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  1. Well a few degrees below 0 (celsius) and a few centimeters of snow would be just perfect, not to mention alot better than mud and rain like it's still autumn
  2. Merry Christmas to everybody! Having some black Christmas here in Estonia Haven't seen any snow this winter yet. Also good luck to all the contestants!
  3. MSI GE620DX Intel Core i5-2430M MSI MegaBook motherboard w HM65 chipset Elixir 4GB DDR3 1333MHz nVidia GT 555M (2GB) Western Digital Scorpio Blue 640GB (WD6400BEVT) 15,6" FullHD LED screen Country: Estonia
  4. CPU: Core i5-2430M @ 2.4GHz (Turbo enabled) Motherboard: MSI MS-16G5 RAM: 1*4GB 1333MHz CL9 GPU: nVidia GeForce GT 555M 2GB Storage: WD Scorpio Blue 640GB Display: 15,6" Full HD (1920x1080) Mouse: Intel Wireless Optical 2,4GHz Country: Estonia
  5. Sorrt it took me so long to reply again. Actualy I found out that MSI has warranty no matter if the sticker is broken or not. I'll make a few calls and see what my local shop and MSI have to say. If they cant provide any solution then I'll replace the thermal paste. Thanks for the input too!
  6. Okay, well took me long enough, or too long even. And yes, both the core clock and vcore drop at the same time to 798MHz and 0,750v respectively.
  7. Sorry, been quite busy and haven't even been home a lot. I'll try to test the stuff out before weekend.
  8. I am not sure how to check the vcore during gaming as CPU-Z doesn't support info loging. Maybe just run the game windowed and check manually? I checked the system info from BIOS and both the BIOS and EC are the latest version. I also played burnout paradise for some hours and still had the problem. I had Open Hardware Monitor running and it logged max temps as follows: CPU core#1 92C CPU core#2 89C GPU core 88C CPU power draw 32W I know it's a little hot, but it's a hot summer and the ambient is at least 26C (probably more). I checked the voltage during Prime95 test. CPU-Z reported 1,181V during load and 0,755V during idle (speedstep clocked it down too ofc). Also reapplying the thermal paste is out of the question as I have this warranty sticker on one of the screws. But if the problem is caused by temps then I could easily buy a laptop cooler. I just don't think 92C is extremely hot for a laptop CPU, maybe I'm wrong.
  9. MSI says that the newest BIOS and EC should fix it, no further fixes nor updates to be found. I also found some info about the GPU overheating and thus triggering the CPU downclock. I'll test it in some games and report back with temps. EDIT: Tried DiRT 2 & 3 and BurnOut Paradise. Couldn't get the GPU temp over 87C, which shouldn't be too high. In DiRT the game would stutter at 84C already, but in BurnOut Paradise it went till 87C without a problem and started the stutter at around 85C and 15mins into the game.
  10. I double-checked everything under advanced power options, seems fine. I also use gaming mode from MSI S-Bar software, which should keep the speed 2,4-3GHZ at all times and it actually does, but still gets this 798MHz spike in there every now and then during gaming.
  11. So I recently bought a new laptop, namely the MSI GE620DX. It has the Core i5 2430M cpu and Geforce GT 555M (2GB) gpu. Games run pretty well, especially for it being a laptop, but every now and then I get stuttering/lag in games. At first I was unsure what's causing it, but I ran RealTemp during gaming and let it log the cpu speeds along with temps. Temps are fine, but the clock speed randomly drops to 798MHz for about 5 seconds and then back to normal. This occurs every 15-20 mins and can get quite annoying during gaming. I've updated the BIOS and even the EC firmware. The last one should have done the trick, but unfortunately it didn't. I have no idea how to check the EC version, but the BIOS is the latest version according to CPU-Z. I've googled it and couldn't find any other solutions. I also tried disabling the intel speedstep from BIOS and that actually fixed the problem, but it's a laptop and I don't want it to run on 2,4GHz when it's on battery. Furthermore, I would still like to have the turboboost during gaming. Any kind of ideas and help are appreciated!
  12. Alcatraz is quite an interesting series. It's the first season atm, watched the 7th episode yesterday night. The overall storyline is good and each episode this far has been quite thrilling.
  13. Oh well. I'll try to make the decision soon enough. We'll see how it turns out.
  14. Nope. I can game max about 2 times during the week and an hour or so. Well on weekends I usually have a bit more free time so I tend to play some games.
  15. 4-6GB is probably plenty to me. Also 750GB isn't probably necessary, but I doubt I can afford a SSD. The only thing that is biasing the choice to the HP is the graphics card. That I can at least try out some nice games and play them a bit when I'm in the mood. Exclude the graphics argument and Asus would be the choice for sure.
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