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  1. I have my e6750 at 3.6Ghz and Zalman 9500AT on it, It idles around 45C and at 100% load both cores go up to 68C while the overall CPU temp is around 60C, is this normal especially when i have such a good HSF on it or is my proc a bit steamy? I'm using SpeedFan latest version to see my temps.
  2. You can use the bitdefender online scanner on their website, its free and will delete any viruses it finds.
  3. Damn, oh well Newegg still got best prices around, Gov of NY be damned for passing the laws requiring the stupid taxes...
  4. BitDefender 2008 Internet Security is what im using and its been awesome so far, not that much of a resource hog either.
  5. Did you forget to mention a new MB? Or your seriously running that X2 on the ASrock
  6. You should have bought an afermarket HS&F since your overclocking.
  7. Agreed that 435watt PSU just wont be enough.
  8. It means its not stable try upping the voltage to 1.42V
  9. It might be a failing HD, or it could be that you have a virus.
  10. Thats an insane score with only one 8800GT maybe you tested it with 3Dmark 05?
  11. Nvm i got it to work thx for the help anyway.
  12. I do have netframework 2.0 SP1 installed and after i hit enter it does ask me for the pass but only Enter works and Esc nothing else no letters no numbers...
  13. Whenever I try to put in my admin password it doesn't work, all it lets me do is hit enter...?
  14. Can i set up the windows SMP client? I do have a C2D.
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