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  1. aren't servers meant to be eco friendly and use a very small amount of electricity? just add a decent GPU and your ready to game
  2. thanks for your quick replies well, he wants me to build it in june so i will use all of your points to keep him interested. since ivy bridge and the new 600 series and 7000 series of GFX cards are now available, i may do some furthermore adjustments to the specs. PS. can anyone tell me why BEATS are a complete rip off.
  3. Hey guys/Gurls Well my friend wants me to build a custom PC for him but someone keeps telling him to get an alienware. Any tips on convincing him? well i told him that alien ware uses OEM Mobos and craps parts. here is the specs of the Custom. Intel Core I7 2600K Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3R-B3 2 x 4GB G.SKILL 1333MHz RAM Powercolor 6950 2GB Edition 1TB Seagate 7200RPM 32MB HDD LG Blu-Ray Combo CH12LS28 Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Chassis OCZ ZT750w PSU TP-Link WN851N Wireless-N Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit about 1.5k i keep telling him it is a very good build for playing games and watching 1080p vids. Thanks
  4. i have the Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 and it has been working without a flaw since last year. great motherboard for the price.
  5. holy crap glad your still up and running...unlike your car, it is fully trashed. PS. wat car is it?
  6. i might have done the next upgrade thing wrong
  7. darn! i wanted the corsair SSD's anyway congrats to the winners! is there still more winners?
  8. wat thread? where are the winners announced?
  9. good thing it has a window! or i would have gone for the 400r
  10. Hello and welcome! Overclockers Club has the best community!!!
  11. great! thank you all for helping, cant wait to purchase, may be after i buy my chassis
  12. i want the 692 usb 3 with window, all my cases must have windows
  13. will there be a email sent if you win? or will it be announced on the forums? Thanks
  14. ha...nice, my thermaltake v4 is full of LEDs, it lights up my ceiling at night even when the lights on
  15. at 4gb idle - 35% to 40% (Web browsing, desktop) Load - 60% - 80% (games)
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    well...it was meant for PC
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