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  1. my Internet sucks, i have to go to NSW to upload these vids. the vids are in 720p but my monitor res is 1280x1024 so its a box.
  2. hi guy/girls, i would just like to ask you,. would you watch 18min gameplay on youtube? because i made 3 vids (each 18min) and will be uploading them. thanks
  3. TCcomputers29


    we should all play together IP address please Seriously!
  4. you got bulldozer! good on you bulldozer isn't even out in AUS yet
  5. the reason the bulldozer core performed poorly is because applications and games are not optimized for an 8 core CPU, most programs still use 2 core CPU's all iam saying is that this core will be a good performer as soon applications and games are optimized for it. I know i will be getting this CPU
  6. holy .*! that is a beautiful case mod. That looks so complicated, well done, well done
  7. right you are the white version looks awesome
  8. maybe, but i have been focusing on the 692 Advanced but then the 400r came out which one has better cooling? does the 400r have more cable management?
  9. so you guys downloaded the BF3 beta, i had the early invite but sadly i cant download it by the way how big is the download? ThanX
  10. TCcomputers29

    Crysis 2 MP

    today i was playing C2 MP and thought that everybody that plays the MP should list their Nickname my MP name is TCcomputers29 we could play together
  11. a few days ago i found out about the 400r which really looks nice, the question is should i get the 400r or 692 Advanced. could you list the pros and cons of each case and your final decision i would love if you guys helped (i really want a new case!) Cheers
  12. i've made a little city or scene in crysis 2 sandbox (still working on it) i've also tried the Unreal Engine UDK without coding they just stand their
  13. your PSU may fail when the GPU is loaded and cause your PC to crash, i played games on a 6850 with a 450w PSU
  14. i've tried bringing my PC on an airplane, it's complicated, just ship
  15. go with the 6970, better price performance, or get a 2gb 6950 and flash it to a 6970 Maybe 2 6870's/6850's or 2 460's/560's
  16. Ivy bridge has the new 22nm process right? so it should sort of beat BD or at least par with it
  17. Good for you keep up the good work, keep posting
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