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  1. I've been happy with Avast, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D...
  2. sorry to intrude, but I spit coffee at my screen from the above message in response to unforgivin, the chief of police is usually the one responsible for who calls the shots in terms of what school has officers on campus. unfortunately, not all schools have the same track record so you can't really lay down a blanket rule in situations like these. if you want my OPINION though, I would say that law enforcement in schools should only be justifiable where known issues have arisen... bringing up all children to believe they exist in a police state will only mold them to believing they are bad to begin with so they think that is why they need to be watched...
  3. ditto @ andrusk. i pmed bosco saying the same thing about using opendns. as for my work blocking access, i'm the CTO, so I say what's blocked and what's not lol
  4. indeed! i'm having the same rouble, except in reverse. my home rig reaches OCC just fine, but no luck at work... PMing you now bosco
  5. i just answered the ones i knew (4, 6, 7, 9) and i got them right... though i'm not sure about 1... why couldn't the answer to 1 be which was my answer
  6. i'm warming up to it a bit more now vasto... still needs something on the bottom portion... don't know what though.... maybe that blade-ish logo that jammin did?
  7. well that's the thing, it was easier for me to just throw it onto my server instead. anyway it probably would have still been screwy on imageshack in it's former condition as uploading it to occ didn't prove fruitful either. i'll clean up the other posts... on with the submissions and reviews
  8. ok i don't know why, but i believe when i saved it in adobe that the image was screwy. I RE-saved it in irfanview and i verified from a friend at a completely different workplace that it works... anyone verify please or i'm calling it my third strike http://kurosen.com/occlogo.jpg
  9. a small play on one of solepixel's designs... it's a little rough around the edges, but you get the idea....
  10. kurosen

    Hey All

    Welcome to the OCC Tmod.... I'd tell you not to touch the llamas, but it seems you're pretty good at handling them.... Meh... DON'T TOUCH THE LLAMAS! Glad to have you aboard
  11. i actually go against the grain on this and get determined that they understand what i'm saying. if they still refuse, i just tell them "listen, out of the two of us, i'm the techie... trust me on this one". Does the trick for me
  12. retzwerx you're on a roll!! so much activity in only one week, i must say i'm impressed i love your latest one. any way to make the edges of the lightning less pixelated?
  13. Welcome to the OCC tallman, hndgns4hrts chimed in first (good timing by the way), but DTTL!!!
  14. perhaps a couple of orange circles to represent power and reset buttons.... maybe a few orange rectangles on top to indicate optical drives and drive slots?
  15. kurosen

    New here.

    welcome to the OCC, JC316... DTTL!!!
  16. i like the one that looks like a CPU... any way you can "beautify" it a bit? also maybe if you add "heat waves" above the chip, that would be pretty snazzy
  17. guess I was too late. as a rule of thumb, black or white cables indicate ground... if you have both a black and a white cable to complete a circuit, the black is most likely your ground....
  18. Hi guys, I'm currently using Filezilla as my FTP server. I happen to have a michievous script kiddie who is attempting to get admin access to my server via brute force attack every now and then. I can manually ban the IP addresses he comes up with (he is using compromised machines as a proxy as the IP's range from many different countries, and NMap shows different ports open on each IP). As far as I know, FileZilla doesn't have an autokick / autoban feature so that when X amount of attempts are made to login, it will block access from that IP address. I am looking for a free solution to this problem. Any recommendations? Thanks
  19. just try to find some stuff with equivalent speeds and CAS latency. your total RAM can only be as fast as the slowest stick.
  20. 1GB should be decent as it is. just skip the kensingtons as it is going to hurt your system, I really don't think you could push them up to PC3200 speeds, let alone get decent timings off of them
  21. Welcome to the OCC Logoss... DTTL!!!
  22. Welcome to the OCC killhoar... DTTL!!! How about posting some specs so we can help you turn your system into an overclocked room heating system
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