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  1. As I said before... next would be a new CPU cooler, and it was. This time, I did go to a CoolerMaster Nepton 280l, with its 280mm radiador that almost didn't fit in my case. Here is the acessories that it brings: Here is as fan, they're pretty cool. They're noisy at full, more noisy than I would like, but do they push some air. I could see some papers lifting in my desk. Here is the block, that lights up when it turns on: Here it is already installed. I really liked the installion of the block. Its really simple and well explained. The case prepared to install the motherboard adn the new cooler. Still needed to work a hole at the bottom to install the radiator, which doesn't hit the front of the case by less than an half a centimeter. To put it at the top I would need to do new holes, since I couldn't install the radiator and fans with the actual holes because the radiator would hit the case and the fans wouldn't fit between the metal and the plastic cover at the top. Here it is already installed and still had some trouble since that tubing almost have its own will, which didn't really help since it almost hit the front and putting the fans between the radiator at the bottom and screw it from the bottom. The fans are at a pull configuration so it doesn't gather as much dust as in push. I wouldn't also be able to install the radiator if the fans wouldn't be at the bottom. Now with the system turn on: In terms of temperatures, it is right now stable at 4.7 Ghz but it is capable of more. It was stable at 4.8 GHz, didn't try at 4.9 GHz, but did try at 5 Ghz which I run into a problem I never had and really scared me while stressing it. I was stressing it at 5 Ghz, 1.51v with temperatures already at 57
  2. I've got some news about from my watercooling... it didn't come from RMA in a month, and since after a month I may choose another product, so I brought a new CPU. So, here is my new CPU, a FX-8320: Also with it, beside the stock cooler, it did bring a sticker: Until now, no problems. I thought it would be cooler but my aircooling can still deal with it. In prime95 at 3.5 GHz it is around 45
  3. Updates from this week: had to rma my Swiftech h220 again. This time it made some noise, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aOg9XFnRds So its going to take some time to get it back. At the same time, I got two small (Kind of an ITX-format PC) Pentium 4 at 2.8 GHz and one of them has some DDR and a PSU. I have some old hardware at home, so I can still build one from it. I will post images later since I am having trouble uploading it. Edit: Here is a image:
  4. I've got some news from last week, since I've been a bit busy studying. Last week I returned my 270x gaming, since I wasn't really satisfied with it and had the screen flickering problem that didn't really have a solution at the moment (could be drivers, could need to flash a new BIOS). So I paid the difference and brought a 270x Hawk. (I did take off that plastic layer after checking if everything with it was ok) I am really happy with it. I have more overclocking options and it can be even more silent than the gaming version I had. I did some benchmarks with the gaming but I still didn't with this one, but in terms of what little overclocking I still did with both, without voltage, the gaming did 1175 MHz and this one (hawk) does 1220 MHz. In terms of memory overclocking its about the same (1500 Mhz). And this is it in terms of mods for this year.
  5. Thanks for the comment. The swiftech H220 is pre-filled from stock but it is possible to expand, so its possible to add other blocks and radiators to the loop. In terms of temperature and noise they're are great and is easy to install and has 3 years of warranty and they advise to re-fill it after 3 years or less in case you use/push it more than usual. The H220 has a 240mm radiator and there is a h320 that has a 360mm radiator. So, it is between a closed loop and a custom loop and it (h220) is just a bit more expensive than a corsair h110 (at least in my case was).
  6. Time for some news and upgrades. My H220 was a month in RMA and has been installed this last month. Until now, no problems with it. I hope it does keep that way from now on, since my case doesn't have the correct CPU cut-out I need to take the motherboard from the case to uninstall the cpu cooler. At the same time, I was thinking in an HDD for my PC... so I bought a new GPU. A few things that came with it: And here is a few photos from the GPU itself: A few photos withe the GPU already installed: And running: Here is some photos from my Asus 9600 GT 1GB: It served me well for 4 years without problems. It is kind of special for me this GPU: served me for a couple of years, the first GPU I overclocked and tried to improve it during the years and surprised me for the amount of years it could play games without problems at relative high settings. However, the newer games are too much for it now, since I have to play them at low settings and with about 30 FPS or even lower. Hope to use it later, when I finish this project and with the spare parts I can build my secondary PC. About the new GPU, it began with a great start... by underscaling my desktop and screen flickering while browsing. The undescaling was simple as changing a setting in the catalyst control center and the flickering seems to be driver related but isn't that problematic, since it doesn't happen that much times and its a random thing. About the GPU, since that it isn't really related to it, everything looks great. No artifacts appearing, stressing with occt and looking for errors at the same time, it really is silent and was a jump in terms of performance. I didn't try to overclock it yet but hope to do it soon, since I don't really have much time now. When I overclock it, I will put images how does it perform.
  7. Because the 7950 isn't cheaper or at the same price of a 270x everywhere. Where I live, the price of a 7950 is between the 270x and the 280x. Actually, the 7970 can even be more expensive than the 280x.
  8. After some time since I last posted, I've got some good and bad news. The good news is that today I received an order I made in Monday: Which turns out to be this: After some time, I finally have a side-panel with window for my case. However, a more attentive person may notice that I am using aircooling, and that's the bad news. My Swiftech H220 had problems since the pump was sort of coming and going, like droping to 0, return to normal speed, then drop again to 0, return to normal speed... so I sent it to RMA and it should be coming in less than a month. I know of a case which took about 2 weeks, which like mine, had to be sent to France.
  9. Time for another upgrade... again! I really wasn't expecting so much upgrades this year. :tongue: My father moved to France looking for a job (a month ago) and needed my monitor since he couldn't carry his 21" CRT (too big). So yesterday was time to upgrade. I looked for the VE278H but I found it a bit too expensive comparing to the 24" equivalent. I was going for a VS248H but then I found this one: It was a bit less expensive than the VS248H, and even if its like an inch smaller it has more constrast than the VS248H and less response time. After check that everything was OK with the monitor I took the rest of the scratch protection, that plastics. It is really slim this monitor and I don't have the ghosting I had with my VE247H while browsing or working. I already played a bit with it and it was really great. It's a shame my 9600GT 1GB can't do a better job with newer games since I can't crank up the settings because I can see much more details and color with this monitor to make it even more amazing.
  10. http://amdfx.blogspot.pt/2012/01/3dmark11-performance-extreme.html I know its not a 7950CF and not a FX-8350 (single 6990 and FX-8150), but hope it helps anyway.
  11. After a busy week, I finally had some time to install it. Installing it: After installing: The fans: Some more photos of the box from the WC: In terms of noise, it was a bit noisy when I run it for the first time, but I had to change the fan settings and its almost silent now. My GPU does much more noise. :tongue: In terms of temperature, at idle the temperatures are about the same. Running prime95 I did get about 7-8
  12. Hope to have some time soon to moun this:
  13. After a few days of overclocking, testing and my crosshair V almost doing a year, I finally did beat the 4 GHz barrier and my old record for CPU frequency: http://hwbot.org/submission/2353316_xtremeds_cpu_frequency_phenom_ii_x2_545_4138.71_mhz I also did beat a few more old benchmarks I did have, like the superpi. I also used the rog connect which I have never used before. Really nice feature. I hope to have news in the next weeks. Edit: A few more photos and turned the PSU upside down. Inside:
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