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    -=-=-main rig-=-=-

    asus p5k-se
    c2d e6400 @ 3GHz
    2gb mushkin ddr2 800
    4gb patriot ddr2 800
    evga geforce 7900gs
    2x250gb seagate
    coolermaster 650W sli
    thermaltake tsunami
    17" toshiba lcd


    asus m3a78-em
    athlon x2 4200+
    3gb ddr2 667
    radeon hd3200 onboard
    160gb seagate
    lg blu-ray/hd/dvd
    antec earthwats 380w
    lg 47lbx 47" lcd tv

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  1. I have a malfunctioning cpu cooler on my old school main rig. Noticed the fan has trouble spinning even after a good clean with compressed air. I would like to keep this thing going for another couple of years on a budget. It is the first get socket 775 C2D E6400 2.13GHz (TDP 65W) running overclocked @ 3GHz last 9 or so years. (Stable @ 3.2GHZ, but running @ 3 since I don't game anymore). Current cooler is CoolerMaster C116 or its older revision. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6J32E96057 1) Would new Arctic Alpine 11 Plus for $13 be enough/comparable to the above? http://www.arctic.ac/worldwide_en/alpine-11-plus.html 2) Other option is Zalman CNPS5X Performa for $19. http://www.zalman.com/eng/product/Product_Read.php?Idx=450 3) Last option is CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo for $39 ($29 after mailing rebate). http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-212-evo/ I know this one should be more than enough, but is the only one that requires removing m/b for installation (I'm lazy) and is 2 -3 times the cost.
  2. Just pry it with a flat head screwdriver, as long as your cpu has a heatspreader, you'll be fine. I have seen that happen quite a few times already...
  3. If I remember correctly, is a local loopback address, meaning that you are just circling through your protocol stack. You need to specify your real IP to be able to connect.
  4. Riva TNT 16MB GeForce 2 MX 32MB GeForce 2 MX-400 64MB GeForce 4 Ti 4200 128MB GeForce 6800 128MB GeForce 7600GT KO 256MB Radeon LE 32MB (7200) Radeon 7500 64MB Radeon 9200SE 128MB Radeon 9550 256MB Radeon 9700P 128MB Radeon 9800P 128MB
  5. Czechoslovakia Slovakia Czech Republic Hungary Austria Yugoslavia B:) Croatia Slovenia Italy Germany Poland Canada
  6. ant84

    Systems List

    Just added one more, XP 2000+ so now I got folding: 2xE6400's XP 2000+ Just noticed that my first year folding aniversary is comming in a few weeks
  7. [email protected] on A78NX [email protected] on A7N8X had issues with cooling, both o/c with Speeze Falcon Rock I, bad airflow case and pos memory... so not that bad afterall
  8. Hey, I'm working on my lab for school and I need a bit of advice on roaming profiles, specifically mandatory. I got my regular roaming profiles working properly, but I need to set up a few mandatory profiles as well and that gives me trouble. What I researches is, that you can rename ntuser.dat to ntuser.man in the users profile directory to force it to be mandatory. The problem is as admin I don't have access to this folder, therefore I have to assign myslef ownership of that folder, rename the file, and give the permissions and owenrship back to the original user. After that I can't seem to find the roaming profile when loging on on the client pc. I'm sure there is a more efficient way to do this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Btw. I'm using 2003 Server and XP Pro.
  9. I'm finally building a new rig for my little brother, but would really appreciate if someone can check my choices here. I would like to be buying everything from www.memoryexpress.com or www.ncix.com The one thing that I'm not sure is which ram to get. I was thinking of going ddr26400 and a 2gb kit. I myself own a ds3, but I had a hard time getting the right memory for this board. Pretty much none of the Ocz stuff would work properly on this board. While troubleshooting at the store, we tested those Kingston Low Latency sticks Mushkin Black Series which I got for myself later and they work fine, but the problem is they are over the budget for this build. What I have so far is: Mushkin EM2-6400 Enhanced (5-5-5-12) $323CAD or G.SKILL F2-640CL4D (4-4-4-12) $327CAD I can pick those mushkin sticks locally, however I have to order g.skill. Anybody have any of these with this particular board. None of these are officially supported on gigabyte's website. Thanks for advice.
  10. Don't get OCZ ram for that board. I got the Gold XTC 6400 kit and there was no way to make it work properly. That was about a month ago and there were many issues with some ocz modules on this board. Might be solved by know, don't know. I ended up with Mushin Black Series 6400 and everything is 100%. Also tested the Kingston 6400 Low latency or whatever its name is at the store while troubleshooting and it worked fine too. All were 2gb kits.
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