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  1. scr4wl


    I used it maybe like 6 months ago to buy something off of Newegg. It worked, but was very annoying and seemed counter intuitive. I don't remember the exact issue i had, but i had to cancel and redo the transaction a few times.
  2. Just a heads up for you guys, looks like bitttrex is having issues with fldc deposits now. I've got 10k fldc that has succesfully sent, but is not showing up in the wallet. This is an annoying coin lol
  3. Yup Edit: New ARG btw guys. www.pineapplearcade.net Prizes include 10btc, 250 eth, $100,000 to the charity of your choice..., cool stuff. The neondistrict (still not solved either) discord is pretty active with people working on pineapple arcade.
  4. Comments like this are incredibly stupid. First of all, everything is up from last year.... like way up lol. Also, just doing a little research you can see why the prices dropped, and how it has affected mining. (Not much for the people who been at it a while) Also, despite the "scary big price drops, oh no" all of my miners are STILL making more daily then they did last year before the boom. You may see some cards go for more reasonable prices due to uninformed people (e.g. people who did not do reaearch and just bought a fuck ton of cards expecting to get rich quick), or people who are unloading some cards because winters ending, or some people unloading cards because they are freeing up slots for new stuff. I wouldn't hold my breath for a massive influx of cheap cards though. Now that you got a card.., finally.., mine with it, and stahp with the fud. Edit: However, stuff like this may do some damage: https://www.utilitydive.com/news/munis-to-charge-bitcoin-miners-higher-power-prices-in-new-york/519275/ Interestingly enough, I think this may actually help decentralization, as it'll be harder for high density farms to operate.., or they'll just move elsewhere.
  5. Ok, again though. The idea behind these currencies isn't to convert them to usd. The exchanges have 0 to do with the development of any of these projects. They just facilitate a way for people to buy the currencies and cash out if you'd like. And what do you want them to fix? You sent the funds to the wrong address. The exchanges can't control the formatting of the coins address, because they usually arent involved in the coins development.
  6. well, you don't really have to jump through any hoops to use crypto as intended. With ltc for example. You download the ltc wallet (equivalent to opening a bank account). When you want to send money to someone, you just send it to their address. (Equivalent to a wire transfer) When you get an exchange involved it's different. This is equivalent to a currency exchange.., it's not meant to be used as your "bank account". Combined with fldc/counterpart piggybacking off of another network it can certainly seem confusing for someone just starting.
  7. Sucks what's happening to you slick. You've experienced the main problem with crypto. Humans do not work well with these long chains of hex or base58 strings. As for exchanges.., in general they are not to be trusted. This is why you see people telling you not to keep your coins in an exchange unless you are trading (which you were in your case, so you didn't do anything wrong..., aside from enter the wrong address) I've been reading about fldc, and it's actually a btc token, and uses btc wallets (not clear on how this works yet). That said, since you sent the funds to a bittrex address, they should absolutely be able to recover your coins, as the private key for the btc address should match the fldc address. The 1 month and .1btc fee is bullshit though. It takes 0 work to import a private key you control.., so this is just their shoddy customer service.
  8. It says you instead of your. Ah, see that now.
  9. It shows that I have 266,855.94811112 FLDC in my wallet and yes it is a Bittrex Bitcoin wallet. I really think the way they set this stuff up is pretty stupid. You should not have to have a separate wallet for every single coin, you should have 1 wallet 1 address that can hold whatever coin you put in it. Ok, so in that screenshot. Is that your personal fldc wallet address? Or is that the bittrex btc address? Is your personal fldc address 1HLrk2pLyWhD2qRrRG2k31TRPJYidXJjqZ? If so. What you've done is really sent those 200thousand fldc to a fldc address that is the same as that bittrex btc address.. Bittrex may or may not be able to help. Edit: I could be wrong, but from what I know, those coins are gone. You'd have to somehow generate the private key for that address.., not gonna happen. there is the fact that counterparty (and as a result fldc) runs off the bitcoin network. I'm not sure how that works, so there may be some hope... hopefully.
  10. I don't see how bittrex can recover any coins sent to the wrong address as they don't have some sort of magic backend into the blockchain.... If you send to the wrong address, and the coins don't use like adressess (btc and zcash for example) you'll hopefully get a invalid address error and not loose coins. That said, btc address are sha256 and I believe so are fldc.., so you may have sent your fldc to a wallet controlled by someone else, or no one. I would paste the btc address you sent the fldc to into the counterparty block explorer (or fldc block explorer if one exists.., though I doubt it) and see if your funds are there. If they are, you are sol..., pretty much you are sol, unless you somehow sent funds to an address bittrex controls.., which would be very lucky.
  11. This happens from time to time. Edit: A way to avoid this is to not use third party wallets, and to keep your node synced. Otherwise you are at their mercy. You are stuck with counterparty for fldc though.
  12. Now go sell those coins and go on a vacation!I can't figure out how to do it =(You will click Wallets in the top right, then in the search (or scroll down to it) type fldc. Click on the deposit icon to the left of fldc, then click generate deposit address, copy that address. Then on your counterwallet you will click send next to your fldc, then paste your deposit address. You can lower the fee a little if you want, but not to much. Then just click send. Then in bittrex, click wallets, hide 0 balances, click fldc which will bring you to fldc/btc exchange. Sell your fldc for btc..,, then cash out or reinvest in something else. Edit: top right I mean Edit: i'm also assuming you already sent some btc to counterwallet.
  13. I don't use DSTM's miner, so i don't know what has changed, but I'd be very surprised if you couldn't use the same bat file.
  14. I wouldn't mind if it drops for a little while longer..., maybe some miners will give up. Let's keep those difficulties down!
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