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  1. im a big fan of the antec gaming cases, i'll get the 902 but the haf 922 is always talked about. 902 great cooling!
  2. thanks all, i think i'll wait. The motherboards are on the gigabyte website
  3. hey i'm just building a PC for my bro and need advice here are the specs: AMD athlon II X2 260 Gigabyte motherboard (purchased) liteOn DVD sata drive seagate 1TB HDD Antec three hundred OCZ Falaty 500w windows 7 HP gigabyte 5770 SOC Thanks in advance
  4. hey just wondering which case is better, the Antec 902 or CM Haf 922, which one is bigger? Which one has better cable management? which one has better cooling? Which one would fit a 2x 6850's with quite some space left? and which one looks better
  5. the asus 6850 is $219 when i get the mobo and case ill CF
  6. can you crossfire with different brands? example: gigabyte 6850 and Asus 6850 i'll crossfire when i get my new motherboard and my 902. i'm getting 42 FPS on crysis 2 on hardcore
  7. which one!!! should i go for the gigabyte UD3 890GX or should i wait for the new AM3+ motherboards i plan to upgrade CPU maybe new year???? HELP!!!!!!!!!
  8. thanks wow! i was just thinking of the UD3 but the UD5 awesome! i think i will get the UD3 $169 at my computer store so yeah UD3 also has crossfire Thanks anyway
  9. hey just wondering if a crossfired 6850 would it be better than a single 6870? i already have a 6850, just thinking if i should crossfire or just get a single THANX
  10. hey guys need a new motherboard for my amd phenom II X4 955, old one is just too old. my price range $0-$179. my main brand is Gigabyte, i'm looking for a 880G or 890FX or 890GX what ever thats if it supports amd overdrive H Thank you so much
  11. also want something nice and quiet stock too loud while playing games
  12. amd phenom II X4 955 heatsink idle temp: 36-39*C Load temps: 62*C while playing crysis 2 might get 212+ with push/pull, i have an extra blue led fan i can add good price thank you
  13. i'm currently looking at the antec 902 nice features and big window and lots of cooling
  14. what new case should i get for under $140 to put my pc components in. my current case is the thermaltake v4 but its way to crammed, and no cable management any tips thank you
  15. yeah. maybe i'll just get the cooler master 212+. it's quiet right?
  16. i was wondering if there was a heatsink anyone could recommend for under $50, i'm currently using the stock for my AMD cpu and i have thought of the coolermaster 212+ thank you
  17. isn't the AMD heatsink loud? i'm using the AMD phenom II 955 heatsink, its loud when playing games but quiet when browsing the web.
  18. isn't the AMD heatsink loud? i'm using the AMD phenom II 955 heatsink, its loud when playing games but quiet when browsing the web.
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