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  1. Yea, but it does not happen to the other one that I have and it happens when I am writing to it or watching tv shows off of it.
  2. Short story wd external was disconnecting and not reconnecting. So I bought a new terabyte size. It worked and now its doing the same thing but its reconnecting right away. I cant figure out what is wrong. Tried new cables made sure the drives are not allowed to hibernate, but it does this all the time and its annoying me to no end. Everytime it happens it makes the noise and Picasa tries to import the pictures on it even though i told it not to check that drive. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. After the concert he might have been. As for the shirts I wish I had money, but spring break is upon me and I need to buy my own food and booze(both are required).
  4. I feel like this is biased towards firefox =P but then again so am I
  5. My girlfriend only knows what I taught her, which is just enough to get her through Intro To Computers class with flying colors.
  6. Yea, even McCain in his speech immediately following his loss in the election he called Obama his President. (says a lot about him)
  7. There is a BIOSHOCK 2 COMING OUT!!!!!!! I shall go camp out now....
  8. True dat let him do his job change dosnt come over night. We wont know if he was the right choice for at least a year or so.
  9. He has?!?! Shows how well I am in the loop lol. Then I retract my former statement. People are idiots and need to accept the fact that he is the president. =P Not everyone can be happy with the President all we can do is hope that they make the best decisions for the nation. I shall support him until he gives me a reason not to. EDIT: lol and reading the comments emailed in after the documents were released here is my favorite so far, "It's clearly Photoshopped and a wholesale fraud." They can tell by the pixels and having seen a few shops in their day =P
  10. Ok so my motherboard is an ASUS M3A78-CM and it supports 8 audio channels So after installing the latest drivers for the sound card(onboard) I still cannot get surround sound to work in source games, and other games like fallout 3, and some movies dont play with 5.1 correctly either. Is this an xp issue or am I failing at something?
  11. In my experience XP has messenger set to a default of off, so how do you enable it on every computer? It dosn't matter if you enable it on your system if the receiving system has the messenger service disabled. Not doubting that you did this, just wondering how.... for my own purposes and uses
  12. Agreed. Although I dont see a problem with him releasing his original birth certificate for public review. That would end this issue real quick. *Here it is* *DONE* *moving on to something more Presidential*
  13. I was not saying that it isnt alive today, and thats different from the slavery he was referring to, nor does that condone his ignorance in saying racism isnt a bad thing. Either way reminds me of this.
  14. lol. I was in a class the other day and we were looking at the painting called "The Slave Ship" by i dont really care who. and the professor went off on a tangent saying racism isnt real and slavery isnt a bad thing .... on a separate note. HOLY CRAP LIME CAT IS BACK!!!! WIN!
  15. yea. lol. its for stupid questions. Like the other day a girl from my college asked me for a scrabble word generator. so i did this
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