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  1. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    Oh, and you are?
  2. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    Yes, being spoiled doesn't make you an adult. Not to mention I said you LOOK like a little kid. Reading comprehension FTW. :thumbs-up:
  3. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    You shouldn't be talking crap. You look like a little kid too... <_<
  4. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    There seems to be a problem with your roof.
  5. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    Kids these days...
  6. Bleeble

    Hey Noob In Need Of Help

    Did you run MemTest? Also try putting your RAM in different slots or using only one stick. Make sure you tell us what you tried and what the results were so we don't keep suggesting the same things.
  7. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    You look nothing like what I imagined. In fact, neither does Andrew. Seriously, who has long hair? I see what you're talking about. His head is just turned slightly. EDIT: maybe
  8. It's a setting on your computer. You have to use this to change it: http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads#4226patch.
  9. Yeah, pretty sure it was on my end. My "max half-open TCP connections" got reset from 50 to 10. Changed it back, rebooted, and the problem seems to be gone.
  10. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    Lies! Quit mascarading as Phil!
  11. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    I think the polo shirt had a lot to do with it.
  12. Am I the only one getting lots of "Connection Interrupted" errors?
  13. Bleeble

    How Long Ago Did You Create Your Account?

    Everyone knows he's still Lego. I have a tendency to go inactive for months at a time (6 months this last time) then appear out of nowhere, relearn everything I forgot/missed, and post like mad to make up for it. Usually massive changes take place in my absence: server going down without backups, change of ownership, merging with DIY Street, etc. If you ever notice that I stopped posting, be prepared for earth-shattering changes! This thread just makes me feel old. I'm just an old, disgruntled curmudgeon with a damaged mousing hand.
  14. Bleeble

    Mugshot Thread!

    We had at least one years ago but it quickly devolved a bunch of narcissistic male teens without shirts making "cool" or "tough" faces at the camera, flexing little frog-leg arms, and having an e-peen contest.
  15. Bleeble

    Gtx 260 Or Hd4870

    The problem isn't all Nvidia chipsets. It's just the 6- and 7-series (and probably 5, but I didn't pay any real attention to it). 680i had tons of issues and didn't overclock particularly well compared to Intel's offerings. So that's crap. Now they've added a little glitter and it magically becomes a new product worth $300+? Crap is crap is crap. <_< Besides, there is no performance difference using an ATI card on an Nvidia mobo or vice versa. Get rid of the mobo and use whatever card you want.