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  1. I think this thread needs a little revitalizing. airman, are you still up for the next one?
  2. sig of ^ has made < watch TTGL... Now up to ep 26...
  3. Dead again? **beats thread with a stick** Let's see an action figure... Barbies need not apply...
  4. Crunchbang on a stick... For when I need to take everything with me, including the kitchen sink...
  5. Wow. No other requests in 5 days? Hmmm.... How about a sandwich?
  6. Sounds like the CMOS battery died.... Replace the battery and you should be good to go. I've attached a pic of where on your mobo the battery is located... Yes, I got carried away with the circles....
  7. So I just received a Dell Mini 9 that I ordered for someone, and found in order to use the F4 key, I need to press the function key as well. That made it unusable for me as pressing alt + F4 is my primary way to close programs and ctrl + F4 to close individual tabs while browsing. Yes, I know I could just press the X at the top of the window to close it, but it's become a habit. The fact that Dell made the F4 key accessible only when pressing the function key as well caused me to wonder if it was really used much by anyone else besides me. So am I alone on this? Do others use alt + F4 and ctrl + F4 as well?
  8. Good point, and I guess people would be able to tell who made it based on the content So how do I get it attached now that it's uploaded?
  9. Just noticed that some people put their names within the worm pics. Are there any guidelines for this?
  10. Ah, I was just going by the picture size, thanks for the clarification... updating now... EDIT: Ok, I think I got it all right... Here's the pic alone and how it should look side by side with jammin's
  11. I think the gradient in the background needs to be a little brighter from the left side in order to transition correctly, but here is the basic concept I had in mind... Honestly, I don't know why I bothered... I'm terrible at this stuff I wanted to get the tentacle to be near the rump area, but that wasn't working at all so I settled for "creeping up behind the hill". Very amateur shop job, I know. Anyone else want to try fixing this mess?
  12. I'm working on something... nothing too complex, but I think it will get the message across...
  13. I want to see your fanciest shoe/sneaker.
  14. That sounds about right. Your CPU sounds like it's overheating. Are you sure you applied the heatsink correctly and coated the cpu with fresh thermal paste? If you OCed your system, try lowering it along with the voltage if possible. One other possibility is lag on the server you are in. For example, if you throw a grenade and it doesn't explode at the right time, or there is a delay between you releasing your mouse to throw a grenade and the throw appears delayed on-screen. Does that describe what you are seeing?
  15. My first guess would be an overheating issue as it happens over time, assuming no further apps are being launched during gaming. Just a random thought, but have you installed anything since then that would run as a service/background process? Maybe something that monitors network traffic or does file checks? You may be pushing the CPU or RAM which explains why frame rate isn't going down. If you could be more descriptive regarding how it gets laggy/glitchy, that might help as well. Are you seeing artifacts in the game itself?
  16. I'd like to see some DDR RAM... SIDENOTE: I'm actually looking to buy 2GB of PC3200
  17. ^ is from Brooklyn, NY which makes him awesome as a result...
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome back Don't really have much to update techwise (though personal life has changed A LOT). I plan to put a Core i7 together at some point, and I should be back to OCing when I do. Till then, I'm just trying to find a couple o' gigs of PC3200 for my old rig (the one in my sig). Till then... DTTL!!
  19. Glad I'm not the only one to "sort of" come out of the woodwork after being away for a while.... Good to see you Psycho_Active
  20. I'm just looking for a quick fix to my old system until I can afford parts for a new i7 build I have in the back of my head... I'm looking for 2GB of PC-3200, preferably matching sticks for dual channel or a single 2GB stick. Searching online showed some oddly high prices, and I was hoping some of the old timers here would have a couple o sticks collecting dust in a closet that could be put to better use... Thanks
  21. Does it count if I only have the platter and magnet? I tossed out the rest a little while ago
  22. You can check the history of content on Wikipedia by clicking on the history Tab at the top of every article. Here is the "revision" in question: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=...oldid=296566951 Pointless.... <_<
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