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  1. Wow, this is very sad news. I will miss Verrans intelligent, thoughtful (if not a bit restrained) comments in the forums. He always seemed to step forward as the voice of reason, especially when things were getting out of hand. I could always count on Verran to comment on my mods and I indeed looked forward to those comments and advice that he would include. I knew he had cancer but I thought he said it was in remission. This is terrible news and a very sad day for me. My heart goes out to Verrans family, he will me missed around here. Greg
  2. The AMD 690g chipset has an Integrated HD Audio controller for HDMI audio data. AMD 690g I'm reasonably sure the newer chipsets do too. But I could be wrong. B:) Edit: Oops missed the HD "video" part but the chipset supports both mpeg 2 & 4 decode. Haven't tried blueray on it yet so I can't comment on that.
  3. If he has a theater setup that supports HDMI then he shouldn't need a video card. HDMI carries multichannel digital audio as well as video......or at least it does on my GA-MA69GM-S2H based HTPC. B:)
  4. Fueler

    Folding Rig Poll

    I have a total of Nine 24/7 folding rigs with a total of 16cpu cores and 4gpu cores. They are all unfortunately shut down for the summer or until business gets better......I can't afford $400 plus electric bills right now like I used to
  5. Summer is in full swing here in Florida and with the Heat from 14 cpu and gpu clients running 24/7 (roughly 24000 PPD) my electric bill went from $189 to over $400. With business so bad I just can't afford that right now. So I had shut everything down till the weather cools down again. Sorry it's just something I had to do for now
  6. Well I think i have exhausted all possibilities, so i am in the process of transfering all of his important files to the laptop that he will be getting as a highschool graduatiion gift ....he was excepted at all four schools we applied for,The University of South Florida, The University of Florida, Florida State and The University of Miami and he was given all accademic scholerships with enough grants that he probably won't have to take out any or at least very few student loans. So I plan on getting him a kickass laptop with extended life batteries and storage up the yingyag. In the meantime I can see if I can figurer out whats up with his gaming rig.....I'm pretty sure he will want it a school B:)
  7. Wow thanks for all the replies guys.....Looks like i have a little catching up tp do. First I don't think it's a cooling problem. Both cards are watercooled and are/were running the gpu folding client 24/7. Both cards also maintained identcial temps when running the same WU and rarely ever ran hotter than 48C also their Points per WU were also Identical averaging 6000 plus ppd each. (I should mention for those that don't fold that the cards cannot be run in SLI while folding) Thanks for the info on the creative drivers Kash because i think Windows 7 is the way I'm going to go with this. I looked on newegg last nite and discovered that the Corsair memory that I payed $250 plus for two years ago is now $38.....ouch. So going to a 64 bit OS is no big deal. The one last thing is that I am keeping my fingers crossed on and hoping is that ASUS will come up with a bios update that will support the new Phenom II x4 cpus, other wise I will be stuck with the 9850 x4 (which is the latest supported cpu in ASUS's last bios update). Thanks for the help.....if you have anymore ideas, keepem comming.....otherwise I'll post an update later and let you know how things went. B:)
  8. Just to see if it would make any difference I pluged the 9550 Phenom x4 from my HTPC into it. For the record it's stock clock speed is 2.2ghz a full gig slower than the cpu that was in it. You know what happened....nothing, nada, zip it didn't make one lick of difference. So since nobody else has chimed in with any words of wisdom I guess i'll give Verrans solution a try, hell it can't get any worse.
  9. Well It seems a little extream but if everybody is sure the the CPU is not or shouldn't be a bottle neck then I guess I'll give it a try. If I do this I would like to go with the windows 7 64bit RC release.....My only worry is that I have heard that the creative labs drivers are trash. The Card I'm using is the audigy 2ZS but all the bad press I have been hearing in on the X-FI.....does anybody know if the Audigy drivers work ok. In order to run the 64bit version I will need to add at least 2gig of mem so I don't want to wast the money if the audio drivers aren't going to work. :thumbs-up:
  10. All come on guys.....Is there no revewers or Oc kings out there that have a clue as to what is causing this problem....Im a big boy with thick skin so I can take it if it's just something stupid that I'm doing and should know better. Right now any suggestion is better than nothing.....Help
  11. The folding clients are shut down....I haven't turned a single WU in over a week.....Unfortunate but with business as bad as it is I just can't afford the $400 plus summer electric bills like I used to.
  12. Yeah I've made that a standard proceedure when ever I update drivers. Right now I have the latest chipset and video drivers installed and although they fixed a couple of software glitches in the previous drivers the performance still remains way subpar. Edit: I have also updated to thr latest Bios available....I was previously running the bios that came with the motherboard from ASUS.
  13. Well he plays a lot of games but he is a Counter-Strike/Source junkie. The problem isn't getting playable frame rates, the problem is getting frame rates better than a 6600gt with a pair of gtx260's in SLI!
  14. A while back I installed a couple of GTX260's in my sons PC. The main purpose was for folding and they certianly did a fine job of that! But with summer in full swing here in Florida my power bills have doubled and I have unfortunatly been forced to turn all the folding rigs off till things cool down again. Of course that doesn't mean that junior isn't using his pc to play games and that is when I noticed that his FPS are the pits. The cards are now set to SLI and there doesn't appear to be any kind of problems but the best these thing can muster in 3dmark06 is 10888 points, hell the ATI 4850 in my office rig can do 12347 points. The MOBO is a M2n32-SLI Deluxe, it has 2gigs of Corsair memory at 4 4 4 12, a PCP&C 750 PSU, the cpu is an AMD X2 5000+ BE OC'd to 3.2 GHZ, It's running XP for the OS and the entire thing is watercooled. I have no idea what's killing the FPS.....My best guess would be the CPU is a bottleneck but would it slow things down this much????
  15. Well we started off talking about cooling the GPU. If you want to go with water that's fine but it's not a bit more. You can get good quality heatsinks for both the CPU and GPU for around $100 to $125 a good watercooling set up is going to set you back for close to $300.....two to three times as much. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against water (I have two watercooled rigs myself) I'm just giving you options.
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