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    I7 2600k @ 4.6ghz
    Asus iv maximus extreme p67
    Corsair vengence 8gb
    Ocz Vertex 2 80gb
    Kfa2 gtx 580 anarchy edition
  1. I have the ub9 se running on my i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz and temps are 29c at idle and mid to late 50's in prime 95, epic cooler for it's size.
  2. I do have the option of sending it back in favor of a corsair h70 or h80. I was well and truly under the impression that the i7 2600k doesn't get that hot from all the reviews and was a cooler cpu than intel chips of the past. I might stick it on first and see how it goes as the case came 20mins ago (good timing as I'd just finished work lol) and the haf x 942 is every bit as big as I though it would be and has scope for pretty much anything cooling wise.
  3. Good info to have. I did read a few reviews that said pretty much the same as you...... apparently this one is some premium version with 2 of noctua's best fans "Special Edition Premium Kit Bundled with a tube of NT-H1, two exquisite NF-B9 fans and the new SecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system, the NH-U9B SE2 forms a complete premium quality package that's backed up with 6 years manufacturer's warranty and contains everything you need in order to achieve superb quiet cooling performance." I am going to mildly overclock the system but not to extreme levels so hoping it will at least give me reasonalble temps. I am trying to keep the noise levels down so maybe I will live to regret the 92mm choice and go with bigger quiter fans and cooler in the future On the plus side I spent lunch shopping away on ebay like a mad man possed and have now brought the last few bits of the build. Hanns-G HZ281HPB 27.5" WUXGA Wide LCD Monitor LG BH10LS30 10x Blu-Ray Burner / Writer Windows 7 premium Now the long wait for deliverys begins.......... and a marathon session of youtube vids on unboxing and reviews of all the bits I've brought lmao. Cheers folks
  4. I'm using a Razer Destructor mousepad, would not trade it for anything
  5. Just brought a Noctua NH-U9B SE cpu cooler and kfa2 gtx 580 anarchy edition graphics card. Just a screen to get and £500 left in the budget............ pub tonight
  6. Ok well I've brought most of it...... so far my 11/12 gaming pc is Case: coolermaster haf x full tower psu: coolermaster pro silent power m850 cpu: intel i7 2600k mobo: asus iv maximus extreme hd: OCZ OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G Vertex 2 Series 120GB SATA SSD ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1866 2x4Gb Also bagged an steelseries xai mouse, razer destructer mouse pad and a ms sidewinder x4 keyboard Gpu, screen and a few bits and bobs to get but deffo getting there lol......... exactly a fresh £1000 left for gpu and a screen. A gtx 590 is looking good right about now......... just cannot make my mind up gpu wise. Screen wise HANNS.G HZ281HPB - LCD display - TFT - 27.5" can be had for £250, anyone had one? If so what do you think to it?
  7. Been gaming on consoles the last few years and fell off the pc gaming radar, no more I thought as another kiddy started whining and bitching as I planted a 50 cal slug inbetween his eyes. The ps3 has been given to my daughter and daddy gets another toy The Budget: £2000 or roughly $3200 is us money. It does need to include a screen. Use will be 100% gaming.............. I have many computers for other stuff already. Parts I have on my first attempt at a "on paper" build are: Mobo: Asus maximus iv extreme £270 Cpu: intel i7 2600k £250 Gpu: Palit gtx 580 3072mb £400 Hd: Corsair 120gb ssd £180 Psu: Antec gamer 900w £130 Mem 16bg Corsair £170 Case: don't know yet but say £100 Screen wise was looking at the ASUS VE276Q - LCD display - TFT - 27" £270 Total roughly £1750 Or do I hold back on other things and go for 2 gtx 580's in sli. This is where I need the help! Would gtx 580's in sli be wasted on a 27" screen and 1920 x 1080 etc etc............ so I ask you fellow oc'ers what is the best way to spend my £2000 on a gaming box and screen. Dean.
  8. Halo CoD CoD4 Ut2004 Graw
  9. It is indeed Good to see a few old faces here still. Anyway thanks all see you on the boards.
  10. Well maybe not so new. Not seen any of the old names i used to see about on here, will no doubt see you all on the boards as after a few years out the performance pc scene i am back in the arms race and will be posting many nub like questions very soon. Dean.
  11. Posting this so i can see. only been on here a few years i think. Dean.
  12. I use a lenth of fishtank airline and my hydroponics air pump works a treat.
  13. Alas no you will have to read it for yourself it's got some very valid points though, and many people share this theory it's not some radical minimalist veiw. I cant rearly say as some is anti us/uk/boeing etc and im not gonna go disobey the mod's wish's. Edit: And the film looks rearly good hopefully it will do well and a nice chunk will go to the 9/11 victim fund.
  14. Have a read, it pays to be open minded the media mostley lie
  15. I saw the flight that fought back it was ok not that i agree any planes were hijacked in the first place. The only thing that stuck out to me was why that bloke phoned a priest on his mobile to tell him to phone his wife and tell her, wonder why he didnt call her direct strange that. Lets hope they do justice to all the brave souls on them planes it must have been terrifying.
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