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  1. I think I fixed the problem. Since I wanted a clean install and I didn't want to keep any files I put in an old Windows 98 OS Cd and let that reformat the hard drive. Then I put in the Windows XP CD and it's working fine now.
  2. So just last night I overclocked my old Windows XP computer to 2.1GHz (First time overclocking). I downloaded Speedfan to monitor the CPU temperature during stress testing. I found my OC to be stable so I then went to re-install XP to wipe all my parents old software. Here's the rub, apparently Speedfan installs with a file called giveio.sys that completely crashes XP when an update occurs. I'm assuming that trying to re-install XP constitutes as an update because I was unable to re-install the OS and I cannot get into my old OS. Safe mode doesn't work and my computer will just infinite loop the initial booting process. I've read online that the only way to fix the problem is to re-name the file giveio.sys to somthing else. This can be achieved by either taking the hard drive out and making it the secondary drive on another computer so that you can access the file, or booting into a live CD and then accessing the hard drive that way. I dont have a way to hook up my HD to another computer so I was hoping someone could help me through the process of using a live CD and finding the file since i've never used a live CD before. Any other suggestions on how to get rid of giveio.sys are welcome.
  3. It was a custom build and it's completely unlocked. This is my first overclock so I thought it would be better to try on an old computer that where it didn't matter If I messed something up. I've seen some posts with a good amount of success with this chip so lets hope I get lucky
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I still wonder why this isn't information that AMD would have readily available to search but I digress.
  5. I was mostly looking for what the maximum suggested temperature should be for my stability testing.
  6. I'm wanting to try and overclock a Athlon XP 2500+ and I'm having a hard time finding official specs for it. I have searched AMD's web site and I cannot find any mention of the processor. Any suggestions of where I can find the specs?
  7. I'm starting my first overclocking experiment on my parents old computer so I thought it would be wise to join an overclocking forum. Here's to many more posts!
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