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  1. If a socket 775 processor is running at 1333mhz, would DDR3 RAM give a performance gain over DDR2 in that situation?
  2. Here take a look at what i found and tell me what you think http://pccyber.com/?v=Product&i=MB-GA-EP45T-UD3LR >> GA P45 DDR3 >>$118 CAD >> future proof (DDR3) http://pccyber.com/?v=Product&i=RAM-OCZ3G1333LV6GK-II >> OCZ DDR3 1333 mhz >> $42 CAD http://pccyber.com/?v=product&i=CPU-BX80570E8400 >> e8400 >> $188 CAD >> not going to buy at the moment, planning to OC e2140.
  3. I think my mobo does support up to 4GBs of ram since 2GB sticks did not exist when the article was written. Neither did the e8xxx series. What kind of ram would u guys recommend, 2x1GB vs 2x2GB? 667 vs 800 vs future mobo?
  4. So the e8400 uses the same slot as e4xxx since they are both core 2 duo processors ?
  5. I am definitely going to buy some ram soon since its cheap, but how about instead of buying a new processor, i can just buy a new board and overclock my e2140 to 3.x ? I'm currently thinking most of doing this, please tell me what you think and which mobo would you recommend. I afraid my cool master extreme 500w won't be enough to power e8400 with a 4850.
  6. Hi. I have recently bought an MSI 4850 1gb video card. I realized my system is really bottlenecking that nice card. Can someone tell what to upgrade first? Here are my specs: Video Card: MSI 4850 1GB-OC CPU: e2140 (can't OC because of the mobo) Motherboard: Asus IPILP-LC SPECS: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...421&lang=en 1GB DDR2 667 RAM Now Obviously, my system (except video card) is a really low end one. I am planning on upgrading as soon as i get the $$. I want to max out games like call of duty 4 at 1440x900 with 4xAA. I can't overclock because my BIOS is locked and my motherboard goes 533/800 so I can't use the BSEL pin mod So what is bottlenecking me the most right now? Please give me suggestions of what to upgrade to. Please keep in mind that I'm upgrading bits and bits because I running low on money, so please don't suggest anything too crazy or expensive Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. That would help much because the heatsink is covering the GPU. The vacuum cleaner was actually sucking the air around the GPU.
  8. There's no way to keep it this way! its so noisy! The vacuum is actually sucking the air Im just soo surprised to see that its cooling my video card really well. idle temp=45. And BTW, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in ur rig is pretty useful because its sucking the dust now just relocating it.
  9. My video card's fan stopped working so i had to use a vacuum cleaner! Heres the link to watch my video! www.youtube.com Before i noticed that my video card stopped working i was checking the temperature in rivatuner and it was 127
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