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    A different kind of contest @ OCC 2013

    So my machine is getting pretty old. CPU wise it's still good, but not so much graphics wise . Just bought an SSD (I know, little late to the party) and an upgraded PSU (1000W!). We'll see how I stack up with all you young bucks lol. Intel 920 @ 3.8 ASUS P6T 6GB OCZ Gold NVIDIA GTX 275 Samsung 830 128GB SSD CM 690 Scythe Mugen 2 (a huge beast!) OCZ ZX Series 1000W Fully-Modular 80PLUS Gold High 24 inch 1920 x1200 21 inch 1080p monitor Creative 5.1 surround sound speakers Country USA
  2. redtigerdragon

    [WTS] Core PC components!

    I may be interested in the proc and cooler. How much would it cost to ship to KS for the both of them?
  3. redtigerdragon

    Do you prefer backlit keyboards

    I actually don't like the sound of mechanical keyboards, but do find myself liking backlit keyboards.
  4. redtigerdragon

    DDC BFBC2 invitational

    Yeah let me know when you guys get a hardcore server...
  5. redtigerdragon

    New BFBC2 server need helping getting it popular

    I'll jump on it tonight if I can. Your best bet is to try to find a bunch of times when you can organize a good amount of people on it, at least at first. That will get the attention of the casual gamer to hop on. Then make sure the games are balanced, and there aren't any cheaters, and you should be goo to go.
  6. redtigerdragon


    University of Arizona had several summer sessions, so you may be fine. But I dunno.
  7. redtigerdragon

    Horrible gift ideas

    So A coworker is getting married in June, and what he really wants(needs) is money. So instead of getting him money, I want to get him the most horrendous gift ever, for laughs, which he can then return and have money. The problem is That I can't think of anything (or find good sites with a good return policy). They are registered at target, sears, and bed bath and beyond, so I was looking through those sites to find horrible gifts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. OCC, with your powers combined, we are Captain Planet of Awful Gifts! Go Planet!
  8. redtigerdragon

    120Hz; worth the premium?

    Check out this article here. Basically dogs have a faster vision refresh rate than we do, so they need a faster refresh rate on tv's in order to see the moving images properly.
  9. redtigerdragon

    120Hz; worth the premium?

    Plus, if you own a dog, then they will be able to see the images on the screen!
  10. redtigerdragon

    Horrible gift ideas

    So far the toilet mug and Barbie house sound like good ideas (He doesn't drink coffee, and neither does she).
  11. redtigerdragon

    has anyone heard of the 3dfx Voodoo 590

    Yeah, It's an april fools joke.
  12. redtigerdragon

    H50 to H70

    From most of the reviews I have seen, you can expect at most maybe 5 degrees difference in temps. I wouldn't spend the extra money on it if I were you, but that's just me.
  13. redtigerdragon

    Shogun Total War 2

    Here is a trailer for it. Anyone remember the first one? That game totally got me hooked on the total war series, and I've played/owned everyone since. I'm kinda excited about this!
  14. redtigerdragon

    Need help

    My friends and I made a video for a cyberpower contest. If you guys like it, could you log into a google account or a youtube account (or several...you know...whatever) and vote for it? to view it.
  15. redtigerdragon

    OCC Christmas Contest 2010

    Love OCC Christmas contests! Will be exciting as to who wins what. I too, will be interested to see what some of the awesome comments were, and where the manufacturers stand.
  16. redtigerdragon

    Newegg contest

    Check it out here, grand prize looks pretty sweet.
  17. redtigerdragon

    Form gtx 275 to...?

    So what's the next step up from a gtx 275? From what I've seen, it would have to be the 5870 or 480? Maybe? I'm not really sure, so I'm differing to the experts.
  18. redtigerdragon

    Starting new programming job!

    So on Monday I will be starting in my career as a professional programmer! YAY! I was wondering, what tips and suggestions you guys would have for a n00b like me?
  19. redtigerdragon

    Starting new programming job!

    Cuurently it will be turbo pascal, but they are taking on another system in c# using a SQL backend. I have programmed using c#/SQL, but not pascal before. It's for a business management software company.
  20. redtigerdragon

    Form gtx 275 to...?

    It is SLI compatible, but I'm weird and like single card configurations. I also want to cascade this card down to my second lan gamer/HTPC computer, so I'm looking for a single card setup.
  21. redtigerdragon

    Zombie Weapon

    A coffee mug. Then a busted printer. I could go all office space on them...
  22. I want to see how everything pans out first, see how everything goes. I'm not excited about anything until the reviews hit.
  23. redtigerdragon

    "Breaking apart" a string in C++?

    Oh suedenim, you made me lol. You sir, have won an internets.
  24. redtigerdragon

    "Breaking apart" a string in C++?

    Should be able to do a for loop going through the string, like so for( int i; i < string.length(); i++) char = string; something along those lines...
  25. redtigerdragon

    Official Quick Mushkin Contest

    This pretty much sums up my feelings towards them. That, and they could give me free stuff. Then I'd think they were the best company ever!