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  1. Yes, being spoiled doesn't make you an adult. Not to mention I said you LOOK like a little kid. Reading comprehension FTW. :thumbs-up:
  2. You shouldn't be talking crap. You look like a little kid too... <_<
  3. There seems to be a problem with your roof.
  4. Did you run MemTest? Also try putting your RAM in different slots or using only one stick. Make sure you tell us what you tried and what the results were so we don't keep suggesting the same things.
  5. You look nothing like what I imagined. In fact, neither does Andrew. Seriously, who has long hair? I see what you're talking about. His head is just turned slightly. EDIT: maybe
  6. It's a setting on your computer. You have to use this to change it: http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads#4226patch.
  7. Yeah, pretty sure it was on my end. My "max half-open TCP connections" got reset from 50 to 10. Changed it back, rebooted, and the problem seems to be gone.
  8. Lies! Quit mascarading as Phil!
  9. I think the polo shirt had a lot to do with it.
  10. Am I the only one getting lots of "Connection Interrupted" errors?
  11. Everyone knows he's still Lego. I have a tendency to go inactive for months at a time (6 months this last time) then appear out of nowhere, relearn everything I forgot/missed, and post like mad to make up for it. Usually massive changes take place in my absence: server going down without backups, change of ownership, merging with DIY Street, etc. If you ever notice that I stopped posting, be prepared for earth-shattering changes! This thread just makes me feel old. I'm just an old, disgruntled curmudgeon with a damaged mousing hand.
  12. We had at least one years ago but it quickly devolved a bunch of narcissistic male teens without shirts making "cool" or "tough" faces at the camera, flexing little frog-leg arms, and having an e-peen contest.
  13. The problem isn't all Nvidia chipsets. It's just the 6- and 7-series (and probably 5, but I didn't pay any real attention to it). 680i had tons of issues and didn't overclock particularly well compared to Intel's offerings. So that's crap. Now they've added a little glitter and it magically becomes a new product worth $300+? Crap is crap is crap. <_< Besides, there is no performance difference using an ATI card on an Nvidia mobo or vice versa. Get rid of the mobo and use whatever card you want.
  14. Opinion: 780i is worthless crap. Get rid of it. 1 out of every 10,000 people that says "well I might go SLI someday" actually does. It always makes more financial sense to toss (or sell) the old card and buy whatever's hot at the time.
  15. I bet you need to manually set the RAM voltage if you haven't already.
  16. Try uninstalling the drivers you installed... Then get the latest ones from Asus's site and use those.
  17. I've had similarly frustrating results. In fact, it's gotten to the point where I just leave the CPU at stock speeds. I guess I just don't have the motivation to spends days/weeks restarting my computer every 2 minutes to change one setting. I actually like to be able to use it.
  18. RAID-0 using two WD1600AAJS (160GB, 8MB cache) on Intel's ICH9R controller. RAID-5 using four WD7500AAKS (750GB, 16MB cahce) on a Promise FastTrak TX4310. Yes, I know it's a crappy PCI RAID controller. I just wanted redundant storage that isn't tied to one specific motherboard/southbridge. As long as I can watch HD movies without stuttering, I'm happy. :thumbs-up: That said, writing files to the array is painfully slow. When I can afford to buy a real RAID card (and a system to put it in), I'll be able to buy more drives and replace the array.
  19. You're telling me that Tom's hardware can't afford to spend a couple hundred bucks to pick up the latest/most popular coolers?
  20. Yeah, I saw that travesty awhile back. I looked at the heatsinks they chose for review and just closed the tab. <_<
  21. That's like being worried that your new Toyota Camry doesn't have a spoiler. It has absolutely no impact on performance for current cards.
  22. I thought it was a good game, but not worth $50. If you're really that concerned, make an image of your hard drive and revert to it in about 10 hours after you beat Bioshock.
  23. Am I the only one that thinks DFI goes out of their way to make things needlessly difficult? Anyone else notice how many DFI boards are getting world record overclocks?
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