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  1. lol...is the HDD activity light and Power light located at the top?
  2. whats the difference between Generic and Branded Ram? and Ram without heat spreaders, are they still good for gaming ect?
  3. i think ill get the 2 x8gb, for upgrade ability Thanks
  4. how much would you recommend if i were to use it for video editing, cause i always get the ERROR message in Vegas Platinum
  5. TCcomputers29

    RIP Stalker

    so unfair! , wanted stalker 2 so badly, is it because of the cost of the console port? EA should have published it, there rich right?
  6. TCcomputers29

    RIP Stalker

    noooooooooooooooooo! i love STALKER! will there still be a STALKER 2?
  7. this card rules, to bad for the price. does any of you think the 7850 will beat the 6850? hope it will
  8. thanks , i reckon the 400r looks really good, but so does the 692 adv, the 692 has dust filters all round the case so that really caught my eye
  9. thanks, but doesn't dual channel RAM perform better cause they work together?
  10. iam just so sick of Ubisoft, EA and Activison with their games requiring Internet to play, i cant play alot of games because of this. and some how new games are frequently leaked on to the internet, whats with that?
  11. i just figured ill prepare for the future...and i frequently do video editing in vegas (which is 32-bit) @1080p 1x 8gb ram is $89 ans 2x 4gb ram is $48
  12. thanks for quick reply, the new CM 692 usb3 have cable management grommets and 2 x usb 3 slots that makes it a competitor against the 400r
  13. how many winners can there be? Good luck and Happy holidays!
  14. ok thanks, but is there any difference between the two?
  15. Have you guys heard of the new 692 Adv. USB 3.0?? What are your thoughts of it? would it be better then the 400r?
  16. i was thinking of purchasing some RAM for Video Editing at 1080p. just wondering which would be a better solution GSkill 8GB x2 or GSkill 4GB x4. i have a Gigabyte 990FXA UD3, AMD PII X4 955 and Win 7 HP but will upgrade to Win8 Pro or something on the lines of that so i can add over 16gb of RAM. So which is the better solution???
  17. i just bought a seagate HDD, does that mean i have a 2 or 1 years warranty period
  18. i know a guy who pirated BF3, CoD MW3, MW2, MW1, WaW, Crysis 2, Black Ops, Dead Island, Skyrim ect. And continues to do so. i got most of my games for under $20 Except for crysis 2 and BF3. Pirating is for cheap as*holes, its why we have DRM in the first place!!!!
  19. i just payed $89 for a seagate barracuda 7200.12 500g for my OS as my spinpoint F3 HAD to fail when it flooded
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