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  1. Unfortunately, I don't want to spend much money. An easy solution for me would be something like the link below. http://www.drobo.com/storage-products/5n/
  2. I've never built my own NAS, let alone a NAS with RAID. That is one area I've never dealt with.
  3. I'm looking for ideas for a new NAS solution, preferably one that has RAID security or similar. I currently have a Drobo 2nd gen. It's from 2010 and the fastest available connection is USB 2.0. It still works, but not well as a NAS solution, only for data security. I use it to store media for my Plex server and all of my 75,000+ personal photos and videos. I would like a NAS solution to replace it so that I can more easily share it between my PC and a Mac. If not a NAS, I could simply get a faster replacement and have it connected to one of the computers as a network share. I'm torn as to which computer to use if I do it that way. I'd like to house photos and such on the Mac. Either OS will work for the other media and data. I'm not looking forward to backing everything up and then figuring out how to convert the files for use on an HSF+ file system instead of NTFS. I could use a solution to read/write an NTFS volume on Mac, I just don't know if there are any good ones out there. Any ideas?
  4. If this CPU is supposed to be dual core, then that is the problem. In the activity monitor, and another tool I used, our only shows a single core and one thread. Considering that it is an AIO, I will assume that the CPU may not be removable from the motherboard. Either way, my guess is that the CPU or the motherboard is where the fault is. I was thinking bottleneck because the first time I checked it out after it began to seriously slow down it appears to have only one core. It was really snappy when I first got it. I did ask of the usual stuff to tweak it. I uninstalled all of the crapware and adware from HP, tuned up the services and optimized startup items. The computer functioned very impressively. I haven't added a ton of programs that use heavy resources and constantly have checked startup and services as nice gone along. One day it simply slowed right down. It honestly takes about 3-4 minutes to completely boot to the desktop, and it even lags at times when browsing the web or playing a simple game like Minecraft. It was like an overnight change. I checked by process of elimination to see what may be causing it, but everything appears in order. So, after a while I decided it had to be a poor single core CPU, or possibly a bad HDD. Now that I have discovered the true specs of the CPU, I guess I'll have to have it replaced under warranty. It's still covered, thankfully.
  5. The As are really at for cores? Mine shows up with only one stream in the activity monitor. Are all the A lineup quad? I'm so it off date, using Mac for the last three years of so, I feel clueless. Is there a program for Win 8.1 that will show me what's really going on? If it's a quad, it's not a bottleneck. I'm thinking the HDD may be an issue.
  6. I've been away for quite some time now, but I browse every once in a while. I've Googled some, but can't find what I'm looking for. I want to know the difference between the latest AMD CPU lineup. Such the A vs E series. I have an all in one right now with an A6 in it. I can't find much about it at all. It is the bottle neck of my computer, I think. It appears to be a single core processor, with decent video. Will someone give me that basic scoop, or lead me in the right direction? Thanks!
  7. I have been going through all of my startup items on my newly installed Win 8.1 and noticed the Google Update entry. I've seen it before, but I've never really understood what it was for. All of the resources that I have found via Google search say that it is not needed, but I though that it was the startup item used to update Chrome. Keep in mind, this entry is the one located in the User Logon section, not in services or anywhere else. I can't find a definitive answer as to whether I actually needed or not, so I thought I would go to my trusted to go source for the legit scope, which is OCC of course. Will someone give me an answer on this? I can provide a screenshot if you'd like. Thanks everyone! Now that I have jumped ship from Mac back to Windows, I really need to get invloved here again like I use to back in the day.
  8. I haven't been on for a log time, but when I cam back to ask question today I noticed that the VIP Lounge is either gone, or I can't access it anymore. What's the scoop?
  9. I thought I'd drop in here and ask if anyone had any suggestions for me here one of my my favorite tech savvy places on the Intarwebz. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on ATT. Since the 4.4.2 fw upgrade, the baseband on that phone currently has prevented it from being rooted. So, I am using the the stock ROM, stripped down to the best of my ability without root access, and running Nova Launcher Prime on it as well. The Photo Gallery app that it comes with is very poor, however. Sometimes it is unbearably slow to respond, and for some reason not all of the photo and video media get properly placed in albums as they once did. This makes it so that you have to browse through the photos, and other applicable media, via the "All" tab in order to see all of the content. I'm sure that this will get fixed eventually, but it sure makes for a poor experience now. Will any of my fellow Android users recommend to me an app for photo browsing, organizing, or something similar that will get the job done that I am looking to accomplish? Thanks everyone!
  10. Now I found another question about the router. It has DNS-based web filtering options. You can choose predefined DNS servers, or use your own DNS URLs. The services it offers in the drop down box are as follows: OpenDNS Noton Connect Safe Yanx.DNS The issue is that right under the dropdown box with the available services, there are spots to place DNS addresses. These four spots are are autopopullated, but with the Google DNS addresses. It does have some random language about that being a custom field. What do I do with those fields? Leave them with the Google DNS, put in the DNS addresses specific to the chosen DNS service, or the addresses for my own ISP?
  11. That's the thing. Mine will do that too, but outside of mobile, I cannot sync my Exchange calendar outside of a VPN. That is of course, unless you have Google Apps and sync your Exchange directly with your Google account using Google App Sync. Then, you can simply sign into a Google Apps account and is all right there in one signed on account regardless of device, mobile, or PC/Mac. It's no big deal to have your free Gmail synced to a Google Apps account. I'm simply double checking to make sure I have it all correct according to my research. I originally posted this before I found thisinfo in the Google help documents. It was buried deep in there.
  12. You all aren't quite understanding what I'm trying to accomplish here. I did some more research and found that Google App Sync may work for me. I am mostly interested in syncing my Exchange calendar with all the others. Then I don't have to mess around with selecting a whole bunch of different calendars to be able to view them all in one place.
  13. How do you accomplish this? I am looking to merge them into one calendar so as not to miss any meetings or appointments, but without the need to setup high security updates to the lockscreen of my Nte 3.
  14. But do you have to forward the free Gmail account to Google Apps, or can you set it up to sync? Basically, I am looking to find a single place to access my personal email and calendar as well as my work exchange email and calendar instead of signing into several different accounts on each device I use.
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