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  1. Anything you can contribute is beneficial for the team/cause.
  2. According to the current stats, you have about a day before I overtake you. I just wish our team could pick back up again, it's really gone downhill.
  3. Your choices look fine to me, other than the motherboard, which you should change to a B550 chipset. I do not suggest changing the PSU at all, that one has a good range for efficiency. Once you get around 25% to 80% load, you are at peak efficiency. Consider some higher quality fans if you find the cheaper ones to be irritating.
  4. I easily get 2M PPD with my new 2070 super.
  5. Now, I have a better idea of what's going on. With the AIO as an intake, you have the the ideal position for coldest airflow. Nothing else competes with it for airflow. When you change to a tower cooler, it's got to compete in a smaller area, surrounded by other components releasing heat. Your results with the tower cooler are to be expected, given the restrictions it has in place. Whether you have the additional 120mm fan on the tower cooler is up to you, the issue is not with airflow, however. Your issue is that the cooler can only work with the air surrounding it, not that the cooler itself is overloaded. Given that you get similar results with either cooler, just stick with the tower and single fan. Unless you're absolutely tied to those LED fans, consider changing to some Noctua or other premium fan.
  6. What have you got for cooling in your case? One of the benefits of AIO coolers, is that you can exhaust heat out the back. With a tower cooler, you may need an extra exhaust fan to handle the heat load.
  7. Over the past month, I've upgraded my whole rig with a 9600k and rtx2070 super being the main components. Really bumping up my output now.
  8. All these new systems make mine feel a bit underwhelming. I can still pump out 100k per day, if it runs 24/7.
  9. I'm still folding away with the 770 and 2500k, although my production went down over the hot summer. Now that temperatures are dropping, my production may pick up again.
  10. Hey, every little bit helps. I used to run [email protected] almost 24/7, but I've had to cut back some.
  11. I tried changing my main PC to W10 not long after it was available but, the upgrade process broke my bootloader and renamed all my drives. After that incident, I decided to repair my previous installation and stick with W7. When I upgrade my PC, I may decide to switch to W10.
  12. Backup your work folder and config before you reinstall FAH.
  13. My fan controller has been acting up for the past few days, so I had to stop folding. After I can diagnose the problem properly and get the parts installed, I can start again. EDIT: I think the problem has been identified, it was the temperature probe on fan channel one (CPU cooler). I replaced the probe and it works fine.
  14. Most of the slump in activity is down to the fact that overclocking and modding, aren't commonly discussed any more. Back when I joined, there were always people cutting up a case or putting crazy heatsinks on stuff. Much of the hardware is more homogeneous these days, with little or no room for modification. Although more people are building PCs than ever, they are easier to assemble.
  15. Another great alternative to the Corsair and Fractal Design cases that are very popular.
  16. Second the CM212, it is the best cooler for the money. Alternatively, you can find any 95mm fan that will fit and just replace the old fan. This size and shape is shared/common with the Xbox 360.
  17. You'd be moving up one generation on the CPU and motherboard, which is a good jump in performance for the money. Be prepared to reinstall OS and you're off to the races.
  18. This is great, our team needs all the help it can. Many people giving up on [email protected] and we need more PCs to take their place.
  19. Upgrading from W7 to W10 is more problematic, as the whole bootloader stuff (technical term) changed in W8. I ran into a similar problem with my W7 machine and had difficulty getting W7 to boot again, after deciding W10 wasn't a good choice yet. My best advice is to have an image of W7 from where you liked it and recovery software for W7. Ideally, you would be running W10 in isolation.
  20. I really haven't been keeping up with this forum lately. My summer project has mostly been working on a few difficult patches of lawn this year. Most of my recent purchases reflect that. I purchased a Fiskars Uproot Weeder a few weeks ago to pull weeds, it's a really cool tool that makes weeding more exciting, especially the ejection of the weed. I've dubbed it the "weed shotgun" because, the ejection makes is similar to pumping a shotgun... sort of. Earlier this summer, I tried growing K31 tall fescue to cover the bare areas and it is helping to control the spread of weeds. The latest seed I just put down last week is more of a dense turf, which should be more attractive. When I get back to more interesting purchases, I'll post them in this thread.
  21. I hold to the argument that the project is a positive thing. With all the computers folding globally, it is such a massive force and yields promising results.
  22. I still do work for our team, but have noticed a sharp drop off in participation over the years.
  23. After a short break, due to my failing A/C unit I am back folding at full throttle. Exhaust fan on my A/C unit blew into a million pieces and I had to keep the heat load down for a few days, until the new unit arrived.
  24. Online keeps crashing for me tonight, it's the steam version.
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