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  1. ^has an avatar that reflects my driving mentality...
  2. ^Joined OCC just 8 days before me.... over 5 years ago
  3. Do you mean a rubber band, or the kind used in yoga?
  4. I don't know if it totally counts, but I use my phone as my MP3/video player. I just use A2DP headphones and listen/watch on the train. I'd like to see a ceiling fan. FUN FACT: The song currently on screen is from the Gundam 00 soundtrack.
  5. Gundam 00, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam X The Bleach manga has been great (up to chapter 359), though the anime has had a lot of filler over time...
  6. I want to see a stuffed animal... like a teddy bear, not one that was once living...
  7. kurosen


    No advertisements, pop-ups, or anything like that. You need to get a key via e-mail (no, they don't send spam, they send the key instantly) and put that in the first time you run Avast. Here's a link to the registration form to get a key: Click Me
  8. kurosen


    Avast The home version is free.
  9. kurosen

    NeWl3 )-(eRe

    Welcome to the OCC... DTTL!
  10. I can't be certain of the year, but I believe that's a Lamborghini Jarama Rally
  11. :o VERY impressive, Phil. It's good to be back, if only for a little bit... Till I get some new parts at least
  12. Here ya go. Might be a tough one
  13. It's been a while since I've last posted in this thread, let alone OCC. Can't believe it's still going strong. I could be wrong, but is that an Austin A30? EDIT: Correction, it's an Austin A35. The difference is the turn indicators above the front bumper.
  14. It's good to know I haven't been forgotten. Thanks Savan:) I hope to be back here as soon as I'm able to afford some shiny new parts and get back in the OCing game. For the moment though, I still have the same rig in my sig, and go back into hiding.
  15. Nightmares? I don't think I can play this game thanks to that Er... I'm not really back yet, so this is just a temporary hi to all my OCC comrades. I hope to be back once the house is built and I can hook my system back up again.... I think it's time for something new
  16. it's been a while.... but verran, this system looks right up my alley as I'm still running the same rig in my sig.... I haven't changed that sig in a looooong time
  17. kurosen

    oldie's return

    welcome back byron... good to see another oldie back in the fold don't tell me about being "too poor to upgrade".... getting married makes getting parts a rarity... i still have the same rig in my sig!!
  18. been away for a bit... funniest thread ever
  19. kurosen

    Oh Kurosen!

    grrrr.... must get back into the foldage.... >.<
  20. they don't jump into the movie expecting you to understand what's going on... granted there are a few subtle "inside jokes" in the movie, but you won't even notice them unless you look, you'll be able to follow it just fine. go make seeing now!
  21. I must thank a digg submission for giving me the heads up. For some reason they moved the opening day up to last night. I watched it at 8:40pm and saw the huge line gathering for the 12:00am showing... if they only knew beforehand Back on track: The movie was awesome, and the die-hard fans will appreciate the little tidbits scattered here and there (for instance, check out what car is originally offered for $4000 at the dealership instead of the camaro)
  22. welco- wow.... no words.... well except for: DON'T TOUCH THE LLAMAS!!! :ph34r: don't say I didn't warn you! edit: my apologies, I didn't check how old this thread is... my bad
  23. at first zelda, then i got the duckhunt/mario cartridge... that thing was awesome
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