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    Hello all!

    Welcome tot he OCC ajmatson... DTTL!!! Enjoy your stay
  2. i liked the part when she didn't type anything and said "computer says no" when the guy called her out on it, she pressed one button
  3. alright here's a few more: -don't stand under a tree during a storm -don't wear a leather jacket when it's raining as water will damage leather -men are supposed to wear suits at weddings, funerals, and other such occassions
  4. wish i could afford a black 98ish trans am ws6... my original dream car
  5. Hi guys, Everyone knows a few of the simple rules in life that no one ever talks about, things like putting down a tip at a restaurant after a nice meal, or keeping quiet in a movie theater... What are some other unspoken rules? Keep an eye on this thread, you may find out you've been making a faux pas every time you went to work in your pajama's
  6. i think it'd be fun to give everyone a shot
  7. thanks celt, it's good to see you again
  8. well if those aren't the most uneven speeds ever... still, lucky you... wish we could get such speeds here in the states
  9. lol exeter, i gotta keep you on your toes
  10. Hi guys, Well I had to take down my old farm a while back, and I can't promise that I'll be generating the points like I used to, but I am gonna do my best to bring in as many points for OCC as possible I remember we used to have a custom client installer that automated the install process to setup for our team. What happened to that thing anyway?
  11. my wife's fave candy is reese's peanut butter cups.... oh yea... i guess i forgot to mention that... i got married in march and had a month long honeymoon till mid-april
  12. i don't use it, but i've made business purchases for a few acer laptops that come preloaded with vista home premium....
  13. welcome back lego as for an update... ummm.... well, the llamas are still not to be touched...
  14. Well I'm not sure how many of you have checked slashdot or digg recently, but it seems the IT community as a whole is in an uproar over this key. No, I don't intend on posting it without the mod's approval... but really, is it right to persecute a person for typing out a set of hex pairs?
  15. meh, the speed of my typing isn't THAT bad... just enjoy using the shorter domain
  16. er... i guess i wasn't very clear... my bad when i meant i didn't want anyone else using the abbreviation OCC, i meant for the purpose of overclocking. this is the one and only overclockersclub.... besides, i'm more of a car guy then a motorcycle enthusiast
  17. the primary reason I posted this is so we don't have another group calling themselves OCC and because it's become a habit to use that instead
  18. Er, I'm not sure who should be reading this, but I usually use occlub.com which autoforwards to the OCC site... I just tried that now and got a page from godaddy.com saying that it's pending renewal or deletion. to any mod that could take care of this, PLEASE DON'T LET OCCLUB.COM PERISH!!!
  19. kurosen

    N00B here

    welcome to the OCC cvpi73... DTTL!!! I used to walk the beat here in NY... We just call them RMP's here, and tag them with digit ID's... Over here they are slowly phasing out the vic's for chargers. they already gave a few to highway patrol... those things are a blast
  20. are you sure it isn't just cheap because it comes with a new contract (which explains why it comes with a SIM card already)? i think you need to have a dataplan in order to use the sidekick for anything more than phone calls. If you put a prepaid SIM in there, you should be able to use the services that come with that SIM, though I don't think data is one of those services...
  21. welcome to the OCC don... DON'T TOUCH THE LLAMAS!! with a WC setup like that, you and tazwegion should get along just fine
  22. kurosen

    WoW prostitution?

    maybe i'm just out of the loop... PST?
  23. kurosen

    WoW prostitution?

    as a curiousity, how long would it take on average to aquire 5000 gold.... I remember when I used to play kal-online, I used to let it fish for days on end... basically, if I left my WoW on 24/7 to mine (i think that's the equivalent to fishing in Kal), how long would it take? EDIT: just did a little research... it seems 5000 gold is equivalent to $750.00.... that's pretty expensive for a one night stand i'd imagine...
  24. kurosen

    WoW prostitution?

    no, i'm not into WoW... I actually gave up a great deal of online gaming, though the occasional CS:S round is fun (yes, I'll be getting onto the OCC server next time I play ) anyway, it seems the story is real if the screenshot from this french forum has anything to say about it:;client=opera
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