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Main Rig "obession" Is Done!

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Finally, after getting my neo2 and 3500+ in, I have all the other hardware I need installed and ready to go. My rig is finally complete for a while, now to enjoy it. Looking forward to having a go at OC-ing with my g.skill now! :D


It's up at the case gallery, link is here: http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?act=case&id=1125


Only thing that's likely to change is the CPU fan, I'm considering a Delta instead.

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Which panaflos did you get? I bought myself that Tsunami case a while ago, and been thinking of switching those TT fans for Panaflo's. My front one is Vantec Stealth 120 already which I want to keep though.


Did you get the 120x38mm Medium flow ones (86cfm), and the 92mm High (56.8cfm) or Medium (48cfm) ones?


Did you notice any temp improvement over those TT fans? Did you cut the grill out?

How noisy are those on full speed?


Btw. really nice rig. Enjoy!!! :D

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I love my Liberty, it does everything a good PSU should and it looks amazing. I just love the fact that despite the pretty looks and the modular cables, it's not all-looks and no function like the X-Connect was. No pretty boy PSU here, it's like a lumberjack in a suit, beneath the pretty exterior is a real working hero. :)


Some people complained about the "eternity" or whatever cable system, but I actually think it's a decent idea, in my case the SATA HDD plugs in right in the same area I need to plug the CCFL inverter in, the 4-pin for it is right there where I need it. If you're clever with it, it really does work.


Yes, those are 120x38mm Panaflo M1As.


Just realised how TopGear-ish my post about the PSU sounds, heh... :lol:

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