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    [Main Rig]
    DFI Lanparty Nforce 4 Ultra-D
    Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester @ 2.7
    Custom DD Water Cooling (maze4, TDX)
    g.skill 4400LE
    ATI Radeon x850xt
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
    2 x 36.7 GB Raptors in Raid-0 array
    1 x 200gb Western Digital SATA HD
    1 x 320gb Western Digital SATA RD HD
    1 x 80gb Western Digital IDE HD
    OCZ Powerstream 520w
    [Folder 1]
    MSI Neo 2 FSR nforce 3 250gb
    Athlon 64 3200+
    512 corsair xms pro
    1x 200gb WD Sata
    1x 80gb WD IDE
    2x misc 20-40gb hds
    [Folder 2]
    Dell 550mhz with 128mb pc-133
  1. Byron

    oldie's return

    hey, thanks for the welcome back, i've been searching articles about the toledo cores and hopefully i can get a good OC out of it. I just got it today and i'm slowly raising it up while burning in.
  2. Byron

    oldie's return

    hey guys, some of you older ones might remember me, maybe not. I am now in college at Purdue and have been too poor to do any upgrades, but some of my generation of hardware has come down in price, so i can do a small upgrade finally. I'm getting rid of my 3500+ winchester and getting an extremely cheap x2 3800+ toledo :-) Anyways, i thought the least i could do is stop in and say hi.
  3. I've been drafting for about 2yrs now in hs, and i've got exp on mainly autocad 05/06, inventor, and pro-e, but iv'e meddled in a few others including program for a week just to test it, and it really doesnt require much. We've got some p4 2.8's 1gb memory, and a cheaper fire gl card, and they ran it with no problem. But on more intensive programs such as pro-e or whatever, you'd definantly need a beefier setup that would take up the 3800 budget. Just remember, dont overdo it for what they are drafting, if its single parts or small assemblies, you dont need massive processing power or 8gb of ram.
  4. Last time I had an official test was about a year and a half ago, and it was a 138, its probably dropped about 3-4pts the past year Party hardy
  5. One feature that i'm really not liking is the name change. So far, its confused me so many times on peoples new names... It seems like it would be a very easy way to "change identities", plus its insanely confusing if someone completely changes their name.
  6. lol one of my friends has one of the new sunfires, and she has 18" chrome enkei's on it. It looks horrible without the rims, but i cant say I like it with the rims either.
  7. Can a mod please fix title to "Discipline" and not diciplin, it hurts my eyes to read that Anyways, i feel that a parent should never have to hit their child. You just have to establish respect at an early age, and they will turn out alright. Fearing someone is horrible, it is better to be more of a friend to your child, because that way you get to know them better, and probably influence them for the better.
  8. I love it, i've got the same case and its frikken clean as can be. I know that those cases are pretty hard to hide wires. Oh, what brand of UV cc do you have and how long have you had it? I have 2 6in UV's in my black lian-li and i keep burning inverters.
  9. what type of cooling? I'm interested nrg shhhh dont give him a big head, the price is good
  10. I dont have any articles or anything, but i know its a fact just bc of physics labs i've done Only thing i could think of with the amp would be that it is drawing more power so it is making the alternator work harder (more resistance means it will be harder for the engine to turn the alternator belt). So therefore you are going to be putting a slightly higher strain on the engine than before. One thing that really might help out is to wire up a home-made ground kit, just use like amp wire (4 gauge) and get some gold plated connectors and run a ground from the alternator to the chassis. I've grounded a lot of components in my engine bay and i've noticed easier starting in colder weather and a very slight increase in mpg.
  11. 4% total is the max interest. That more expensive credit card has payed its weight 1000x in gold
  12. I saw the movie about a week ago, and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised i was still awake, because i just got off an 8hr shift and it was like 11p.m. Anyways, it was a great movie non-the-less. On a side note, didnt miramax do all of the kevin smith movies like dogma, jay and silent bob, clerks, mall rats, chasing amy, etc?
  13. rofl but i see "staff" under bishop's name and only "Moderator" under your name bosco :-) I think he wins :-P
  14. I remember that also, the prize for 500k was um... 250 points in the store...?
  15. dang it, guy posted in front of me, I use an eXactmat by Razer
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