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  1. So from what I gather, I should buy the board now, and wait for the cpu and ram till after release. Sound right?
  2. Did you mean the ASRock X58 Extreme? I was looking at that one and the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R. any thoughts on those? I'm basing my thoughts on the rules of supply & demand. It seems like Westmere would create a greater demand for DDR3 and 1366 based boards which may in turn increase prices.
  3. Also forgot to ask - What mobo's should I be looking at in the $150 - $200 range?
  4. Hi guys. I've decided my next rig will be 1366 based. My plan is to buy a 1366 mobo + DDR3 and wait until Westmere releases. Whether I go with a 920 or wait for Westmere depends on how the new chips will affect mobo and cpu prices. It's been a long time since I've kept watch on such things so I'm a bit out of the "trend loop". My questions are: Will the introduction of Westmere bring a significant drop in the prices of the 920? Will 1366 mobo prices go up because of Westmere? Will DDR3 prices go up because of Westmere? If Westmere will cause 1366 mobo and DDR3 prices to jump I'd rather buy now. If not (or they somehow lower), I will wait.
  5. It feels like only yesterday that all you could talk about were furries. You have really grown into someone who makes this world a better place, and for that I salute you. Congrats, KB. Go save some lives
  6. You are very welcome. Believe me, if there were a wired alternative to the MX610, I'd go with that for gaming.
  7. I must disagree. I have to change the batteries on my MX610 once every 3 months or so. Considering I use this mouse for a minimum of 8 hours every day, I'd say that's pretty good. I'm sure if I put a couple of eneloops in there instead, I could stop replacing them altogether and just charge them once in a blue moon, before I leave the office (or in this case, go to bed).
  8. A fellow southpaw! I have the diamondback for home, and the MX610-LH for work (which I'm using right now ). I would get the MX610 for home as well, but since my rig is old as dust, I haven't been able to play any new games and thus need to build a new system before thinking about my mouse... Oh, if only diapers and formula didn't cost so much The MX610 fits like a glove for us. No longer do you need to be jealous of right-handers with mice crafted for their hands only (I love seeing the expression on the face of others when they try using my mouse, now they know how it feels for us when using mice made for them). The cold/warm response time is VERY quick, and while 800 dpi isn't the greatest, I don't think it would affect my gaming terribly. You can customize the actions for all the buttons except the email and messaging ones. One thing I noticed when first getting this mouse was that it swaps left and right click without requiring a change in the OS (ie: they wired the buttons in reverse)... while this does give a more comfortable and natural feel to the mouse as your index finger now becomes the left click (as right-handers are already used to), I decided to swap them the other way because my middle finger is used to being the left click and my index finger being the right click. I hope you found this mini-review helpful. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Much thanks to Corsair. Much bigger thanks to OCC for making this contest happen. Bosco, did you receive my entry?
  10. Rest in peace, Ryan. You will be dearly missed.
  11. Savan my good sir, you are a mountain of awesomeness. Thanks
  12. Here's hoping there's still one left. Thanks in any case guys [email protected]
  13. I won a 4670 last year, but couldn't use it (still have same rig in sig), so it got donated to someone more in need. I can't wait for this year's shindig
  14. Alright, here's mine... BONUS comic:
  15. Back when the movie first came out, my friend and I knew that it wasn't "real" in the way shown, but we planned on building a platform carpeted with magnets to repel a truckless skateboard covered in magnets glued to both sides (all with the same polarity) to try and duplicate the effect... I should ask him if he still wants to do it
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    Thanks for the info Phil, you just helped me find out why I could never submit stuff to Digg from this system! Disabled Avast and tried submitting, sure enough it worked! Never got a pop-up or anything. The question now is, how do we tell Avast that this specific js function is alright?
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    Hey Phil, may be a DNS based issue. Have you tried a DNS flush?
  18. did you format the second partition? try start> run> diskmgmt.msc let us know if you see the second partition in there. if so, just right click on it and format
  19. In case I'm right, someone go for me
  20. Hold on a sec.... We have an MS rep lurking in the OCC forums?! This could be interesting....
  21. Hooah, soldier. Carry on...
  22. Weren't you the first on the worm, lego?
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