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ASUS Xtreme Design contest: stage 2 build

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So the way this thread is going to go is like so:


This first post will always contain the last little tidbit we posted. Videos pictures, all that fun stuff will go here, as well as be posted at the end of the thread as well. That way people just visiting can see the latest and wonder what's going on, but those of you keeping up will still know as well.


Hey guys and gals, here's our latest video,

Also, if you want to subscribe to our youtube channel and see some funny/great parodies and videos of our Asus contest build, come check it out!





Here are the latest pictures:


Ok guys, here are some more pictures of the parts, before I put them in the machine...


























Here are some pics of the case build, note the mobo tray isn't done yet in these pics:



Top view of mobo tray



Mobo tray



How it goes in the case



We were up too late for the GF's...

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This may be callous but I WON! I am freaking excited to test out all of the awesome features Asus has thrown into it's new mobo. I'll post up all of the exciting details on this thread. There's gonna be pics of the hardware, screen shots, videos, and of course just random posts about how much fun my friend and I are having. I hope others from the site have won as well, and good luck to all of the other 19 winners out there. I AM FREAKIN EXCITED! WOOHOO! Be on the lookout for more posts as we mod our HAF 932 and as we get the parts. WOOHOO!



Don't you mean "WE" won? :D

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Don't you mean "WE" won? :D


Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry, I was just too dang excited to think! :withstupid: That's my friend who's been helping me with this the entire time. He actually drew the design in adobe illustrator.

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We cant wait to get to the modding! We already have the tools to get most of the job done but we are in the midst of making a shopping list for accessories and add-ons. This will be a great task, but we are ready for the challenge. THANK YOU ASUS, SAMSUNG, G.SKILL, INTEL, NVIDIA, RAZER, and ANTEC!!!!!!!!!!

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