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  1. Clock speed is just one element of how fast a CPU is. AMD and Intel cpu's have different architectures. Intel has the superior architecture, thus per clock Intel is generally faster. Modern cpu's are far to complicated for me to understand but I can provide an example from the days of old. For example the original Z80 cpu would execute one instruction about every 4 clocks. However later revisions of the CPU could do most instructions, in one clock. These revisions of the architecture were nearly 4 times as fast per clock. This is just one example of how clock can be irrelevant. In modern times you have single core cpu's witch can do more than one instruction per clock. You have some real smart people wizards designing these things and currently it seems Intel has the best people wizards. Not saying AMD is bad, after all I am running a 1090T but per core Intel is definitely faster. Edit: Thanks for the delete ccokeman, that was embarrassing
  2. Just make a video of your self doing this. Oh also bring some riot gear and a fast car!
  3. Mysion

    What to do?

    Well that settles it I must have had some thing I set wrong then. I'll have to have a second go at it.
  4. Mysion

    What to do?

    You guys all run your amd CPU around 60c? When I ran mine around 58 - 60 I could have sworn it was unstable..... Hmm it looks like it's time to go back over and see what I did wrong then
  5. CROWBARS? EPISODE 3 TECH DEMO? Come on you were thinking it!
  6. Developers playing along? NONSENSE! If only Nividia let AMD use physx. I've played around with in the udk and it's friken cool. However due to it's proprietary nature....
  7. Nividia dose have the better soft war implementations and it would be nice if AMD did the same. Either way I always find it odd that threes more speed present in 2 separate cards and it's cheaper as well. More importantly is that it's not a fire bomb disguised as a video card (ahem 590).
  8. Cut amd some slack. Even though nividia always seems to preform better for the past two cards, amd has been the better bargain for price. Only have had one real driver issue in widows(ubuntu is a difrent story). On a difrent note. I hope this dual GPU card will run at full clocks. It'd give them a real edge.
  9. Not sure about six but I know I had a huge increase when I went from 4 to 12. For me 12 allows me to leave mt browser open when playing games as COP can take 2 -3 gb and the browser 5. I say more ram as other have said.
  10. That one of those things that ever one says is awesome and should be a move. But every one knows is shouldn't be... Look neat though. I'll get it on Netflix! On the same note
  11. It's been a while since I laughed that hard!!! :lol: :lol:
  12. Wait what? 40k?!? Dam that a lot! Take look at your local community collages. Most offer programs that will give you a scholarships if you keep a certain GPA. One in my area cost's 20k per year but with a 3.8 GPA you can get into Georgetown for free!
  13. I think it's actually worse than the newer integrated solutions. Hope you din't pay much for this! It is a Geforce 210 as you surmised Waco. EN210 It is a fan less card, so if noise less was what you were going for you did hit gold but if you wanted performance..
  14. Well I'd say you got lucky! It looks like it nearly got severed I don' think there's any thing you can really do about that. I know my laptop has a little plastic tray cover to stop shorts from forming and if you don't, place some tap or a sticker on it so it can't happen. Back up your files if you unsure but it looks fine to me!
  15. I HATE to be the one that defends apple here as I am not a fan of their products at all. But the primary way Apple dose CS is though the genius bar.... I used it for a mac laptop I had once to find out the problem. First you have to sign up and make a appointment. Wait a few days for it. Then go into the store and wait a few hours. I believe I waited a whole hour at their store because they get backed up on appointments... The end result was that laptop that was dead and now I have a 9 year old think pad still going strong! (apple products life span not all the make it out to be...) I my self do not like apple's way of handling it because I know my way around computers and if I have a problem it's simply because I got stuck on one thing and could continue fine once I get past the point. Hence their support is more of a hassle for me... HOWEVER for the person who answers Dell when asked what their OS is thinks it great... Hence it's not for any one with basic knowledge of computers.
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