwell gm200 or gm210 whatever the codename is and before someone responds im not talking about gtx 880/980 thats small maxwell gm204. I could see since both take up pci-e lanes only 1 becoming popular. If there can only be room for 1 im sure m2 is going to win out. But with sata express you got a full 2.5" pcb to work with can fit more chips. They could easily produce a 4TB sata express ssd if they rly wanted to. Capacity could be a reason why both standards are around.
  14. My sisters boyfriend edits a ton of gameplay for a video game streamer. He routinely has to edit a ton of 1 hour videos like 2 or 3 daily. Videos are 1920x1080p 60 fps. He is in the process of making an x99 build with the new 8 core cpu. He edits video off a 4TB HGST ultrastar 7200. Currently running an i7-980x x58 system. He wants to know if it will be fine to get something like a 1TB samsung 850 pro to edit his video off of or would it be better to wait for sata express drives at gen 2 pcie x2 10gbit or even a gen 3 x4 ultra m2 32gbit. Basically he wants to know where the bottleneck is in video editing rendering encoding etc. With the 8 core haswell-e + a sata III samsung 850 pro will the bottleneck be with the processor or the SSD? Would getting a sata express SSD make the video editing any faster? If the bottleneck is the sata III SSD and moving to sata express does speed it up would that shift the bottleneck to the cpu then or would going for a gen 3 x4 ultra m2 ssd further increase the speed of editing? Or is the bottleneck always the cpu even with a hard drive? he plans on getting a hgst he6 6TB helium drive. Basically what speed of drive does he need to maximize the speed of making his videos with an 8 core haswell-e? At what speed of storage does the bottleneck shift from storage speed to processing speed? He asked me so I'm asking you guys.
  15. Well it is still looking grim in the 1TB m2 pcie 3.0 x4 ssd market. Now that haswell-e has released and a slew of motherboards of 3.0 x4 ultra m2 slots retail availability for the ssd's to fill these slots has to be around the corner no? I would even be happy with a 512GB one. Also I don't see any 2.5" sata express ssd's for sale either. What is up with this slow market?
  16. http://www.thessdreview.com/daily-news/latest-buzz/liteon-shows-off-2tb-2-5-sata-and-1tb-m-2-enterprise-ssds-fms-2014-update/'>LiteOn Shows Off 2TB 2.5? SATA and 1TB M.2 Enterprise SSDs
  17. yeah I only got the case now because it was a limited 1000 unit production run. The case is very unique and rly nothing else out there exists as small and perfectly set up as this one. I currently have an i7-980x/5870 PC so I'm not desperate to get this build done now. 1TB m2 ssd's are a real thing, the OEM only samsung sm951 and sm953 do come in 1TB capacity and are equipped with a pci-e 3.0 x4 interface. Reading up on broadwell it seems that full wattage desktop broadwell won't be seen till mid 2015 so I'm just gonna sit back and relax I'm sure in the next 8-9 months there will be a lot more m2 options.
  18. The good thing about a gameboy is you can just bring extra batteries and keep on playing. The best thing tho is a playstation vita with the VHBL exploit to allow you to play all the psp games for free
  19. lol dont mind me im an idiot disregard what i just said. I will say this. If the 5.5" iphone is really real and it supports t-mobiles 700mhz A block spectrum acquisition from Verizon I just may buy that instead of the galaxy note 4. (I currently own a galaxy note 2.) I do own a macbook air so it's not totally crazy to switch from android to apple. Man I am such a tech addict I spend way too much time reading about buying using technology.
  20. i didnt even think it was that big a deal but i looked into it and yea 5.0ghz+ seems not easy to find doable but not easy. I hate pushing max oc's personally. i always bump my oc down like 300 mhz once i find the max
  21. well why have an m2 pci-e interface and not use it? This build is going to be a gaming/htpc/lan party machine i love getting together with all my buddies making a big network computers everywhere living room kitchen bedrooms rooms hot as hell from all the pc's running. Playin some diablo 2 LOD. Whats up with all the new games having no LAN support it's a real shame its such a fun way to play games with all your nerdy friends.I can see myself being 70 years old still LAN gaming it up.
  22. I guess m2 ssd's really aren't that known yet. Most people seemed confused about the whole m2 pci-e interface. But it looks like I have lots of time. Broadwell for the desktop wont be out till q2 2015 most likely. For some reason i thought it would be out q4 2014. Intel really delaying the hell out of broadwell.
  23. My brother just built an i7-4790k system. I guess he was one of the lucky ones because he achieved a stable 5.1ghz overclock on a noctua nh-d15 and coollaboratory liquid metal ultra tim inside a coolermaster haf-x tower. Left it running prime 95 for 12 hours with no problem. Just out of curiosity will people pay large premiums for devils canyon chips that will run over 5ghz on air 100% guaranteed? How much extra would they go for?
  24. I think you are confused. The asus board uses pci-e 2.0 x2 lanes from the PCH for the m2 slot on the back of the board the gpu slot is untouched. Others are confused it does not use the pci-e 3.0 x16 slot on the mini itx board it uses a small plug on the back of the mobo. 1TB is not a lot of space if that is going to be your only storage drive. The case is very small and i want all the airflow totally unobstructed so I'm not using any 3.5" or 2.5" drives just the m2 drive on the back of the mobo. I will be using a GTX 880 gm204 gpu 16 pci-e 3.0 lanes from cpu and the m2 slot 2 lanes of pci-e 2.0 from the PCH the m2 slot afford 10gbit/s bandwidth like 1200MB/sec yes i know the samsung xp951 has a pci-e 3.0 x4 capability but no mini itx has an m2 slot that uses 4x lanes from the cpu as that downgrades ur gpu slot to 8x which is still fast enough and i'd of done that if I had the option. People on here seem to think i meant using the actual pci-e slot on the mobo. What i meant by pci-e ssd is that m2 can be sata or pci-e built into the lil m2 slot. The asus z97 mini itx with m2 slot is a 2x pci-e 2.0 interface from the PCH. If i used 2x 2.5" in raid 0 it would block me from installing 1x 120mm fan and i dont want that. If samsung can make a 1TB m2 sized drive than others should be able to. the sm951 is said to already be shipping to oems but its not a consumer product its sold only to oems. Isn't there someone on the inside of the community that can find me a drive for sale? You would be helping a rly cool build thats rly powerful and tiny enough to fit in the palm of 1 hand
  25. thx cokeman. I'll do a nice build journal on here and post pictures of every step and than post benchmarks and show me holding all that power in the palm of only 1 hand. Have it benching some hardcore numbers and it all fits in the palm of a single hand. Dimensions (H x W x D): 240 x 160 x 328mm, 12.6L and the entire case is 1.5mm thick pure aluminum weighs 2.7 kilograms or 5.94 pounds. all the credit goes to the case designers http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1717132 that is the thread that started this amazing case idea. He had the balls to design an amazing high quality mini itx case that is optimized so incredibly well and then get a kickstarter going to fund the minimum ammount lian li required to make the case which was 1000 units and they sold like hotcakes I wish you guys could get one just keep your eyes peeled for another production run. I need to score a 1TB Samsung sm951 or sm953 which is supposedly already shipping to oems. Does someone have a line on where to get it please!
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